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If I recall correctly, someone at the gathering told me that the whole thing started at 11:20am rather than 11:30am. A ten minute difference that kept me and a friend out of quite a few group shots by the time we got there on time.

If that's true, then please remember not to jump the gun next year! It was still fun in the end, but I didn't like knowing I probably missed out on some of the bigger shots. D:
It was 11:30am is when it is suppose to start. Who ever told you that it started at 11:20am was lying, I should know I moved it to the 11:30am slot.
I hope everything works out next year. We had to move like three times and the gathering had to start later than planned. I was there slightly early so I was in early shots before we got moved. The gathering was great don't get me wrong but I felt the location was a big cramped for teh big group we had. Both the cosplayers and the photographers had a hard time doing anything. I once agin I hope everything gets worked out so every Hetalia cosplayer and Hetalia fan can enjoy the gathering. ;D
I know we moved three times it is because we got so big and then we blocked an exited. So yea next year I will make sure we don't move so offend.

Hey, all! Fantastic gathering this year! I know I had a ton of fun. :D I was the Spain in the Hetaween Red Riding Hood group that hijacked the Gathering while our host was running a bit behind schedule. :) Unless someone else has already volunteered, I gladly offer my services to be the host for next year's Gathering (though how soon is too soon to start planning, haha :3 ). Also, if you have any feedback (comments, crits, ideas, or pretty much anything but flames :x ), please let me know. Would love to make future Gatherings run as smoothly as possible, and get new ideas! I know there was a bit of shuffling around with the location, sorry about that, everyone. I didn't quite have all my info straight. But everyone there was awesome, and it was everyone's effort that made the gathering so great. Hope to see everyone next year!
That would be me as the host this year, I ran slightly late.

I personally had a blast with this gathering. It was relaxed, which worked with a small group, and we took a lot of neat pictures. Speaking of which, are there going to be pictures posted soon-... ish perhaps? =)
there will be soon.

This post is for feed back and suggestions for next year's gathering. I will listen to what everyone has to say. So please post a way.

This gathering grew a lot this year and I am sorry to everyone that I ran late, that won't happen again if I need to co-host this or something. See you all next Year as Greece.

I am looking for anyone that took pictures of the following gatherings Final Fantasy VII gathering, FF All gathering, Hetalia gathering, Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) Gathering. I want to know if any one got a picture of just me in the following cosplays Jenova Clone number 10 (reference: http://photo.cosplay.com/34431/1434365.jpg *I wore a sign saying, "I want my mommy Jenova!!!"*, William T. Spears (reference: http://photo.cosplay.com/34431/3147105.jpg) and Spain (reference: http://j05.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d3lgt5g *with a wooden flag pole instead of a metal one*).

Fanime is really close and I see Spain is still open in one spot. I am very interested and willing to help out as Spain for this Panel.

so do we have a new area for the meet up?
Yes the tree area between the Marriott and the convention center.

I hope everyone is ok with a move with a time change, the new location will be FMS(the tree area on the Marriott side) because the Hilton side isn't available at 11:30am. 
Thought I would stop by here and check on things (photo order :P ) and I saw this... did you want the tree area? I have you listed by the flowerbed in front... (No Shade there) PM me and let me know ASAP cause I have to send in the list to FanimeCon.

Someone in charge answer this !! :D
My two cents worth: if there's shade by the tree area, that might be better. For cosplay and especially photos. c:

As much as I would love to stick around fellow Hetalia cosplayers, I have a commitment to show up to the FMA gathering at 12 of the same day, so I'll try to stay as long as I can before I have to leave and change. I'll try to come after if you guys are still doing the photoshoot or just hanging out, cause I have some Japa Chinese goods to hand out to everyone.
We should be finish by 12:30pm so if you make it back to hang out we might be in the same place if everyone doesn't go off their way.
Ah, the only gathering I'll probably end up attending.
If all goes well, I'll show up as Lithuania...albeit with hair that's a tad too short. ;__;
Short hair is ok, we won't judge.
We are coming as Germany and Prussia. Can't wait!
Can't wait to see you both.

