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@ everyone: :D Thanks for all the compliments, it's really made my day.

@SarKastiQ1773: Well, it depends on how you're going to make it, and the quality of the fabric you use, and how well you can actually estimate how much of each fabric you'll need. Also, you need to figure out if you're going to make a wire-frame head, or one out of foam.

Quote from: "asianfilm"
Quote from: "Xeluu"
-Lack of things to do after 8PM or so. I mean, sure, there's Yaoi-Con's nightly event, and usually one other big thing, but for some of my younger friends (15-16) there's nothing for them to do but go to the dance, as they aren't allowed off-site. Even small panels would have been appreciated.

Did you check out the Asian Film Room area? We usually have themed programming from 6PM - 12AM every night, and in addition, we had some really huge screenings during the prime hours of the evening, including Memories of Matsuko (from the director of Kamikaze Girls), Honey and Clover live-action, the Death Note movies, Jackie Chan's latest film Rob-B-Hood, Dragon Tiger Gate (based on a Chinese manga of the same name), The Host (internationally-acclaimed monster movie from Korea), and a ton more.

We keep our programming fresh and are open all hours of the night, so this might be a place you look to check out next Fanime. It's just too bad that you didn't make time for us this year.

Ah, yes, I was aware of you all, and while I didn't visit this year, I have in the past. I wasn't aware of Rob-B-Hood, and unfortunately I think that programs would have rectified that. x_X Oh well. What I meant by late night programming, was more along the lines of panels and more interactive things. I'd almost say that a Stage Zero at night would be a good remedy. Mind you, Stage Zero is just an example of the types of things I'd be interested in at night.

Quote from: "alkaline"
Quote from: "Xeluu"


Uhg. This is exactly what I'm talking about. The worst of them? The ones really worth complaining about? They're the ones who take zero consideration into the persons costume. Whether it's delicate or whether it's (like in your case) huge and already difficult to just walk around in, they just don't care and launch themselves at people.

Sorry to hear about it. I saw you walking around in your costume and yeah, getting "glomped" from behind in that thing had to be scary as hell.

Yes, it was slightly scary, and it turned me away from wearing the costume as much as I would've liked. It happened the first time I went out with it on, and unfortunately I was alone at that point. After that I refused to go out in it without my friend with me as a handler to help stop people from doing it. I didn't mind the random people who wanted to hug me, as long as they asked. Heck, even the person who bear-hugged and lifted me from the ground without permission, was more acceptable, in my eyes, than the glompers, especially because it was from the front so I was able to brace myself.

Heh, that Mudkip was me.
As for the costume, I made it. My father helped with the head (It was wire frame and needed to be sautered(sp)) and I used an old costume pattern for the body.

I'm glad you liked it though.

There are various tutorials around the web that could probably help you, or you could probably commission a fursuiter to make you one.

Ah, Fanime 2007; I'm still wishing it wasn't over.

+The location of the Yaoi-Con booth was MUCH better this year, as I remember in previous years it being nearly impossible to get around.
+More Food vendors: I actually was able to spend all of Fanime on-site this year, and while part of that was due to the fact I had a cooler in the hotel room, the extra vendors made the lines short enough that I was able to purchase lunch quickly and easily.
+The spacing of the dealers room was much better, there was more room between booths, and that made getting by cosplayers in the aisles much easier.
+The new location for the Masquerade was MUCH better. I was seated in the back for the first time in all my years of attending and was able to see everything completely. I'd even venture to say I saw everything better than when I've sat in the front due to the raked seating.
+The staff members, especially those at Con-Ops and the Rovers were excellent this year. All of those who I spoke to were courtious and well informed. They dealt with line situations superbly. (Yaoi-Bingo line anyone? X_x yay for sick attendees.) And I'd like to thank the staff members of the console gaming who helped me by testing a used game I purchased from the dealers room which I ended up having to return do to it not running correctly.

