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Hello Everyone,

Year 2 of me being the head of this department is nice. I got more of a grasp as to what my boss did from previous years, I got some policy changes for this next year that is critical for all the organizers to know (lets just say I had a headache with this previous year in some of the planning, most of it was my bad in comms, this policy change will make things clear for all.), and im finally getting back into con planning mode with a job in hand. I am announcing an announcement for the start of the year, 1/1/2017 as for all of my policy plans to be reveiled. gathering organizers, just know your going to be poking in here more often to maintain your gathering. and the hangout will be greater than ever!

Till the first, This is the madman from the reach,





Funny done, yay. Anywho, Update time, and quite a bit of news.

1. I have intituted a set of policies in regards to cosplay gatherings in order to maintain order between cosplayers, and establish rules. Its mostly for my sanity, but there for yours as well. You can read about it HERE

2. The big Fanime staff meeting is Sunday, January 8th. If you ever wanted to join Cosplay Gatherings staff, or wanted to meet the madman in charge of the department, you can do that at the meeting, place to be determined(its always one of the hotels of Fanime, so, can't go wrong there), but time is 99% of the time 2:30pm. At this meeting you get to learn alot of the con, and how much fun you can have in staffing it. if you want to say "SKREW THE MEETING I HAVE INTERNETZ", you can apply to a department anywhere here

3. Photos. We have had a problem with photos this year in getting them done in a timely matter. What I can do is point you to some of our photographers we had last year and allow you to get at the photos they each did until i can edit them all into a place proper. Here are some of their works (X) (x) X

And as soon as I get a decent group done of photos, I will post them and point you as to where they are.

Thats all she wrote for this round. I hope to see you all at the meeting if you wish, but until next time, this is the madman from the Reach,




So, I do owe this area an update.

 I myself appolgize that I don't have the form ready yet. I am waiting on my IT guy(It has to be done inhouse, so I cant take others work on google forms due to "lack of professionalism"), but he does have a good chunk of it done, just a matter of adding some things to the form. The moment he sets it live is the moment I will post here and update you on this.

Photos. The department that is responsible for posting said pictures has not finished last year's. I keep asking the chain as to updates, and yet to hear a solid date for them to be posted. Something that I myself may be doing is getting an outfit to do the watermarking so we can post them in a more timely matter. The person in charge knows this, and the editor in-house knows this. the voices are heard by me and the higher ups, and I just am trying to make things work out.

Gathering spots. So, Bad news, we (the department, not the con) are losing G4, the Raiser stages in the Hub. I don't know if I can say what will be there in its place yet, as I think the higher ups plan on announcing that at a later date, I will confirm and edit this accordingly. That said, I am being denied at putting a gathering space on the ground floor, so I currently do not have a replacement for it. Organizers should plan accordingly, let alone everyone else who used that space to sit down and cool off (There is always the Cosplay hangout, come drop by and check it out.)

New Room: We as a department gained a new room. We shall call this room for this year "Fantasic Cosplays, and Where to Find them." What this room will be used for is for photographers (not ours, but the folks that often set up outside) as a photography area, where pros can set up with backdrops and lights, the whole shebang in a controlled room. We plan to have the area used as a means to allow other photographers to do shoots inside with all means needed. More on this soon.

I think that's all I want to announce now. Thanks!

That is good.  Thanks for the information.

Tell everyone to reply something here.  It is getting a little bit lonely in here.

Do you know who is in the core 5?

So what is Tokusatsu?  Tokusatsu is a live action type of series with special effects.  It is kind of like Doctor Who, but Japanese.  There have been many different shows from Kamen Rider, Godzilla, and of course Super Sentai (Power Rangers in English). 

Hello everyone how are you doing?  I am doing great.  As you know I will be hosting the Tokusatsu Gathering for Fanime 2017.  Now for those of you that have an account with Fanime Forums, I advise to always update every two weeks just to make sure this gathering post is live and well.  I will do my best to try to update you as the weeks go by.    Anyways I hope that there will be more people to get to this gathering as the con draws closer. 

Time: 11 am
Location: G7 (Central Monument)
Day: Saturday
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1607406239560267/.

List of cosplayers:
Animegeek86 / Leader of the gathering: either Raito Suzukuki from Resha ToqGer or maybe Lucky from Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger
exploding-goats: Kiriya from Ex-aid
KawaiiMess: Hammy/ChameleonGreen from Kyuranger
Pokemon Ranger: Emu Hoji/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid


Here are some of the pics that I took.  I was the eriol cosplayer so i couldn't get a lot of pics.


Hello I am the organizer of this gathering and I got the pics from the gathering.  Here they are.  Hope you enjoy them.


Hello I am part of ATP Photography.  I just finished editing the pictures so I hope I can help people out find out who cosplayed what.  Here is my link to my page: www.facebook.com/atpphoto.  I hope everyone likes them.

I see everyone is getting stuff ready for the gathering and I am glad.  Thank you for being part of this gathering.  It really means a lot.

Are there any other cosplayers that are toku fans?

So how's everyone is doing on their cospalys?  I hope word is going out to all the tokusatsu fans out there.  I really want to have a lot of people to show up.  I am glad that we met the number of people of going, but I want to more. 

I know I stated it is inconvenient for me, but when I look at the location I think it is actually convenient.  This is because the gathering I am hosting is at that location so I hoping I can finish my gathering and change quick to my eriol cosplay.

Looks like it will be 1 pm.  It is going to be tough considering the fact that I am hosting a gathering before this one.  Hope I get a quick change in to do so.

Ah, ok. Yes, I do plan on attending them!! ^^;;

And I agree about the names part. You should change those! :)

I just removed some of the names.  The only reason why I had it up there is because of attendence purposes.

Yesss. Wonder if he'd have time to visit the gathering......? XD It would be amazing. <333
Considering it's around lunchtime, the chances are unfortunately likely to be slim. Please do drop by his panels and/or autographs though!

That is what I am hoping for at this point.  I just hope it doesn't fall into the same time area as the gathering.

I will be planning to bring my eriol cosplay from Cardcaptor Sakura.  Just need to know the time that is all.

Are there any other cosplayers that want to join in.  Don't forget to go to the facebook link on the first post of this thread to check in.

Maybe, that depends on the time though.  And the photography scheduling I have.

3 pm will be good.

My question is though did you guys have a facebook event to back this up?

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