Can't wait, I get to bake before I leave and I hope everyone enjoys the cookies I am bringing.

I'll leave it up to demetria656 to contact you if she wants to help.  She was the only person who contacted me directly when I said that I needed someone to take over the shoot.  As for the order of Photos, here's my advice.

1. Start with the Photoshoot Order list from last year.

2. Make an updated list of the countries/characters that have all said they are coming.  Organize them in such a way that you can get a good grasp of what Photos you can add/eliminate.  For example, start your list with all the Allies (i.e., all Americas, Englands, ect), then the Axis powers, and so on.  If you realize that you don't have enough people from a particular group (maybe there are no Baltics or Nordics coming, or maybe only 1 or 2), then eliminate that Photo or find a way to incorporate those 1-2 people elsewhere.  Also, when listing cosplayers who are cosplaying a certain country/character, pay attention to what version they are doing.  If you have over 4 people doing Rev. War versions of America, England, ect, then you may want to include a Rev. War Photo. 

3. Once you've come up with your Photoshoot Order, double-check to make sure you've included every cosplayer....sometimes countries such as Egypt or other minor countries get left out when one sticks to the basic Axis/Allies/Europe/Americas Photogrouping.

4. Start with a group shot, end with a group shot.  People show up late and also cut out early.

5. The day of the shoot, take a good look at who actually shows up.  Modify your Photogrouping according to that.

I hope you have plenty of help....Hetalia is such a big gathering....as long as you have a good plan for dealing with the crowd and noise, and you're organized, things should run smoothly and everyone will have a good time.  ;D
Do you know what you're going as demetria? 'Cause if you're going as 2P!England, I don't have to be FOREVER ALONE as the only 2P! character at the event (Not to mention it seems like I'm going to be the only Japan there...)
Well I will ook over the old list of the order of photo shoot, so no worries.
Sorry that I haven't contacted you, I just finished all my finals and have been really busy.
So I heard that you have taken over the Hetalia gathering.

If you need any help just ask.
I have ran many gatherings in the past so I know how to make things roll.

I need a second person to hep me run this gathering, I have one helper already just need a second one. I am hoping you are still interested in helping.

AnimefanJJ, didn't realize you were now in charge...please accept demetria656's help with this shoot.  She helped me run it last year and did an excellent job.  Sorry I can't be there.  Since you seem to know what's going on, I'll let you deal with the photoshoot list and the list of cosplayers.  It's all yours.
Yes I am in charge now and demetria hasn't gotten a hold of me yet. But I will take any help I can get. Also we need an Order of Photo shoot for this gathering. We can use the old order from last year or make a new one.

I went to the hospital last year so I kinda don't remember anything about the con. Sorry. ;o;
It is ok, no worries.

Multiple moving/removable parts.
So because of the clip is removable, the only thing that still works on the gun, it is getting rejected. That is very dumb no offense.

I hope everyone is ok with a move with a time change, the new location will be FMS(the tree area on the Marriott side) because the Hilton side isn't available at 11:30am. 

*bumps back* :3 Am I going to see you finally this year JJ?
I was at Fanime last year and host this gathering Duo.

I am still waiting on if my gun is allowed or not. or is it one of those I have to bring it to the con to get turned down?
Apologies for the delay. That was determined to be not-allowed.

Again, sorry for the delay. There has been some major stuff going on in my life, and it's taken up most of the time I would have been on here, so I would get halfway through a reply and then more bad things would happen. Your patience/understanding is appreciated.
Why isn't allowed? There are no working parts and I said I can paint the handle a different color. Or I can get a holster to show off the orange tip. I can't be without a gun, my costume would be pointless without it.

I think FCC hs means front convention center Hilton side? Am I right
You would be right. I have proof here http://forums.fanime.com/index.php/topic,12405.0.html

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