+I know they're not actually part of Fanime, but I greatly enjoy the Yaoi-Con events that are held, and find that the staff members are polite and fun to be around. The events are always well organized, and I've yet to see things get out of hand.

-Panels: the panels themselves I can't comment on, but this year there wasn't any interest in any of them to me. If some had been later on in the evening (read: after 6PM) I might have attended.
-Video Rooms: The issues with the technical difficulties couldn't really have been avoided, so I do understand, but it was still a let-down.
-Lack of getting a projector for the game show. -.-
-Lack of things to do after 8PM or so. I mean, sure, there's Yaoi-Con's nightly event, and usually one other big thing, but for some of my younger friends (15-16) there's nothing for them to do but go to the dance, as they aren't allowed off-site. Even small panels would have been appreciated.
-Lack of Programs. I know the whole ordeal on it, and it was out of your hands, but it was disappointing.
-Dealers room: There just wasn't much variety of items this year, and the DVDs I saw I will be purchasing for the same price or $1 or $2 higher from Best Buy.
-The game room prize game. It was the lift game, where the prizes were mostly Ufo Catchers. The issues I had with it were simple. Most, if not all of the prizes, were boot-legs. There's no KHII set of official plushes, as an example of one I saw. Being a collector I was rather up-set by this.
-I noticed that many of the big events were scheduled at the SAME TIME. ;_; I can't be in two places at once.

I know there were a few other things, but seeing as I have a head-ache I'll try and think of them later.

Oh dear, glomping. This year seemed to have an ESPECIALLY bad problem with it. I was the mudkip walking around during the con, and I was glomped from BEHIND without PERMISSION or warning. I was almost knocked down, and by the time I was able to recover from it, the people were gone. The Beelzeneff I attended with had the same problem. They were glomped twice from behind, and also almost knocked over. We were able to tell off the people, seeing as there were two of us, but it was rather ridiculous. We both also managed to avoid it a few times, but had there not been two of us, we wouldn't have been able to. The mudkip costume is top-heavy, and had someone knocked me down, I wouldn't be surprised if they had broken my teeth or nose, because it was a wire-frame mascot head. The beelzeneff cosplayer isn't as strong as I am, and has back-problems, glomping could have caused serious injury.
I was told after the fact when inquiring at Con-Ops that we could have taken down badge numbers and reported them to Rovers. But this shouldn't be happening in the first place. I, personally, feel that next year there should be a rule in place about glomping, and should it be broken, there be a potential for badge revokation.
I'd love to hear from staff members on why or why-not this would be something that can be put into action, and I'd think that others who have had this problem should also bring it to light.

Sorry for the long post, and thanks for your time. I hope Fanime 2008 will be the best yet.

I'm looking for pictures of myself in cosplay, and the costume I made.
I was Mudkipz (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and the other costume I'm looking for it the giant cat puppet from Ouran.
Any and all pictures taken, even if they look almost identical, are GREATLY appreciated.
Example of the cat puppet(cause I can never remember how to spell the name):
Also, to xxxplizit (pogi1kenobi): No offense, but I'd like to ask that you don't request pictures of myself in my Mudkip cosplay. I know there are some floating around somewhere, but it makes me feel a bit awkward seeing other people requesting the images. I don't mind you saving any that people post, or whatnot, it's just kinda hard to explain.

General Convention Discussion / Craziest thing at Fanime 2007!
« on: May 29, 2007, 09:57:25 PM »
Quote from: "mDuo13"
Quote from: "Sidekick"
Quote from: "Morbid-Nurse"
Quote from: "Sidekick"
A lot of people here seem to have been "glomped". Sorry if this is noobish of me to ask but what's a glomp? (I'm thinking its like a hug?)  And did you have to cosplay to get glomped?

Yes, that's basically what a glomp is. ^_^ But funner than a normal hug. Sometimes feels more like a tackle. xD

And of course you don't have to be in cosplay to get glomped! Glomps are for everybody yo. x3

I was just asking cause I didn't cosplay but I didn't get glomped.  :(  Sounds fun though..

