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Hello! I’m looking for any pictures of my Homeworld Pearl (Friday, Saturday) or Jem (Sunday). I was with my gf as Rose Quartz all weekend, and usually also with another friend as Silk, if that helps.

Here’s my lineup shot—

Looks like it's 4PM on Friday! Slight change of plans, I'll be Homeworld Pearl~ (gf is still Rose Quartz, though). See y'all there!

I'll be there! Probably in my spacesuit-Pearl from last year, but if a miracle comes through and I manage to finish it in time I might be Hessonite!

Hi all! My girlfriend and I were Spacesuit Pearl and Rose Quartz all weekend, and we'd love any photos anyone had of us! Here's a pic.

This is going to be my tenth year at Fanime! I've been going every year since I was 14 (in a disastrous Chii cosplay, that first year), and I'm now 24. I just realised this and I'm very hype about it.  ;D

Hey friends! I'll be there as Spacesuit Pearl with my girlfriend as Rose Quartz!

Hi! I didn't take photos myself but I was out and about quite a lot, and would be SUPER excited if anybody had pictures of me or my gf!

Thursday: I was Wendy Corduroy (Gravity Falls), and she wasn't in cosplay, but I don't know that anybody photographed us.
Friday: I was Komaeda Nagito (Super Dangan Ronpa 2), and she was Agnes Oblige (Bravely Default).
Saturday: I was Peridot and she was Amethyst (both Steven Universe)
Sunday: I was Peridot again (with my wig working much better) and she was Jasper.

I have my little cosplay-lineup photo here! I don't have the pics of her (and would feel weird posting 'em when she doesn't go on this forum) but you can recognize her by being very tall and next to me :)

I would love to attend a Gravity Falls meetup, but I don't have the expertise to host one. Is anyone else interested...?

I should be there as Peridot, with my gf as Jasper! Super pumped~  ;D

I usually put a show on-- making my Homura Akemi cosplay a couple years ago was how I watched all of Adventure Time that was out at that point, and I listened to Welcome to Night Vale while making Bubblegum the year after-- but when I listen to music while working it's usually Gorillaz, Moxy Früvous, My Chemical Romance, or somebody else with an exciting/driving kind of feel.

...but then sometimes I just go for Peggy Seeger and Jean Redpath.

I wrote a novel, I have a serious headache, and I'm really looking forward to the con.

Oh, beautiful! We're also at the Mariott, so that ties things up very nicely. Thank you so much for your help!

So, my friends and I are sharing a room-- we used Friend A's priority window, because hers was first, but I made the reservation and used my card, because I'm the one who tends to do official setting-up sort of stuff. It's looking like Friend A might not arrive until Friday, though, and we have the room starting Thursday. Will Friend B and I be able to check in without her? My name is on the payment, but Friend A's is on the registration. We can figure out how to submit an official change of the primary registrant if we need to, but I'm hoping we don't, because... hassle....

Thanks in advance, anyone who has information on this!

Friday: Wonderland Alice, with grey striped stockings and very long red hair.
Saturday: Homura Akemi (Puella Magi Madoka Magica), with bootcovers instead of tights.
Sunday: Alice again.
Monday: just dressed in lolita, in a bluegrey blouse, black waistcoat, and blue/black striped skirt. Again, my hair is the most recognizeable thing about me; it's quite long.

Thanks kindly, if anyone has my picture!

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