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I am currently looking for a photo of me in my cosplay as Watanabe Kanako from Star Driver. Basically it's the uniform in my avatar but with longer, curlier green hair. I only wore this on Saturday, so it might be a stretch, but I would appreciate any help. Thank you everyone for posting their albums!

Much appreciated for setting this up!

The Johnny's panel is currently on the waiting list so we're not sure if we can do it this year (we've been doing that dumb panel for years)

I don't have a Johnny-esque cosplay here (>_> I left my Sayaendou Massu outfit at home) but I will definitely be there as support, maybe even wearing a NEWS shirt! :D

I will also have some leftover posters from Jin's concert so please feel free to ask for one! I have tons....I mean tons.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Guests I Want for Fanimecon 2012!!!!!!!
« on: January 28, 2012, 03:32:56 PM »
Takuma Terashima and Mamoru Miyano would be amazing...

....totally want Mamoru Miyano to sign my Prince of Tennis Musical script...= 3=;;;

You guys basically made my decade with Yuya, so thanks for that.

As for artists for this year, I would recommend Yuna Ito because she has an amazing voice, and she would be able to communicate with the fans and community easily due to her being from America in the first place.

Since I'm pretty much Yuya's biggest fan (self named), I doubt he'll make it to Fanime. According to his schedule, he'll be performing elsewhere during Fanime Q_Q

So, Alot of people missed the autograph session because of the lack of schedules... Is there any possibility of bringing him back? I'm sure he would see it as a great honor!

I second bringing him back. Him and FLOW are perhaps the best guests ever. I'll even make new fan club shirts for next time! Please bring him back!!!!!

I missed being able to buy your awesome shirts this year...whoever comes for MusicFest next year I'll be sure to buy them next time (do make them please >w<)!
Haha! Actually, I've gotten a lot of requests to make a second print of it! I actually got interviewed by Matsushita Yuya's staff and Sony Music Japan when I went to the autograph session so Yuya definitely knows about the shirts!

Depending on the group I might just do that! Hopefully Yuya comes back!

So, Alot of people missed the autograph session because of the lack of schedules... Is there any possibility of bringing him back? I'm sure he would see it as a great honor!

I second bringing him back. Him and FLOW are perhaps the best guests ever. I'll even make new fan club shirts for next time! Please bring him back!!!!!

Here's the actual list of songs (in order) that he performed:

1. YOU
2. Paradise
3. I'm Sexy
4. Foolish Foolish
5. Back to Love
6. Hallucination
7. Bird
8. Trust Me
9. Secret Love
10. Honesty
Encore: Naturally


I was absolutely shocked when they started playing 1/3 junjou na kanjou!! I've loved that song for years, it's such an iconic song in the anime industry, even though I found it through Pop Japan TV and not anime. :P And RYUUSEI! That's my FAVORITE FLOW song! That and Life is Beautiful, but I didn't expect either songs, so I was ecstatic when they played Ryuusei!

Does anyone have the playset for Yuya Matsushita?? I wish I listened to him more before Fanime, he was SO sexy live. @__@ There's one song where he kept repeating this word over and over, very sexy dance song, I want that song so badly! Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?? XD

Maybe it is Foolish Foolish.  I did not listen to him before Fanime either, but I have this song stuck in my head now.
I think it was actually Secret Love. It was on his Paradise single. :) I'm trying to consolidate the playlist for a blog post anyways XD Lemme know if that's the right one kk.

just want to make sure that there isn't a typo but yuya has 2 autographs, one saturday 2:30pm-3:30pm and on sunday 12pm-1pm?
Hopefully.... It'd make it a lot easier.

Thank you so much for letting us know! :D What's the procedure for autographs this year?

Also, when is the earliest we can line up for the concert? We want front row! :D

So I may just be blind this late at night but what time is the autograph session?

@Kaori: This looks awesome :O What is the LJ link to the fan club? I might join xD
I'll probably think about buying this, unless there is an official t-shirt from Fanime this year. >.< Like last year's musicfest t-shirt.
Is there a picture of the bonus light stick that comes with the Fanime preorders?
It's matsu_yuya, closetoyou_yuya and the Durarara comms that I went through for voting, but the tshirt was made by me! :D

I'll probably buy a MF shirt as well. I just wanted to make a shirt so that Matsushita-san could see that he has a group of devoted fans haha XD

It isn't a special light stick. I just want ones that are all yellow so that we all can wave them so Matsushita-san knows we're there haha XD

Panels and Workshops / Re: Johnny's Entertainment Panel
« on: April 24, 2011, 12:37:26 AM »
@VanessaAyukawa: Great Idea! :/ I just don't know if my partner and I have enough time to actually find all the sources. We're only really knowledgeable when it comes to official and LJ  sites. :P

@Midnight.maiden: Be sure to come this year! :D It's a bugger to wake up but it'll be awesome!

The official panel time this year is SUNDAY at 10am! (I have to make sure exactly, but it definitely is the first panel of the morning like it was last year haha XD)

Thank you for putting it on Saturday....I wasn't able to see them last year because of the fact that I was doing swap meet.....

Hey everyone! I'm super happy everyone is getting excited for the concert, because I'm hella excited!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I've made a Matsushita Yuya International Fan tshirt with the help of all of the Matsushita Yuya Related communities on Livejournal, and would like to extend the preorder discount to you guys! :D Tshirts can be picked up at my Artist Alley Table when I figure out what number it is! I would love to show Yuya-san that he has a ton of fans who support him in America!
https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&authkey=CPCNw-QL&formkey=dG1YcDlvSUJmWkRqSW5FTUhBTzJLRnc6MQ#gid=0<---- Here's the order form
<---- Here's the tshirt design!


I started crying when I saw the announcement.

Out of curiousity, would you guys be willing to sell reserved seating for this? I would be willing to pay for front row seats for his concert. Kind of like what AX did for Morning Musume.

Registration / Registration Question
« on: January 28, 2011, 05:05:15 PM »
Hi, my friend just paid registration for Fanime, and on the prereg page it said he was to pay 45 bucks, but paypal charged him 55. Who should he contact regarding the issue?

Panels and Workshops / Johnny's Entertainment Panel
« on: January 25, 2011, 07:02:44 PM »
Hello! I was one of the panelists from the JE panel last year.

Since JE has suddenly made its step into the American market, we thought it would be a good idea to do the panel again!

But this time we would like your support and request your comments and suggestions so that we can make a panel that you will enjoy! :D

And.....go at it! :D

If all goes well, I'll be coming as Claude. :P I'll bring some treats too.

If the meetup fits in my schedule I'll be sure to come as Watanabe Kanako of Star Driver :D

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