A glomp is like a hug but more violent. Because of this, a lot of people don't enjoy being glomped by random strangers, so you have to either have a sign/shirt asking for them, or encounter someone who's asking for them and tell them yes in order to be glomped.

Craziest thing for me? UNO, definitely.

Actually, glomps can be considered assault, especially if the person isn't asking for them. If you're not expecting them, they are NOT fun. Especially if your costume has limited vision and is top-heavy.

You might want to give a bit more information on what the person looked like that you're looking for, that way even if they don't see this their friends or someone who knows them might?

Quote from: "koomori"
well... I just finished my gaara stuff... and it's 3:25 am, may 25th... can it get more last minute than that?

Yes, yes it can. DX I have to do a few small seams on something while driving up there. It's gonna suck, but I know I'll get it done satisfactory that way. Woo!

Live Programming and Events / The Game Show?
« on: May 19, 2007, 09:25:04 PM »
Weeeeeee! :D Seeing this just made my night.

I'll definately be attending as many of the gameshows as I can, as always, and I'd be glad to be a back-up score board in case something happens again.

Dealers Room / Bootleg Plush
« on: April 30, 2007, 04:05:52 PM »
Hello everyone, I have what will hopefully be a quick comment and question:
The past two years I went to fanime I saw a large amount of bootleg plush, mostly Naruto, but a few others as well. I didn't report them, because A) I'm not sure if the sellers knew, and B) I'm not exactly sure who I should've reported them to. It saddens me greatly to see so many of these in the dealers room, as they take up room that some authentic UFO Catchers might have been placed instead.

http://www.ufocatcher.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=5 If I'm not allowed to post this, please edit my post to remove the link.
This is a list of bootlegged plush from a website and forums which I've found to be extremely trustworthy. I was hoping that by posting it here someone who could deal with the problem might be alerted to the issue, so that this year there I will hopefully see none of them.

Thanks for your time,

Live Programming and Events / The Game Show?
« on: April 30, 2007, 03:54:04 PM »
D: That doesn't make Xeluu happy. At least there's still hope! I'll definately be e-mailing you and Stage Zero, as well as having those I know who are going to fanime e-mail those in charge. The Gameshow was the one event I would always make time for, even if there was something I should've been doing instead... *coughsittinginlineformasqueradecough* I know that I will be very sad if it goes.

Live Programming and Events / The Game Show?
« on: April 16, 2007, 09:43:09 PM »
I'm not sure about the main page, but I did notice that it was no longer listed under the forum subtitle. Hopefully you're right, and the game show that was listed under staff sign-ups is the same one I'm remembering. In a worst case scenario, it would be a new game show for Stage Zero, or completely gone.

Thanks for the quick response. :D


I know, the audience participation was great. I've already won it, but I enjoy the people who run it, and I love watching the contestants and audience. It's also fun to see how many of the questions I would answer correctly.

Live Programming and Events / The Game Show?
« on: April 16, 2007, 09:10:32 PM »
So, I'm curious. I would've sworn that earlier on in the subtitle on the forums of Live Programming, it had the game show listed. Now it's no longer there. Does this mean that the game show will not be run this year? ;_; The game show has been a favorite of mine and my friends, since the very first year we attended Fanime. So, my question for whomever knows: Did the game show get canned for this year? Would it be possible to get it and its host back?

Quote from: "mDuo13"
Quote from: "Xeluu"
18. (131) I'm thinking it's a Gundam character, not sure why though. o.o

probably because there's a striking resemblance. This might be a different character with a similar outfit. I dunno.

Ah, I'm not really a Gundam fan, but I have seen some of the different series and read a few of the manga. But that would definately explain at least why he looked familiar.

