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Double K cosplayers? oh man awesome.

Oh well I'm open to meet up fellow cosplayers with or without a group anyway~ I'm closer to the Union City/Newark side of the area.

There's a Red Robin nearish the con? Bloody I must go at least once.

Unlimited fries yeeeeeeees (your advertising has worked damn you hah)

There are long petticoats but they don't "fluff out" as much as hoop skirts (look at wedding petticoats to see some).

Which Euphemia are you doing? A picture of the skirt part would be helpful.

While I'm not necessarily looking for a cosplay group, I'm always looking for cosplay friends!

I'm actually in the same city as you. Which area are you in?

Anytime I did the swap meet, I never had any hagglers. They just bought it for the price I placed on sticky notes on top of items. I plan to have a sign up saying I'm willing to haggle since I want to try and get rid of most of my stuff. If anyone held any interest in an item however, I usually chatted with them a bit about the series or item or something sort of related to whatever their eyes are on. It usually makes them less shy about things (since...sometimes people won't even say hello despite staring at certain items...)

Though instead of haggling, I might say something like "well...if you buy so and so from me, you can get this for free/discounted price" or some other random offer that comes in my head depending on what the item(s) are if it seems like a good idea and if they look that interested in it but are still wary.

Registration / Lanyards this year?
« on: May 02, 2011, 09:13:35 AM »
I would imagine that I'm in the right area to ask since it comes with the registration badge right? Sorry otherwise.

Are there going to be lanyards this year? Just curious.

Also, what years were there lanyards? I removed my lanyards from my previous badges so I don't remember the years anymore.

Stocking? Cool. Sidenote: did you ever finish your Mugi outfit?

If I arrive early enough, I'll be first in line, like I was once before XD Maybe...

I'll be finishing it for Anime Expo. I never finished it because I wasn't motivated to do it (since I was motivated before to do it because one of my buddies was going to be Yui and another Mio but then it fell through).

If I can somehow squeeze time to make it before Fanime, I'll try to though!

If you see me on day 0, feel free to yell out Red Roses/Jill haha. :)

I'll be there on day 0. Probably sorta early afternoon (or late morning). Depends on when I get my bum off of bed. Maybe I'll wear random clothes with my Stocking wig just for fun (day 1 will be my actual Stocking cosplay).

On day 0, is the parking next to the con center full hella fast (the one next to Almaden Blvd and the con center)? For the normal con days, I leave early to park there because it gets full but I never did for day 0 before.

Or I'll just end up parking on Woz. Whichever.

One quick question, if I have a friend go buy me dinner/food but that friend isn't part of my selling stuff spot, can they just come in and out with food?

It could look suspiciously like more items to sell but I'd wager it'll just get checked in the front.

You MUST get an optometrist to get fitted for lenses. If you don't, you might end up buying the wrong diameter/odd curvature and that can really mess with your eyes if you are not careful. Also, you may have astigmatism and not know it so you would need special contacts for that and only an optometrist could really tell if you have it or not.

I know that Costcos that have an optometrist does contact measuring/fitting for about $45 I believe (without insurance). It could be upwards to $75 but I don't really remember.

As long as you take care of the lenses, your eyes will be fine. I've worn contact lenses for about years now (and recently started wearing colored contacts from circle lens stores) and my eyes are fine.

But remember: colored contacts are not a huge deal when it comes to cosplaying. It does add a nifty detail but it is not necessary.

This is just a random question since I never had props to peacebond before. What color(s) are the zip-ties?

Okay coolio thanks! I remember the form...two years ago I think and so doing it online was different (and I had the thrill of the rush of trying to get a good spot thus rushing the form a tad haha).

Can I bring lollipops to give to people who bought stuff from me? I'm bringing dumdums (it's cheap, I have a bunch already, and I'll be cosplaying Stocking from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt while selling stuff so I figured it fits with the character sorta) so I thought it'd be nifty but if not, I'll just leave them at home.

Here's a tentative list of what I'm selling (manga, plushies, video games, random stuff):

I was reading the rules and for bootlegs, it only really mentions dvds and stuff like that. I got these plushies I don't want from my local arcade (from crane machines and redeeming tickets) and they don't really look official to me but I want to sell them to get rid of them. Would I have to show you how they look like here? I can take pictures if needed and I still have the tags on them.

Also when I was pre-regging when it opened up, I forgot to include "video games" to what I'm selling (I completely blanked out about that one...). Will I need to email about that or will that be okay? I also might be splitting a spot with someone so will I have to say whatever else they are selling too if my s/he has other stuff that I am not selling?

@angeljibrille: Thanks for the quick fix though! If you do eventually change it back to that other site with its server, use the link I posted in this thread. There was a few tips on how to fix it. :) And more links on that one link for more information on that error.

After glancing through all that error stuff with that link I posted, it won't look like it'll get changed anytime soon unless the server people fix that SSL problem.

@Eurobeat King: I think that's why we're getting stickers now according to OP post. It confirms we are actually people who are supposed to set up in designated spots.
I assumed we'd be checked periodically if we were valid to be in that spot or something.

But yikes how bloody annoying.

I was reading about the error message on another site and it looks like whoever has the server didn't properly check if the IP is set for the SSL privacy stuff. Read it from here: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=889098

When it does go up, I'm sure the server is going to freak out with all of us trying to sign up at the same time.

I don't think the server will have too much damage with roughly 30 or so people (at least according to how many people are looking at this thread right now). Unless it's that crappy of a server.

LAst time I missed this event, we ended in spot #99 >_<!... not a very perfect ideal spot but hey IM just happy we made it for both thursday and friday!...
im just kinda shocked how people Cross into our swapspot and drop soda and ketchup and ruined the Tshirts!, tried to ask them to pay our merchandise and all we ever got was an apology, has anyone had issues with people crossing the swap spots?

Never had that problem before... People never went into my box area before heh.

I'm on the site right now but I'm getting errors... D:

Sometimes that happens when the server is overloaded with requests. Or the server is funky. Or just... I dunno after that.

@Kyra_Maverick: Same. I got classes early and I need to commute too.

Panels and Workshops / Re: Wig Styling Panel?
« on: March 04, 2011, 06:09:43 PM »
Those are good choices. Also bring a list of good places to find decently priced wigs (shops that ship domestically, international cheap stuff like taobao, etc). I don't know if you have the facilities for it but how to dye wigs properly with various methods might be something you want to go over.

Actually, you can go ahead and schedule the gathering at the same time as my planned panel, if it comes down to that (I just remembered that Redroses had to miss the 2009 gathering in exchange for a panel, so who am I to complain? XD)
That was a fun panel (though I hardly go on AV now unfortunately do to time restraints). Anywho...

I PMed you (Ginryuu) on coscom because I just noticed it when I was randomly searching for something. Sorry for the late reply on that!

I'll probably tag along as a photographer this year instead. But thanks once again for helping out last year since I was oblivious to what I was bloody doing haha.

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