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I am very interested in this!

If this time is official for 2017, can you make a FB event for it? :)

Is this the list for Cosplay Chess 2017? The title still says 2016...

Can I use my suitcase it's a rolling one, it's not really big, to bring into South Hall? And how does Thursday night work this will be my first time doing Thursday night and I don't want to be late because of badge pick-up, I didn't see a time for when that happens?

I've never been to this before, so I don't know about the suitcase (I really hope it's okay though cause I will have mine, and I have literally no where else to put it except to bring it with me).

To answer your second question, I remember them saying online that if we go to the South Hall beforehand, we can get permission to go to the exceptions line, which I imagine is much shorter? Can someone confirm this?


I would love this if it's still happening! I'm planning to be in Lolita on Saturday and possibly Monday - are you going to be there those days as well? :)

It's been a few years since I've sold so rules may have changed a bit by now.

Jewlery - I've sold small things like necklaces and bracelets that could be used for cosplay but was mostly just scene/costume jewlery. As long as it's not overwhelmingly jewlery you're selling it should be fine.

Maps - Another user posted a link to a map in the General Convention board that might help with layout. Basically Reg and Swap Meet are on the same side of the convention center with Reg being in the Marriott on the second floor and Swap being on the ground floor in the large blue/white stripe building just past the Marriott.

Items Check - when I sold, staff just sort of riffled through your selling boxes to make sure everything was on the up and up. Throughout the night they would walk the sales floor making sure you were following the 18+ rules and thats also when they could get a better look at any potential counterfit goods. If you had something they didn't allow they would ask you to set it aside and not sell it.

Awesome! Thanks so much for replying :)

I would go to Swap Meet - Best Practices topic on the second page of this form. Lots of good information there

That answered several of my questions, thanks!

I think only questions 1, 3, and 5 weren't answered in that thread.


This is my first time going to Fanime, and I decided to sign up for the swap meet in hopes of clearing out some of my old fandom-related stuff (and to make some money to fund the rest of the weekend :p). I'm really excited! I just have a few questions if someone with more experience would please answer?

1) Are we allowed to sell used jewelry? I saw something about cosplay jewelry being "at the discretion of the staff", and I wondered if I should bother bringing the jewelry I have. They're not really cosplay-related, but I did buy a few of the pieces at previous conventions.
2) How much does stuff usually sell for? I tried to figure this out online, but I haven't been able to find an answer. If someone could give me a typical price range on the various items, I would really appreciate it! Items I'm selling: DVDs, a figurine, old prints, t-shirts, manga, plushies, pokemon cards, a few other fandom-related things...
3) Is there a map somewhere of the convention grounds that points out the locations of things like the swap meet and registration? I may be arriving somewhat late on Thursday (around 5:30), and I don't want to wander around too long and miss the set-up time (which I understand begins at 6?).
4) To previous sellers: how much do you usually bring, and how much of what you bring usually sells? I don't have a /lot/ of stuff, but I figure if I sell about half of it, this should be worth it :) Also, do more people sell or trade? I'm down for either, but I would prefer to sell enough to at least make back the $40 fee.
5) How strenuously does the staff usually look over the items you bring in? From the rules listed, it makes me feel as though they're going to pick through all my goods, which seems like it would take a while o.o Also, since I won't be checking into a hotel beforehand, I'll have all of my other stuff with me in addition to the stuff I'm selling... is that allowed?
6) Do we ever get a chance to look over and swap with the other sellers? I'd really love to see what everyone else is selling and get a chance to trade for some more goods!
7) Will there be someone to watch over my stuff if I need to run to the restroom or something? I will be by myself, since the only other person I know at the convention doesn't arrive till late Thursday night...

Sorry for all the questions, but thanks in advance to anyone who responds! :)

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