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Sunday from 5 -6 pm has been booked!

Hello everyone! I have a few more slots open for Fanime shoots! Read below for times and details. :)

UPDATE 5/8/16: ALL slots have been booked, BUT you may still email me on times that aren't listed here and we can work something out. ^=^


FB Event Page!!!:

Fanime Photoshoot Timeslots (please read for pricing and details below) :

Saturday Night/Morning:
2 am - 2:30 am - Booked!

10 am - 10:30 am - Booked!
10:30 am - 11 am - Booked!
11 am - 11:30 am - Booked!
11:30 am - 12 pm - Booked!
4 pm - 4:30 pm - Booked!
4:30 pm - 5 pm - Booked!
5 pm - 5:30 pm - Booked!
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm - Booked!

Sunday (not available from 1 pm - 4:30 pm) :
5 pm - 6 pm - Booked!
6:30 - 7 pm - Booked!
7 pm - 7:30 pm - Booked!

Email me at ( with this form.~

Contact number:
Your email:
Other info and/or concept ideas:
How many people in your group (if any) or solo:

Payment: Paypal (before Fanime) or In person (after your shoot). :)

If you however can not make it to any of the times listed above, email me and we'll see if we can work something out. No outdoor night shoots, I do not have the proper equipment for that, so only morning, noon, afternoon, and evening times, or indoors. I also won't be there all day Friday, so I am just open for Saturday and Sunday shoots.

$15 for 30 minutes (5-6 edited shots with 1-2 people) and $25 for an hour (6+ edited shots ^^ can be more if I like the quality on those other shots. Can be up to 4 people, more than that is $5 per extra person.) NOTE: Saturday night/morning shoots are discounted to only $10/ 30 minutes or $20 for an hour. First come, first serve. Delivery time to receive images: 1-2 weeks after con. Cancellations if you can't make is ok, just let me know an HOUR before your initial shoot, please. :) - Mino:Re

Alright, so I have noticed a huge change in both the Fanime and forums (for Fanime) and there seems to be an issue on removing threads without no reason or notification or why they were removed. Example, posted in the Fanime forums here in the Cosplays Gathering threads etc, posted up a thread about a hangout for fellow Destiny cosplayers and yet it was removed and nowhere to be found in the Cosplay forum. Wasn't notified that it was removed whatsoever or was explained why it was removed in the first place. It's really saddening that whoever is moderating and deleting posts like that. People of the same interests wanted to hangout, but now the thread is deleted. It shouldn't have been deleted because it wasn't going against any of the rules. We're just simple people who want to join other fans of the same interests. Sorry if this seems harsh, but someone needs to do a better job and not just casually delete threads without looking into them. People want to hang out with other fellow fans, and by deleting those threads is preventing others to finding people who share the same interests. Also know a few others on the Fanime forums are also doing the same thing, deleting threads. But anyway...

*I suggest either an email about why they were deleting it, or something like that....ONLY if they have broken the rules, but still get a notification on why it was deleted. I mean, why would you delete it if it isn't breaking the rules, right?

- Nami

post bump~

I'll see if I can make it, since I'm definitely dressing up as Alice this year.

No problem! I also sent you a message on here, please let me know through there ;)

Oh my god! ;w; I would have loved going as Ranko if I knew people would cosplay from this series!

As much as I'd love to do a PH cosplay to Fanime I can't afford making another costume right now >.<  My friends and I would love to see your guy's cosplays though so we'll try to come say hi you if you meet up!

Yeah! Be sure to say hello to us! <3 It's really nice to meet fellow buddies who are fans of PH since there aren't really many of us! Haha.

I'm going this year as Alice Baskerville. It's great to see a thread for a PH Cosplay gathering, since there wasn't one last year. :D

Hi there Monado!~ It'll be awesome to have an Alice! (Hopefully we'll find an OZ too!) XD But yeah! Let me know if you're available to do PH on Friday.~

I'll be attending as Lucifer aka Urushihara! And possibly my boyfriend as Asiel...we'll see. But if you see a Lucifer, that'll be me!~

Post bump <3

I'm not so sure if I'll be able to make a gathering, but I'd sure want to hang out with fellow Pandora Hearts cosplayers! The manga is officially ending this year so it'd be nice to gather up and take photos as our favorite characters. I'll be going as Pandora Uniform Xerxes Break with his Mad Hatter! (And of course with little Emily a well.~) Here are some of the slots that are left!

First come first serve  Gogogo!~ Also, feel free to invite your friends who are interested in joining!
If you don't see characters you wanna be, I'll add them. ~ Nami

Oz Vessalius -
Alice Baskerville -
Gilbert Nightray - Jon
Alyss Baskerville - Sandy
Sharon Rainsworth - Winnie
Xerxes Break - Me
Vincent Nightray -
Echo -
Cheshire -

Bumping this thread because I'd really wanna see more Alice in Wonderland characters!~

Depending on the other gathering times, I may be able to show up as the Mad Hatter from Pandora Hearts <3

Just wondering if there are any UtaPri cosplayers attending this year's Fanime? :)

- Gigi

Hello! I'd like to sign me and my boyfriend up for the gathering.~ I'll be attending as Ballerina Orianna and he'll be going as Pulsefire Ezreal lvl 16. :) We missed the gathering last year because we were stuck in the hallways as Blackthorn Morgana and Arclight Varus...had a difficult time getting there, but we'll make it next year for sure though! ^^

Hi! Just looking for photos of me and my fiance. :)

We both cosplayed as Blackthorn Morgana and Arclight Varus from League of Legends on Saturday and Sunday! We also had a Dragonblade Talon with us. ^^

Here are some refs of our characters!

Blackthorn Morgana

Arclight Varus

Dragonblade Talon

Update! "Lunarmatique" won't be BloodLord Vlad this year, but he'll be going as Arclight Varus instead! :) Sorry for the many changes. I'm still going to be Blackthorn Morgana for the gathering. ^^ (We'll still be walking around as Nightraven Fiora and Malzahar though!)

Any photos guys? :) Me and Lunar didn't go in our Gokudera and Lavina outfit, but we were the Tsuna and Enma that came late. XD..

Oh that was you guys? :D I was wondering where the awesome Tsuna and Enma who came were. tsunafish and I were all lonely, but we were glad to have another Enma and Tsuna with us! Thanks for showing up! :D I'll post up a link to photos when my friend sends it to me. She's got a download link to a ton that she took apparently. I can't wait to see them. *o*
Also, I can see why you wanted to go the Final Fantasy gathering. I heard there was a whole wedding?

Yep, it was us! ^^ The gathering seemed really good, even though we came kinda...late. xD But no problem! Hoping more KHR cosplayers show up next year though! And yay! Photos!~ Post here when you guys upload them. :D But yeah, we were at the Final Fantasy Gathering. No one knew that there was a wedding actually...and me and Lunar didn't really want to go there, because it was taking too much time and yeah, the wedding thing lasted a while, thus...we were late. We would have gladly skipped the Final Fantasy Gathering if we knew that they were doing a whole wedding routine..D; But for sure, we'll be at the gathering on time next year!

Uploaded the photos! Here's the link:
They're not the best of quality, but it was nice of my friend to take so many nonetheless. C:
Man, that wedding seemed huge. I can't believe they actually did that. xD Hope to see you guys at the KHR Gathering then! :D was HUGE. xD But wah! Thank you for the photos!~ :)

...I got handcuffed twice...By my own representative!

Kinky...isn't it, Tony. :)....xD

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