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My group can make Sunday @ 11 AM! :)

I'm the same Jets from
But anyways, 10am should be good for me as long as I'm not too tired and lazy. But it's more of me being a slowpoke with getting ready in general.

Oh me too, although my Decus is notorious for being difficult to wake up. Haha. I'll just beat him with a pillow until he gets up. XD

Oh god that is soooo early D:

Ahh, too early to hang out with us awesome folks? I can adjust the time to 10:30 if that's better. Should still give us time to canoodle before the Abyss group's panel, and keep it early enough to avoid competition for this time slot from other gatherings.

Either that, or we throw out the morning slot altogether and go for something later in the afternoon/early evening, like 5 PM. I have no idea if that works better for most, however.

Ah, awesome! Everyone has been updated!

I've also updated the time and location. :3

Excellent, more series!

As for the time, would 10 AM work better for all, with 11 AM as a back-up? It sounds like most people prefer earlier times.

My group can do Sunday so long as it's not too late in the afternoon (we have a panel to host), and we're happy to bring some tasty desserts and/or beverages if we're able to attend. ^_^

My kid sister (Markirs), pending which day this pulls through, will be Emil Castagnier!

Emiiiiil. As a Richter cosplayer, this pleases me immensely. Haha.

Okay, I'll stop being creepy. Added to the list!

Ah, I was thinking that myself! It would also be less crowded than in front of the convention center.

Hey all, due to some scheduling issues, looks like my group won't be able to make a Saturday gathering. :(

Okay, I'll put 11 AM up there tentatively, with noon as a second choice.

As for locations, any preference there? I think I would prefer outdoors, but I'm not entirely sure how much the construction has affected the space there.

I potentially have two teams that are interested, if our schedule permits. :)

Updated from here and coscom!

Would Saturday @ noon work, or would you guys prefer 11 AM? Looking over the gathering schedule, it might be difficult to get earlier than noon.

Hi all! I'll be your "Tales of" organizer for Fanime this year. Let's get this party going! thread:

Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

Day: Saturday
Time: 10 AM
MP: The park (the big snake statue)
L: The park

List of attending ~ Character of attendee

Tales of the Abyss
Guy Cecil - PurePlummet
Natalia (Princess outfit) - SilverSkye
Anise Tatlin - JustKiwi, Tsunmiki
Asch - Tez Ryu
Luke fon Fabre ~ Scarletflare, forystmoon
Tear Grants ~ Scarletflare's friend

Tales of Xillia
Jude Mathis ~  angelXboy
Milla Maxwell ~ midori
Alvin ~ Yatta Dante
Leia ~ Yatta Dante's +1

Tales of Symphonia
Lloyd Irving ~ TwistedFayt (or Hermana from Tales of Innocence)

Tales of Vesperia
Estelle ~ Jets (
Yuri Lowell ~ POOTERS, keikana (?), forystmoon's BF
Judith keikana's girlfriend (?)

Tales of Graces
Richard ~ theamazingmugi1495
Asbel ~ Celine (, Rukazu3
Cheria ~ FlautistDrop (
Pascal ~ shadow-hikari (
Sophie ~ XSuzume TakeshiX (or Yuri from ToV)

Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Richter Abend ~ Kell-chan
Alice ~ The Nai Pie
Decus ~ Eau de Decus

Photography Order (series will be added as needed):
Group Shot
ToS Group Shot
TotA Group Shot
ToG Group Shot
ToX Group Shot
ToS Good Guys
ToS Bad Guys, etc.

At the moment, I'm good with about any time on Saturday or Sunday. Whatever is most convenient for everyone else and is available. Thank you for stepping forward to lead the gathering!!! :D

No problem! It'll be my first time running a Fanime gathering, so bear with me if I'm not a natural, hahaha. But hopefully we'll get this thing moving along. :D

Kell-Chan, are you leading the gathering?

Not that I'm aware of! :O I'd be happy to, but my group is waiting to hear back about a panel, so I can't make any guarantees. 

EDIT: I spoke to my group, and it looks like we're willing to host if no one else can/wants to. Panel approvals/scheduling is ongoing, so we won't know anything definite until we hear back.

However, we requested all late afternoon/evening slots, so we can plan something earlier if that is convenient for everyone else. At the moment, we're most likely to make Saturday or Sunday before 3 PM. Just to get the ball rolling, what days/times work best for everyone?

My group will be Richter, Alice, and Decus from ToS:DotNW. We're tentatively planning it for Saturday, but we're open to change if there's a gathering!

Any "Tales of" peeps around this year? I was surprised not to see a gathering for it. I've never run one myself, but if my group is down and I get enough feedback, I'd throw my name into it. Anywho, I'd love to see you all! My group will be rolling the Vanguard from Tales of Symphonia: DotNW - Richter, Decus, and Alice.

Hi all ~

My group is planning on attending, barring any scheduling issues. Sunday morning sounds like it will work for us quite well. Our cast:

Sebastian - me
Madam Red - Eau de Decus
Ciel (original version) - Nai Pie

Can't wait!

We're planning on attending again! We'll be wearing kimono versions of xxxHolic characters:

Watanuki - myself
Yuuko - Eau de Decus
Himawari - Nai Pie

Can't wait!

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