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General Anime Chat / Re: Manga Fox vs. One Manga
« on: May 17, 2011, 08:09:26 PM »
I'm an ol'skool One Manga fan, I used to use it like 4-5 years ago. But I thought it had been shut down(apparently not or it's been brought back I should say). I would only use Manga Fox over One Manga when it would RARELY have a chapter or volume before it. Though at the rate some of my favorite manga gets translated(Kurokami for example..) I just save the strain on my patience and buy the official release when it comes out.

Dope, I'm down for more people to meet up with. Actually I mite be going as early as Thursday and leaving as late as Monday...So imma have alot of free time to kill. Unless I cosplay(which at this point is at a 5% chance of happening).
You going on Sunday? Cuz that's when I'll be there! :D

Yup I'll be there Sunday(^_^)b AND I'll definitely be there as early as Thursday. I already got approved for my time off and everything(though I would've taken it whether they approved it or not..haha i'm such a "rebel") Also my chance of cosplaying has jumped way up to 90% now. And If I do imma be going as a Shinobi no Mono(should be epic!!). Needless to say I WILL stand out so meeting up shouldn't be a problem. Though I mite be burned out from Saturdays party the nite before, so I will prolly be passed out until the afternoon=_=.

Fanime is in only 10 days!!?!?! Sooo close, I can feel it in the air...

General Convention Discussion / Re: Where should the loners start?
« on: May 17, 2011, 07:41:12 PM »
You should choose a specific event to meet up at after it is done (such as... the Cthulhu for President Panel).

You can also meet some really fun people at the Hentai nights, but be warned there are a lot of creepers.

....ohh..no..!?! Never again! If you do meet up for hentai nights(which i don't recommended from bad personal experience) be sure to avoid the typical "ecchi" people that weave their way into the crowd/room. Last time I went some 40yr old guy sitting In the back of the room kept trying to talk to me...I left then he followed....and he still kept trying to talk to me(.=_=.).
I say that to say this, if you go Be WARNED!! Be READY!!.

I don't meet the weight requirements to donate, but to everyone who does and is willing:

Be sure to hydrate well, eat something more substatial than Pocky and instant ramen, and get some sleep! Don't eat nothing but Pocky, stay up all night, and then try to donate blood. (...and then don't try to stay up all night that night, either, or run around like crazy afterwards...)

Take care of yourselves out there! :D

Lol it's almost like you were(unintentionally) referring to me>,>. I'll definitely not repeat my "fueled by Ramen" eating binge that I usually have. But I can't promise I wont stay up all nite and run around like crazy...I can't help it, it's in my nature 8)

^ great info! :)

I'd like to add that nutrition may be underrated at the con. Weirdly, you'd have to think like it's gonna be a marathon: drink lots of fluids (water, Gatorade) and non sugary energy snacks (trail mix). Of course, its an anime con, meaning tons of Mountain Dew, Pocky, and candy. But if you stick to a healthier con diet (lol), you may get to enjoy the con more instead of having caffiene, sugar, or fat withdrawls.

*eats a Big Mac*

Not having a good nutrition balance is a mistake I made a few years back. I had to go a nite without having a hotel because I was broke(and my "friend" was a jerk..). I danced for munny offerings which got me a what I thought was a decent amount. But I only had enough munny to buy a pretzel(saltiest one of my lifeT_T). So I was dehydrated from dancing for cash/and even more so from the pretzel. Later in the nite I felt the worst feeling of sleepiness/exhaustion/fatigue and I just so happened to be walking by the Starbucks. Long story short I told my sad sad tale to the manager and he had the bright idea to give me an "experimental" espresso. He told me he had never given anyone a drink that powerful before, and with the common sense I had at the age I thought "oh great this should help me!"...Worst mistake ever..It tasted like liquid death(even AFTER drowning it in Milk/sugar) and after a short while I went into a hell like zombie state. And I bordered on the line of consciousness for the rest of the nite. I don't remember much after that...I think I talked to a bum..*sigh*

Basically let that story be a lesson for those of you with bad diets that don't have a room to go back too, to crash>,>.

I plan on donating, and it would be nice to get a ribbon or shirt as a perk  ;) (but I'd still donate anyway) It's only blood..I wont need it...right('_'?)

General Convention Discussion / Re: Where should the loners start?
« on: May 16, 2011, 04:26:34 AM »
From what i've been seeing on the forums, there actually seems to be a big turnout for non-locals going. Fanime has gotten pretty big now(I think it's one of the top ten in the US now..). I'm a local to San Jose more or less, I bounce around the Bay Area so it's never too far.

General Convention Discussion / Re: Where should the loners start?
« on: May 13, 2011, 05:24:21 PM »
It'd be nice if there was a place/time for the "loners" or the "newbies" to go and meet up and interact. Of course it'd be more of an unofficial thing but that doesn't mean it couldn't happen....Actually it should and can(Someone make it happen ;))

Sure the more the merrier. With the amount of people that are suppose to meet up, it'll be like a small party. ;)

I really want to meet as much people as possible I really how we can all meet up at one point!!

