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I can't say for sure, since I'm arriving on Saturday, and how getting into the hotel room took several hours last time around, but I'm hoping to go as Yami Yugi. So I'm a maybe for now.

Well, I'm hoping to be Chrom next year. Just hoping to get it done in time!

I hope to attend as 64 and Melee version Link.

I'm probably going to go as Ocarina of Time Adult Link again.

There was going to be a gathering last time, but it fell apart due to the one originally in charge of the gathering canceling due to various reasons, and several others, including myself, not being able to get cosplays done in time for it.

So, I'm starting up a topic now for it so those interesting in a gathering have enough time to get their cosplays ready for next year.

Having said all that, is anyone interested? Btw, this isn't the topic for the gathering, but an interest check.

I'll be sure to attend as Link(Ocarina of Time adult version).

Actually, I may be attending as a DragonBallZ character instead of Allen Walker.

While I'm still hoping to attend, there is a slight chance I may not make it due to Friday being iffy for me right now.

I may be attending as Allen Walker.

I'd still want to attend, but unfortunately, I won't be able to get Chrom done in time.

Due to the timing, I won't be able to attend this gathering after all.

Hey LordSnow, I can't find the new forum thread, can you repost it here or direct us? once i see that new post, ill bump it up from this old one, or maybe someone can make a note on here to let us know that this thread is not the gathering thread itself. (this is just the thread to check on interest)

thanks :)

LordSnow sent me a message telling me he canceled the gathering, due to some personal issues.

If it does end up being Sunday, all I'll need to know is the time to know whether or not I will be attending.

I'm hoping to get a Gold cosplay done in time for this.

Haha, thanks. Perhaps we should. ^^

I plan to go as third uniform Allen Walker.

I'll probably attend as either Yami Yugi or Aster Phoenix.

Yeah, I'm really loving Awakening right now, though admittedly, I have not played Fire Emblem prior, but I've quickly gotten the hang of it.

Well, right now, I've decided on Chrom. Just hoping I can get it done in time.

I'd be interested, just need to decide who I'd go as.

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