Oh boy, here we go.
In order presented:
1. (004) I believe Itachi from Naruto.
2. (007) Don't know.
3. (013) A blackmage (purple and black) and thief (blue). Both are in AF2 armor.
4. (040) Avatar..... Avatar ___. I totally just forgot her name. From Avatar: The last Airbender.
5. (042) Sorry, again I don't know.
6. (049) Again, I should know but I can't recall, sorry.
7. (072) For fear of being wrong I'm not gonna say. Not certain on these two, sorry.
8. (074) Again, don't know, I took a picture as well though. ^^;
9. (075) Same person as above.
10. (089) Don't know.
11. (093) Uh... Galaxy Express I think.
12. (095)
13. Dunno
14. Dunno
15. Shirt Guy Dom? For some odd reason I'm thinking that could be Dom, but I'm not sure.
16. (120) Prince of Tennis, Kaido and Inui.
17. (129) Not sure.
18. (131) I'm thinking it's a Gundam character, not sure why though. o.o
19. (136) Not sure.
20. (137) Hiei and someone else from YYH. (Yu Yu Hakuosho) didn't really watch/read that series.
21. (138) Heh, I should know that one, I made that costume for my sister. That's Berzerneff (spelling is really odd/opinionated) from Ouran High School Host Club. It's the puppet of Nekozawa.
22. (139) Pretty sure it's Botan from YYH.
23. (141) Dunno.
24. (146) Should know, can't remember though.
25. (147) Gundam again, not sure.
26. (171) That's a bishie, from Yaoi bingo. I could never get his name right so I kinda forgot. >.< I feel really bad now.
27. (174) Dunno.
28. (182) Not sure.
29. (184) I should know, but I don't.
30. (185) Don't know.
31. (191) That was Vash. Different costume from normal.
32. (202) Don't know.
33. (220) I know this one. >.< I just am drawing a blank right now.
34. (224) Dunno.
35. (241) Again, should know, can't remember though.
36. (254) Dunno.
37. (264) CTS, Cardboard Tube Samurai. From Penny Arcade webcomic.
38. (265) Dunno.
39. (283) Itachi and... don't remember the name. From Naruto.
40. (285) Prince of Tennis, not sure which character. (I don't actually watch/read it.)
41. (299) Main character from Suikoden 3. Er... one of the main characters.
42. (307) Dunno.
43. (308) Tira Misu from Sorcerer Hunters (Bakuretsu Hunters) Manga/OVA version.
44. (319) Naruto character.
45. (320) Naruto character.
46. (342) Dark and Light from D.N.Angel
47. (393) Pretty sure she's from Dynasty Warriors.
48. (409) Dunno.
49. (412) Dunno.
50. (430) Don't remember her name, one of two main characters from Pretty Cure.
51. (438) Can't remember.
52. (451) Dunno. Random Goth-Loli?
53. (452) Dunno.
54. (467) Again, dunno, Naruto character.
55. (468) Naruto character.
56. (475) Sesshoumaru from Inu-Yasha?
57. (477) Dunno.
58. (482) San from Mononoke Hime?
59. (      ) Dunno
60. (      ) Dunno.
Wow, almost lost ALL of this because it logged me out somehow. >.< Good thing I had copied it right before number 58. That woulda been a PAIN.

Uzutake: Yep, I was Nekozawa, unfortunatly it was a bit off and on. The material I used for the cloak was rather hot and heavy, so the cloak was a bit of a pain, along with the wig I used, because having hair in your eyes isn't what most people would consider fun. ^^; Oh well. That and the Ouran meeting didn't happen because the others were late. Oops, not that big a deal though.

I know I didn't. >.< I missed out on getting pictures of most of the Ls that were there because you all left like... right before I was gonna get a group shot and seperate shots. ; ; Maybe next year though.

But of course you do. You're one of my Ls. ^^

Wow, somehow it didn't post the link with my last post. -.-; Here it is. http://s60.photobucket.com/albums/h9/Xeluu/

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