Agreed, meeting new people is always entertaining. Plus who knows what potential friendships may form(^_^)b
We only have a few week left until "it's time!!" so it's not much longer now...And if there is a official meet up spot for the "gathering" that anyone can think of lemme know. If not I can propose/think of a few.

It'll be my first time too :) Ill be Black Rock Shooter the first day :)

........That's hellla kew ;D I'd like to see that. Kuroi Mato(Black Rock Shooter) is one of my personal favorite characters.

Haha..i dunno if I'll have a whole entourage or not(that would feel pretty dope). Though i'm not really qualified the make a habit of being a tour guide. It's more of me just showing the ropes from my "unique" point of view. But I am offering my services for whoever wants them.

As for where to meet...We can meet up at the front entrance(with the fountains...and potentially protesters)
I should be going as early as Thursday this year so whatever day you wanna meet up it's kew.

Dope, I'm down for more people to meet up with. Actually I mite be going as early as Thursday and leaving as late as Monday...So imma have alot of free time to kill. Unless I cosplay(which at this point is at a 5% chance of happening).

I can help you out there. I'm looking for things to do during the day this year, so i'm gonna act as a "semi" tour guide for those who need it...Does that mean I know/remember EVERYTHING?(not even close). But I've gone for the past 4-5 years so I can show you the gist of what's what.

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Silent Library (or an equivalent)
« on: May 04, 2011, 03:03:39 PM »
For it to work you'd have to play it at night time, recruit people to play before hand and of course have a few "spectators" reading books or playing a board game in the background. Then record it while playing, and show it the next day on the big screen at Stage Zero.You could even throw in quick introductions for the people playing so everyone knows who they are....Of course that's IF this were to happen.

(If it did i'd be so down to help)

Things in the Universe / Re: The Awful Truth(s)
« on: May 02, 2011, 01:58:40 PM »
I can't breathe under water, but if I stay under long enough it'll look like I can.

Meetings, Gatherings, and Get Togethers / Re: Bay Area Cosplay Day
« on: May 02, 2011, 01:45:05 PM »
Dam I really wanna go....but i got work(.=_=.) Sux. Plus I gotta go the J-Town(SF) the early the day after for a party and to take part in the Pho Challenge anyway.

If you need a "buddy" to hang out with during the daytime, I don't mind meeting up. I'm usually just browsing around till nighttime anyway(that's when itz time to party at the dance ALL night^_^) And since i've gone to Fanime about 4-5 times now i've run out of things to do in the daytime besides random acts of debauchery. Plus if you hang out with me you're bound to stand out as I'm pretty unique compared to most Attendees.

P.S. I can also sympathize with the "boring" friends situation.....It can be very sad I know (.=_=.)
Huzzah for debauchery! It was what I planned to do anyway so it sounds like fun! ;D

Since you've been there a few times, do you know anywhere we could meet up perchance? It would be better thatn wandering around aimlessly... ;)

Hmm well we can meet up at the fountains in front of the convention center(once again I stand out so you'll spot me easy). Or we can meet up at Stage Zero, which is the stage with all the chairs in front of it(as soon as you walk through the main entrance,then go up the stairs it'll be right there). It's all up to you really how you wanna do it. Of course this is the age of text so if it comes to that we can use that too....>,>.

P.S. LOL at the strangers comment, it's surefire way to get into awkward conversation that'll you never forget but will always prolly regret..Especially if you end up talking to a sketchy 40 something year old guy that just came out of the hentai room....(he wouldn't leave me alone!!)

I'm Sonya, I'm 17, I'm 5'3, I are also Mexican, and I'm into chocolate men LOL, srsly.
THIS is my facebook.
I'll be hanging with Alex-X-Core. :D
Sooo yeah you should add me???

I'm a "chocolate man" so i guess that'd put me in your radar('_'?). Anyway the more for me to do in the daytime the better, so i'm up for hanging wit ALMOST anyone...but If it's anyone like the guy i mentioned above...I'll run...VERY fast.

Video Programming / Re: Suggestions for Video Programming 2011
« on: April 26, 2011, 02:10:28 PM »
Can you please, please, please show some fansubs of Michiko to Hatchin. That anime has not gotten enough love and it deserves more. It's one of the best series people have not seen and it has amazing pedigree behind it. It really does need more attention.

Nice pick! That anime was great, yet not many people know about it.
Besides that I'd have to throw in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagan. Or anything to get us "Amped".

I'm willing to meet up with whomever, honestly I just need stuff to do in the day time to kill time. So if someone needs a "buddy" or even just someone to ask questions or talk to, i'm your man. Plus I'm pretty easy to spot so meeting up should be no problem.

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