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i have about 40 square yards of extra wood, and 6 feet of extra pvc pipe to make stuff with. lemme know what you want for a prop, and ill see what i can do!!!

Swords preferred, will try to make guns/gunblades/any other weapon.

i need an MC for the skit im doing at fanime. either post here, or shoot me a pm/im, and ill get right back to you.

any character is acceptable!!!

EDIT: Here's the Script!!!
MC = Emcee
H = Hinata
A = Alucard
Ra = Ranma
R = ren


Hinata – bachelorette

______ - Emcee

Alucard – bachelor #1

Ranma Saotome – Bachelor #2

Ren – Bachelor #3

*Opening song plays*

MC: Welcome, Ladies and Gents, to the DATING GAME!!! Today on our show, Ms. Hyuuga Hinata is going to get to choose between these three men. First, we have the Vampire, Alucard! Welcome dear sir.

Alucard: Thanks for having me.

MC: Alucard likes walking in pools of blood, drinking blood, and bathing in blood. Next we have Ranma Saotome.

Ranma: Hi there.

MC: Ranma is a martial artist who like beatin his friends up, arguing with akane, dising akane, and tunring into a girl. Long Story. And our third, and Final bachelor, Ren. Ren is the lead guitarist of Trapnest, and has moved out of his ex-girlfriedns house after 2 years of being apart.

Ren: Hi, but you weren’t supposed to say that.

MC: Ren like riding his motorcycle, noodling on his guitar, hot women, and… well… lets keep it PG-13 here. Now, Hinata is going to have a chance to ask some questions. But first, lets hear from Hinata something about herself. Come on out Hinata.

Hinata: Well, lets see… Im a chuunin now. I live in the village of konoha, where my family has lived since the first hokage. I liked this one boy, from a long time ago. We wont go into details. Im looking for a man that will take care of me, and love me for a long time.

MC: Alright then. Hinata, here is a list of questions to ask. Be my guest.

Hinata: Ok. First question. Directed at all of you. Whats your idea of a dream date?

A: I’d take you out, hunting vampires, then ask if you’re a virgin. If you said yes, id use you as bait. Isnt that right, police girl? *Whimper from back*

Ra: wow. Ok, id take you to a martial arts show. I think id could probably beat any of them, so no worries there. You’d be safe.

Ren: Wow, these two are losers. *Alucard and Ranma look at ren like they wanna kill him” Now don’t move guys, it was a joke. I’d take you out to a nice dinner, and maybe a rock concert afterwards. If there were no good bands playing, I’d take you to the movies.

H: well, I have a SNEAKING suspicion who im going to choose. Now, I have one question more, and I think o know who im going to choose.

MC: really? Wow…

H: ok so question 2. if I were to come on to you in your car, and get really deep into it, but I suddenly stop. What would you do?

A: id slit your finger and drink some of the blood. Theres nothing like the feeling of a vampire touching your skin to drive a gal wild.

Ra: hmm. Tough question. Id probably try to restrain myself and stop if possible.

Ren: again, I take the top. Id stop, see if you were alright and go from there. If you wanted to continue, we would. Wanna go home? We will. It’s all up to you.

MC: alright then. Hinata, have you made your decision?

H: yes I have

Long pause

MC: well, who is it?

H: Oh! Sorry. I choose Bachelor number 3!

MC: OK! Well, lets see who you didn’t choose! You didn’t choose… Bachelor Number one! Alucard, Im sorry. *Alucard music plays. Hinata motions for a hug, but alucard just keeps walking away* You also didn’t choose… Bachelor Number 2! Ranma, im sorry. *Ranma music starts playing. Ranma gives hinata a hug, and walks off stage* You did choose: Bachelor #3!!! Ren, congradulations!!! Now you two, you get to pick one place to go together.
H and Ren: Hawaii.

MC: haha woah. Kinda jumping the gun there. Anyway, here you have it folks. Heres our happy couple.

*Ranma and Alucard run onstage hand in hand*

Ra: Ha! You get 2 happy couples.

A: because we found love in eachother, too

*double fakeout makeout while “When its Love” starts*

MC: Thank you everyone. Good night.


Gaming / Naruto CCG Tourney?
« on: April 27, 2007, 04:30:28 PM »
looking for a tourney. hope you guys have one. the new set will be out.

im looking for anyone going as either vash, sora, kairi, riku, any member of Orginization 13, meryl strife, millie thompson, alucard, police girl, walter, any person from Kingdom Hearts, hellsing, and Trigun. I'd like to set up a masquerad skit. let me know!!!

Note: Custom Characters and mixes are quite welcome

Current List:

Sora the Stampede - lycan510 (custom mixed character)
AntiAlucard - Anti-Alucard (custom character)
Xemnas Final Form - AkiraOmega
Maleficent - XpHoBiaX
Thanx for your help!

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