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*doesnt like Dark chocolate*

Lets bring a Hoenheim pinata!! xD

Dealers Room / PLUSHIES!!!!
« on: May 04, 2006, 06:59:01 AM »
im now seeking a Sora, Kairi, and Riku plushie! >_<

*makes to make a plushie anime series using a HVCam*

Quote from: "hellangel"
Quote from: "swordman85"
This is gonna be my first con ever and I was just wandering what all takes place during a gathering?  Oh and its on sunday now?  Isn't that the same day as the masqurade?

yeah we switched it to a sunday. is that okay? because we can always adjust as necessary ^___^

usually a gathering is a great place to take a BUNCH of pictures, since many many characters are there, so you get a chance to pose with anyone. besides that...it's just general fan craziness, because you can talk with anyone about the series. what i love about gatherings is being able to make friends with random people who like the same things as you do ^___^ ahhh good memories

like last year. remember the only character we were missing was Al, who was late? And then he came and everyone in the con center started chanting "WE WANT AL WE WANT AL WE WANT ALL" as he came down to the lobby. hahaha~
and we had some rather silly pictures (I'm sure they're posted on this thread somewhere...)

this is gonna be the first time im cosplaying. >_<

hehe Everybody Loves Alphonse ^^;

Quote from: "Silver_Unicorn297"
I don't have the picture yet because my computer doesn't like to upload photos from the digital camera.
But, I do have a picture...

Here are the boots I customized:

Before you ask about the thick heels, no I am not short >.>    <.<

hehe i <3 ur Ed boots. Sadly, i got regular kinds T^T

Quote from: "Silver_Unicorn297"
You mean Ed and Envy hugging? I don't think they'll want to request that of me once seeing my prop--oops, I did not say that...
Gotta keep those two props secret!  :wink:
(And yes, I have seen a lot of photos of Envy and Ed cosplays poseing as a huggable couple.)

Btw... I think I have tamed the wig demon a bit, but I don't want to make any promises. We don't know when it will strike again.

take a pic of ur wig! ><

Quote from: "Edward Elric"
nani? repeat that?

si! CHocolate es muy bueno. Pero para tu cara no OwO

Oyes, Y encontre dulce the FMA en HT la semana pasada <_<


Yes! Chocolate is really good. But not for your face OwO

Hey, I found FMA candy @ HT last week <_<

si! CHocolate es muy bueno. Pero para tu cara no OwO

Oyes, Y encontre dulce the FMA en HT la semana pasada <_<

Almond Joys r nasty...

@ K&K: Click the link if u wanna spoil yourself on how Envy really looks like...


OwO thats his true form...

and this is Human Envy: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/50/FMAEnvytrueface.png

Quote from: "hellangel"


Also, last night I shook my hair out of its ponytail and then LAUGHED in the mirror because it was so Moofy-tastic. So I've decided to be Wrath now ^^" (there's already enough Edward cosplayers...)

xD everyone has a little moofy in them LOL

i like candy corn and Recess >_> but anything is good xD

i'll try to buy fresh donuts on Sunday too. Isnt there a 7-Eleven nearby the hotels? I know there is one! I used to live in SJ and Ive seen it many times!! ><

Quote from: "Ska_Kitti"
:3 I'm making the vest for Hujo (Human Envy) tomorrow. On the back will be a GIGANTIC ouroborus print in red fabric paint. I hope he looks scary in it. oo;

Oh yeah... TF's Armstrong is doing his best to grow a mustache. :]

hehe xD *brings Razor for Armstrong*

*sings Anything U can Do I can Do Better*

11 Eds and 4 Envy's... WHO SHALL WIN! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA  :twisted:

BTW My sis wouldnt try on her cosplay right now, but I did make her hair "Wrathy"



She'll be the new Cosplay Idol! Meow!

Eep! Chansu! I shall bring out my artskillz! MUWAHAHAHA!!

hehe now, lemme get her in her cosplay xD Ill take a pic.

@ SU: *points* Monster!!! *runs* *huggles u to death* xD

this is my sister:


now, imagine her with pale skin (cuz her skin is dark there)
and imagine her with her messy hair down
and shes wearing black. OwO

Quote from: "Silver_Unicorn297"
Wah! That's awesome but creepy at the same time! No wonder Wrath is so frightened of the Gate!

Aw dang... The person who will be wearing that should sit in the Gate against a wall and wait... Wait and wait... And then suddenly grab out at a random person and try to pull them into the Gate!

Great job though ^_^ The Gate's excellent!

Hes gonna grab ya and take you to Ed's world OwO

If I was ever born @ Eds world, I would have been an alchemist.


The Gate > Click Here for bigger image <

and heres the gate in action:
Clickie here =D

i'll take a pic. I cant wait for the con xD

Quote from: "Silver_Unicorn297"
Great... I think I got myself a new nickname...
Anyways, it is related to my cosplay, but no one who calls me by that name knows that. How odd.

And are you sure Ed? That's too bad, because Wrath is such... an interesting character, especially when it concerns the Gate *doom*

my sis is doing Wrath. Plus shes just 9 years old. Its creepy too since he looks just like her xD

btw The Gate is done! WOO HOO!

>_> i shouldnt even say this cuz im an Ed cosplayer as well but...


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