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Hey everyone!  I'm considering dressing for the next Fanime, but I figured before I even begin to construct it, I was wondering if his flamethrower was ever an issue.

I want to know in advance before I start buying parts and whatnot.  If I CAN bring this to con, I'd like some advice as to how I could construct this as cheaply as possible and what kind of components would be best to use.

I also wanted advice on how to build the Pyro's airtank on his back, especially how to best make the harness so I can wear it.


Hi guys,

I'm considering a Persona 4 cosplay for the next convention so I've been shopping all over the place for the uniforms.  What I've found is that some places sell them almost dirt cheap while others would cost about as much as a fully custom suit would be (i.e. anywhere between $60 to $400).  I've even considered commissioning local cosplayers to build the jacket, but prices range for them too.  So, I wanted your guys' thoughts on two things:

1) How much would you pay online for a good quality Persona 4 cosplay?  What sites would be trustworthy for this purpose?

2) How much is reasonable for cosplayers to commission to make the cosplay?

Please let me know what you guys think.  Thanks!

I was unfortunate enough to not bring my camera, but I'd like to know if anyone caught my photo.  My cosplays were......

Ryoga Hibiki (Ranma 1/2); Sat-Mon.  I had an umbrella and a green backpack with me as I was walking around

Dick Gumshoe (Ace Attorney); Friday.  My Gumshoe had a tan coat as opposed to most of the ones with the green coat.

Linkara (Atop The Forth Wall); Sunday.  Most of the people would've taken my photo after the JewWario panel.  I had a quick photo with JewWario, Psychotaku, and Psychoneko.  I was the one with the brown hat and gun.

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Re: AIM Chat Rooms xD
« on: August 25, 2010, 04:27:25 PM »
My AIM is TRAXBLADE.  How do you get to the chatroom anyways?

Hey guys!  To those of you who are interested there's going to be a Jpop summit coming up between 9/13-9/18 in San Francisco's Japantown.  All the info, including VIP events and ticket prices, can be found here:


AOD and Crunchyroll (I work there!) gonna be sponsoring a special screening of 5 Centimeters a Second on Tuesday, and I think it'd be awesome if a couple of us could go up there and show our AOD friends some love.  There's gonna be a VIP event with the AOD and Crunchyroll crew where we can all meet up before the movie.  Would anyone be interested?

Holy cow!  A cosplay battle!  I so wanna join!

Is it ok if I come in as a generic ninja?  Either that or I'll be coming straight from the Persona meet as Souji Seta, but for now just put me down as a generic ninja.


Is there still room for a cosplayer to join cosplay chess?  If so, then I'd wanna be on the non Code Geass side!

Rikun - generic ninja #247

Not sure what my schedule will be like, but I hope to make it!

Well...if it means anything, I'll be shooting for Rock Lee next year.  Although I know I'll see a Sakura next year, I'm wondering if anyone out there will be shooting for Gai-Sensei or any other character that has relevance to Rock.  Anyways, here's hoping!

P.S: Where do you get his belt?

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