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My group had a lovely time. It was a very nice turnout, and I'm glad I shifted my schedule to accommodate dropping by.

I don't think I have constructive criticism. You did everything right: started on time, kept each pose for an appropriate amount of time, kept things on track while handling a large number of people. I appreciated how you asked for photo suggestions before the gathering began.

All in all, my friends and I had a lot of fun. Thank you for hosting!

Bit of schedule shuffling, so at least part of my RWBY group will be able to make it after all. I'll be bringing Ozpin and have Qrow and Cinder with me.

I'm going to be a terrible inconvenience and add to the scheduling conflict. At this point, my group can only do Sunday. Any time on Sunday is fine, however.

It will depend on the day, but at some point I'll be Ozpin [RWBY] with not quite a full faculty/Ozluminati group (Qrow, Glynda, Oobleck, Winter). Would love to stop by if the schedule lines up. Tentatively planning Sunday.

Haha. I would love to see cosplayers wear alternate outfits for characters! It's such a fun option in the games, it would be amazing to see it in person. :3

Yay! We had no one do any ToS2 Characters at the gathering, I'm glad people are going too next year, and I'm going to demand selfies with Alice and Marta... because their my top favorite on my list of tales girl characters. XD

Yeah, we don't often see ToS2 cosplayers around, so we're pretty excited to have an Emil & Marta join us. I'll be a very happy and out-of-character Richter. :3 And yes, all the pictures!

Is it hard to stay in character for Richter? Being mean and rudish.. XD

Hahaha. Yes, actually. I'm a very happy person in general with all the grace of a brick, but I at least try for photos. Doesn't help that my Decus has a wicked sense of humor and usually has me giggling like an idiot. After so long looking for an Emil cosplayer, I'll probably be all smiles when we actually meet up.

Yay! We had no one do any ToS2 Characters at the gathering, I'm glad people are going too next year, and I'm going to demand selfies with Alice and Marta... because their my top favorite on my list of tales girl characters. XD

Yeah, we don't often see ToS2 cosplayers around, so we're pretty excited to have an Emil & Marta join us. I'll be a very happy and out-of-character Richter. :3 And yes, all the pictures!

My group is pretty set to cosplay from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World next year. We'll have Richter, Decus, & Alice. We met a lovely pair of ladies this year who are working on Emil & Marta, so it should be fun. :3

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2014 Hotel Review
« on: May 31, 2014, 04:21:49 PM »
Hotel Stayed: Hyatt Place Downtown
Nights Stayed: Thurs-Sun
Amenities: Two double beds plus couch (which I was on and was quite comfy), mini fridge, powerful AC (we pushed it down to 60), discounted parking, in & out parking privileges, cable TV, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron & board, free wifi (bit slow, but still free), HDMI TV outlets.
Helpfulness of Staff: VERY. Super helpful when figuring out check in & parking costs, out of their way to help with 2 AM noise complaints (sorry, we're old and grumpy). This is our second time staying here and staff is always so polite and helpful.
Roomshares?: We had five in the room, two in each bed and one on the couch (extra pillow & blanket provided)
Pros of Hotel: Staff, heavily discounted parking garage ($11/day), close enough to con for convenience but far enough to provide peace, less traffic (in both guests and actual traffic), superfast check-out, free wifi, community microwave/toaster oven in lobby/breakfast area, mini fridge, relatively fast elevator wait time (except for perhaps right at check-out on Monday). Costs are low enough WITHOUT the con price that we book without the con discount to avoid the horror of the Fanime website crashing.
Cons of Hotel: Slow wifi (still FREE), careful with condensation from the AC (very likely our fault though because we cranked it up). Honestly having a hard time thinking some up.
Would You Stay Again: Absolutely. Already booked for next year.
Recommendations/Suggestions/Misc: Our group brings coolers, extra garbage bags, and often doesn't require room service every day. Let staff know if you only want fresh towels or the like. And tip your maids/room cleaners! They deserve it!

We made it onto Reddit thanks to user AnikoKinoshi. Here's a link to the albums: http://anikokinoshi.imgur.com/

Posting for me and my bro - I think I'm doing the links weird but I guess it's good enough.

Friday: November 11 & Brita [Darker Than Black]

Saturday: Ozpin [RWBY] & Decus [Tales of Symphonia: DotNW]

Sunday: Prince Maximilian & Selvaria Bles [Valkyria Chronicles], later Maximilian became Ozpin again because heat.

Thanks to all the photographers who took our picture!

Wonderful! Thank you very much.

Hello, mods!

I've read over the dress code rather extensively, but I thought I might bother you lovely mods for a confirmation. I'll be in a cosplay outfit that fits all the requirements as I understand it. I'll be wearing a dress shirt under a vest, with a velvet dress coat, and dark green chino pants. I understand that khakis are allowed, but I wanted to double-check the pants.

I will be wearing traditional men's dress shoes with this. Thank you kindly in advance ~

First off thank you keitoghostie, Kell-chan, and Ash, for your guys advise and Kell-Chan I would love to meet up with your group at homeport during the and thanks for the invite.  And Sorry for the delay in response I had a new addition to my oversized family recently so I have been a little distracted.

No worries! We're around all four days of the con (we're checking in/picking up badges Thursday so probably pretty busy), so any time is fine by us. We're planning a gathering on Saturday afternoon, but we're pretty much down for anything any other time. Any specific time/location work for you?

Hi starrdylan,

First off, happy birthday! Secondly, keitoghostie really gave all the practical advise I could offer. A 24-hour con is an amazing but also rather dangerous thing in terms of taking care of oneself. :)

Lastly, my group and I are always down to meet new people. We're in the 27-29 year-old range ourselves. We'll have two younger friends with us, and it's their first Fanime as well, so we're already planning out an awesome con for them. You're more than welcome to meet up with us if you'd like!


I figure it's a long shot, but any Valkyria Chronicles cosplayers around this year? I'll be Prince Maximilian with my Selvaria, most likely on Sunday. Would be nice to see a few good guys at Fanime. :3

So assuming that the day/time doesn't change, this gathering starts immediately following the Monty Oum gathering? In that case, my RWBY group will be happy to attend:

Ruby (TsukiKayla - coscom)
Yang (Clemetine -coscom)
Ozpin (me)

Tentatively reporting for my group:

Ruby (TsukiKayla - coscom)
Yang (Clemetine -coscom)
Ozpin (me)

It will depend on the day/time, but we do have the costumes finished at this point. Hopefully we can make it!

Posting for a group! Here's our costume list:

Super Mafia Bros (Luigi, Waluigi, and Peach): http://baconflavoredcosplay.deviantart.com/art/Super-Mafia-Bros-Poker-348599100
San Francisco Giants (Belt and Posey in catchers gear)
Super Mario Bros (Waluigi and Luigi - sometimes with Poltergust 3000)

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Richter, Alice, Decus - sometimes with giant purple coffin)
Loveless (Ritsuka, Soubi, Seimei - red bandage versions): http://baconflavoredcosplay.deviantart.com/art/Seimei-and-Soubi-Loveless-348532660

xxxHolic (Yuuko, Himawari, Watanuki - black and gold kimono versions)

Black Butler (Ciel in black and gold coat, Madam Red, Sebastian with white and gold tea set)

Thanks in advance!

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