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Thanks for sharing!!!

Hopefully, things like these can slowly change the culture for the dance so that we can rock out and party in a safter/cheaper/sustainable way.

Live Programming and Events / Re: Dojo Waivers
« on: June 01, 2011, 08:00:15 PM »
I guess this reply is a little late, but when I went, there were waivers at the door.

I'm also interested!

Live Programming and Events / Re: FANIMECON DANCE 2011 FEEDBACK
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:47:52 PM »

I do not have DJ equipment but I do "DJ" for SJSU's radio station, KSJS, and play electronic music. I wish I had the equipment and skill to DJ for the dance but hopefully I can apply for Fanime 2013 (or maybe even learn Virtual DJ/Traktor like a pro by the end of the summer. Would a strictly laptop "DJ/mixer" be allowed?

If I'm brought back as a dj next year, I'd be willing to share my latptop and mixer gear with ya. I use traktor and I spin at the rival college radio station, KSCU 103.3fm. As a fellow radio dj though, you should know that there's a big difference between radio playing and playing for a live crowd. FYI. I recommend practicing at house parties and for friends first. :)

I went back to the Market Room Dance on Sunday around 11, and I had a blast. My friend and I stayed until the end of Dark0's set. He played at least two S3RL songs, which made me freak out with joy. ;D We made sure to rest when we were tired and only take in as much water as we needed. I did not want a repeat of the previous night. We had so much fun, with no bad incidents. I wanted to request a song, but I didn't know if Dark0 took requests, plus I'm really shy, so I didn't.

I've worked with Dj Dark0 before. I'm pretty sure he would have been happy to hear your request, and your excitement for his mixing. Don't be afraid to ask! Btw, he and I spin at a house party about every month or so if you're interested..

Live Programming and Events / Re: FANIMECON DANCE 2011 FEEDBACK
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:42:48 PM »
I was asked not to play any dubstep but I played some here and there-- especially when you fanboys asked for it (sorry, Erik. ;p). As a Dj during those moments, it was clear the crowd wasn't digging the dubstep. I think what we may be able to do in the future is to introduce wobbles for 20 second shifts if the dj is skilled enough, and then get the regular kick-snare thumping again so as not to loose people from the floor. Though I'm not sure if those 20 second shifts are long enough for the dubstep fanboys. What do you dubstep-heads think?

I played an ss501 dubstep/deadmau5 remix of Love ya, and that pretty much cleared the floor... even with a kpop/deadmau5 crowd. There were a couple times I dropped a dubstep section remix of Big Bang's "Tonight" and you could see everyone kind of looking around going: "wat wat? D:"

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Suggestions for Fanime 2012
« on: June 01, 2011, 07:17:25 PM »
A few years ago I made a comment about the DJs and music selection.  Basically my comment was, hey, this is an anime convention, so maybe we could have more anime themed music?

The response at the time was that there isn't much anime themed music appropriate for a con.  At the time that might have been true.

Now there's Club MOGRA in Japan -- http://club-mogra.jp/  which has long sets of anime and anime culture club music.  Every week.

No offence to the DJs! They were great and the raves were piles of fun. It's just, wouldn't it be more fun if the songs (a much higher % of them) were significant to our subculture?

Yeah... I played some anime soundtracks-- exit trance stuff, evangelion, panty stocking, over 9000 meme kinds of songs. It went over extremely well if you were there at 12:30 am Sunday/Monday. I would have played more at my other sets, but with only 5 people in the room for the other sets, I played whatever those 5 people wanted.

Talk to strangers. :)

You can listen to what I plan to play here:

I plan on playing asian pop on the basis that it was what I was requested to play. Though I plan to stick to that for the most part, I'm willing to accommodate to people who dance on the dancefloor. If you ask for dubstep, but don't dance, it's not going to happen. But if you promise to rock out to that afrojack track, then yeah sure, I'll put it on!

There's an asian pop thread I started where you can make sure your favorite asian pop songs are in the mix for the slots I'm spinning. That thread is viewable here: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,15895.0.html

and lastly, *some shameful self-promotion,* you can follow me as a dj at the following places to get a sense of what else I'm capable of:

ooh can we include some of the other popular 2010 songs? shinee, snsd, tvxq, jyj, 4minute, f(x), boa, rain, iu, super junior, miss a, mblaq, ukiss, secret... argh i know too many

i personally know several snsd and shinee dances so if they were played, i'd definitely dance to them. also bits and pieces from other kpop songs as well

Definitely planning on playing all of those artists. JYY/tvxq might be a bit harder to put in the set, but if you bug me at the dj booth i'll be sure to put it in. If you heard the promo mix I put up at the top of this thread, I already included a couple of the artists you mentioned in the set.

E hash might be easier to dance in sync with the original version of the song, because I sometimes loop a chorus or bridge to make transitions easier. But if I see you're dancing in sync to the original version of the song, I'll try to stick to that.

