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im looking for someone in the 707 area that might be able to help me make my costume. i decided to go with the dragon knight. casue well it looks bad ass.

Im thinking of going to be cosplaying something rather difficult. Well least i think its difficult. Im planning on being one of the knights from White knight Chronicles. Either the White Knight or the Dragon knight. Images below. Was wondering how i should do the armor. Was thinking Cardboard. but was wondering if there was something better. that wont get ruined during transportation.

Yes, i beleave i was.

Ill post this again sence its from all the way at the front of this topic and i didnt have pictures then.
I was Reeve from ff7 walking with cait sith plushie
Ward Zabac from ff8
And lastly every night almost i switch into Pyramid Head. I never talked. Just walked around the con dragging my sword behind me. You ask for a picture i stood there. Unless otherwise ask for a pose.

I know i got a decent number of pics i just wish i could find them.

I do have said picture but friend has camera so cant upload images till sunday.

Thursday: Reeve Tuesti from ff7 in suit with cait sith plush
      night: Pyramid Head
Friday: Reeve Tuesti again with cait sith plush and suit.
     Night: Pyramid Head
     Night: Ward Zabac Brief
Saturday: Reeve Tuesti DoC Coat. And Cait Sith Plush.
              Ward Zabac
Sunday: Pyramid Head
          Evening/Night: Ward Zabac

General Convention Discussion / Lost Badge
« on: May 30, 2011, 04:05:37 PM »
So i lost my badge at fanime, and i just checked my facebook saying someone found it and turned it in to L&F. but im already back home. I would like to get my badge back. Is there anyway i can get it back without driving 2 hours back to San Jose.

Anyone going to be there with a sowing machine, i have last min sowing that needs to be done. but need to leave in like a hour or two and i dont have anyone to finish the sowing.

My friend will be there as a basic FF WHM.

Suit arrive. and sad to say its navy blue. /sigh was hopping for something lighter. Would navy blue work though?

i know i want to do the blue suit version as well. i even bought the red tie for it. but i also have the jacket being made to wear over the blue suit. So thats my problem. I have the Jacket the jacket being made. i have the plush being made. Now its the suit thats the problem. Would the black suit work with the jacket?

I got a blue suit off e-bay for 40 bucks. Now im happy.

So trying to figure out the color suit i should wear for Reeve. I know in the game in was a blue suit red tie. in Dirge it was a Blue Coat. and in some Danzel mini short it was Black. Im having trouble finding the blue suit. so would black work?

Would anyone kill me if i used a black suit for Reeve instead of a blue one. He wore a black one in that one short with Denzel. When Denzel talked about what happen to him before, during and after meteor. Its just i cant find a blue one thats in expansive.

And you think his blue jacket from dirge would work over a black suit?

My friend who was going to go as Isara wont be able to make it. Im sorry.

well signed up for the All FF one as Reeve with caitsith doll. So ill do the same with these one.

Sad to say i dont think we will be able to get the mog part of the costume done. I moved out of my parents place and couldnt afford to make the costume. Now i recently moved back home and dont think 2 months is enough time to make the mog. We will still attempt to make it. But for now its just Reeve with a Cait Sith Cat plushie. Btw should i do ff7 Reeve with the Shinra Uniform, or the Dirge of Cerberus Reeve.

Im not going as a VC char, but my friend might be as Isara.

Im thinking of being pyramid head, but i feel im a little short at 5'5" so i was thinking of maybe some stilts to make myself taller. Anyone know of any good stilts or ways i can make myself taller?

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