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Spain here and still willing to help if you need him.

Si a Spain, and anyone hear anything about letting me take over, We are getting really close to Fanime.
@ AnimefanJJ: I consider you the organizer for this gathering. You have one hour out in the area and You could have someone help you :)

As for the thread.. Post here an updated list and I will then copy it to the first post. This is a returning 60+ gathering so lets get things happening :)


@BSaphire: Thanks, I will do my best as always, and hell I might just become the permanent organizer for Hetalia gathering during Fanime in the future.

Spain rules over all for now. But yea two or three helpers would be great, since my printer is down, I need someone to print out the line up. I requested a time change to 11:30am Sunday morning because I have a panel to do at 10am and won't be out until 11am. I need time to get out of my cosplay from the panel to Spain for this gathering. I hope everyone is ok with the time change. PM me if you want to become my helper experience with co-hosting or hosting a gathering would be great, but not necessary. Remember I am only look for two or three people as my co-host for this gathering.

I am excited about this, I can't wait.

No need for Spain, that is hurtful.

Still nothing thats a bit scary. And are you the spain that signed up for the suprise on friday?
Just wait until Friday of Fanime ok.

hey everyone, so are the any Alois and Claude apart of this gathering want to help us out with our panel? Our original couple had to drop out, but that is ok. If any one can help it would be great.

The tonberry will have to be a random encounter.  ~_~  IDK if I'll finish it in time
I hope you do finish it on time.

Ok so we need an Alois and Claude now. Our original people had to problem out because of issues. So if any two people want to come and join us it would be great.

Si a Spain, and anyone hear anything about letting me take over, We are getting really close to Fanime.

Zack has joined your party.

Ok Fanime is really close and we want a Ronald still. You can squeeze in still and join our madness.

Any more news on who will be running the gathering this year?
Nope not  yet. I am the best bet in a way.

I am still waiting on if my gun is allowed or not. or is it one of those I have to bring it to the con to get turned down?

If anyone needs something simple done, like a dress or a shirt, please let me know I need 40 dollars for my ride to Fanime and I don't have it. So I am willing to make things to get that money.

I am bringing tea cookies, might be home made, I hope everyone enjoys them.

I will be William T. Spears on Saturday and Spain on Sunday, since these times work the best for them.

bump to make sure everyone knows this gathering is still around.

Ronald are you out there? We would like to have you as apart of this panel.

Well next month I work on my death scythe, I have all props and paper work to bring, so EXCITED!

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