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I put up all the photos I have of my Ls from Sunday night. I'll be getting more once I finish off my other cameras. I'll post again when the others are up.

>w< That's hilarious! Bleh, still gotta get my camera film finished off so I can get it developed.... as soon as I do I'm gonna post my pics...

Weee! That was fun! I'm the L on the left in those pics. ^^ Yay for our Zombie L. The photographer made me amused when he told us to all be zombies. ^^

Awww! It's our Sleepy L! *pokes the OP* Yep, I was the long blonde haired girl who you hung out with on Sunday evening, and for a very very short amount of time on Monday as another L. But we lost you in the Dealers Room, and the staff wouldn't announce over the mic 'cause we forgot your real name. ; ; Oh well... yeah, I'll post all the pics I have once I get my film developed... damn me and my disposable camera ways.

I'm crossplaying as Nekozawa from Ouran High School Host Club. So add me in with the ranks of girls cosplaying as boys. >.> Not that you can always tell with Nekozawa though, he's in a giant black cloak all the time.

Lol. I'll be sure to look for a pink bunny for you guys. I'm so relieved that both costumes on this end are almost done, what about you guys?

Oh, and they got our time down wrong on the gatherings list. It says at 1, my only issue is.... I really wanna see One Piece Movie 6... ; ;
I think it's too late for them to change it since they were gonna be posting flyers around the con... but can we possibly change it to 12? Or does that interfere with what any of you have planned? We could always mark on the flyers at the con that the time has been changed to 12. >.< Just lemme know, kay?

You need Hunny-kun's bunny? I can see if both the Toys R' Us and Target near by have a pink rabbit the right color, or, you should also check your local Thrift Store for ones donated (since it's only a bit past easter.) I'll post back tomorrow night (late) and let you know.

Alright. I know the feeling though, I've been staying up until atleast that late working on our costumes too. >.< If there's an issue and you don't finish in time just post here, I'm bringing a laptop to the con and will be sure to double-check before I head out on Sunday.

Alright, so long as nothing is conflicting schedule-wise we'll both be up for that. We should set a time before hand, along with a location, just to be safe. And if the OP of this thread comes with his "twin" we'd have almost the entire cast. How cool would that be?

So, for a meet, lets say 12-12:30ish Sunday "Morning"/Afternoon (whatever you want to call it...) Say, in front of the fountains? I'll be checking the board atleast once a day, so if this is cool with all of you, just post and let me know? And possibly add it to the gathering list, so even if people aren't cosplaying, the fans of Ouran can come and view their beloved Hosts.... and Nekozawa and Beelzenef.. See you all soon.

If things continue to go well, expect to see a GIANT Beelzenef walking around with a Nekozawa all three days and the evening of Friday. As long as nothing goes wrong within the next few days this will occur. Hopefully I'll see all of you around the con at some point.

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