I personally know some 2ne1, taeyang, BEG, and t-ara dances... will anyone join me for those? :]

Live Programming and Events / Re: Which DJs are taking requests?
« on: April 17, 2011, 11:27:24 PM »
I think it'll say in the program guide. You'll also want to see which styles the different DJ's are playing.

woooow that mix of kpop is so cool xD I love it :D

Yes, well be sure to come out and support us! We've worked very hard on delivering the best for you guys and it'd be a shame if you weren't there to enjoy it. Look to the schedule to see where and when different dj's are playing.



I will be there on all days except Thursday c: If you have a specific time you will be playing them (ehash also), feel free to inform

eHAsh, some particular songs that are popular by Perfume are Computer City and Chocolate disco. You already have some of the best covered : )

You can view the DJ Schedule here: http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,15894.0.html

I like perfume's song "nee."
Also worth checking out is "Voice"


I will seriously come up there and give you a high five (if im allowed) if you can mix their songs in there.

You got it. It's already in the cue. I love their producer, too. What day(s) are you going to the dance? I want to make sure I play them when you're there.

Panels and Workshops / Re: J-Pop K-Pop Nation
« on: April 12, 2011, 08:59:37 AM »
I think it's necessary to show some YG artists, viz. 2ne1. 2ne1, I feel, brings more attitude and character that most SM artists intentionally try to avoid. This may be why SM is succeeding in Japan and YG isn't.

In terms of other global success, though, 2ne1's got a chance to be a bit more global.

Check these videos out:
English version of Can't Nobody

Will.i.am working with the group:

8asians just ran an article on the international appeal of kpop

I feel as though jpop tends to stick to the same formula, and actually makes an effort to keep jpop within japan (as opposed to abroad).

The most noticeable difference I've noticed between the two industries, however, is the business model. In kpop, as one label executive mentioned, the music is the business card to do lucrative sponsorship deals and other promotions. In jpop, fans buy the music. This is why tower records still exists in japan, and perhaps why jpop does not feel the need for a global appeal. This is why jpop feels the need to censor music videos from the internets. Kpop, on the other hand, embraces the global distribution.

An interesting MV/PV that the panel must bring up is Namie Amuro's "Make it Happen" featuring kpop group, After School. I'd provide a video link, but it appears Amuro's label has taken aggressive action in making it hard for us to see it outside of japanese music tv. One might call it a duality between kpop and jpop, but the aesthetics and cinematography is still very consistent with that of Namie Amuro's previous PV's.

I think another topic worth exploring is the *depth* of character explored in kpop v jpop. It seems to me that the kawaii aspect is pretty rampent in both communities, but obviously more so in the jpop world. My biggest pet peeve with groups like AKB and SNSD is that we're being sold uni-dimensional characters who, in my opinion, are really just there to look cute. Don't get me started on the plastic surgery all snsd members were required to have *by contract* to maintain the image. What personalities are being marketed in these industries? Even snsd's "dark" concept was very kawaii (even more so if you look at the japanese version). Are the characters portrayed in these idols ones that think for-themselves with multi-dimensional attributes, or are they uni-dimensional cute posters for the 13-18 female & 40-60 male demographic? Is Kara doing well in japan because one of the members looks like namie amuro?

One topic worth exploring are kpop groups that promote in both japan and korea, and how the music videos and promotions change depending on the market.

I could go on forever on this topic..


i'd like to hear some hikki, ayaya, ayu, s.h.e., and jay chou :P

lol how about that bo peep song by t-ara too...

as for the kpop, if you swear you'll do the dance, i'll play the song...

It's going to be hard to incorporate J.Chou and S.h.e., but i'll try my best.

There should be plenty of people with the kitten/doggie paw mitts to do the bo peep bo peep song, right...?
If no else, you can count on me dancing to it because I already got dem moves down by heart.

how about lindy hop? and if you need any teachers I'd love to help teach it!
From my experience learning Lindy hop from my swing dance class.  I don't think Lindy hop is appropriate to teach most attendees because I felt like the learning curve is tricky.  I'm still learning Lindy Hop from my Swing dance and takes much longer to get the hang over if you don't learn the basics of EC Swing.

Lindy Hop *Is* East Coast swing. Though many newbies to East Coast Swing tend to stick with a 6 count as opposed to the typical 8 count. What East Coast Swing, can still mean, however, different things to different people based on where you are geographically, and there are a few different styles within east coast swing itself.

Live Programming and Events / Asian Pop songs at the Fanime Dance.
« on: April 12, 2011, 02:08:12 AM »
Hey guys.

What are some of the asian pop artists/songs that you want to make sure are heard at Fanime? Leave a comment. Please do not hate on other suggestions made.

Here's a teaser for some kpop at Fanime->

The nearest In-N-Out from the CC is the one on Coleman Ave next to the airport and Lowe's. It just opened last year, I believe

I like to sit next to the window at this one and watch the airplanes take-off and land. :D

ohhh nice! What time and days will you be on?

I'm not allowed to say yet, but I'll let you know in a couple of days! :D
*some shameful self-promotion* you can also follow me as a dj at www.facebook.com/djpeterlo

I think there was an 18+ rule last year at a certain point in the night to change the music and audience to a more mature feel. Congo lines are fun, but only to a certain point.

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