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Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Welcome to FAIRY TAIL
« on: November 02, 2008, 02:29:59 PM »
hmm i might want to do this... but im not really sure with the color combination of levi mcgarden. i mean i've read the series until this most recent one but im still not sure with her outfits and especially her hair color. if anyone can redirect me with links to pictures of her in color that would be helpful.  :D

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Castle Crashers '09
« on: October 27, 2008, 08:33:26 PM »
OMG SRSLY! lol i was thinking about doing this too. lol i saw a pic of people doing it from the castle crashers website. here's the pic.
lol i wonder how i want to approach the animal orbs. i was thinking of going to the arts store and making an orb out of those foam balls you use to make planets. that way, its nice and light to connect to a wire and attach to the top of your head etc. for the buckets, you use those 5 gallon buckets you get at hardware stores and to paint them, i was getting advice from multiple sources that the band KRYLON is good to use. another suggestion was acyrilic paint but im not sure if thats going to stick. lol i might be a princess too just for lulz  ;D

im actually part of my community's local television public access channel/tv and they've been asking me to get a story out for them on fanime itself, (im actually working on a story with the footage i have from this year). but then again im just putting this up there because again its in my community....

but because of this, i actually plan to come to fanime next year with a few of my crew members and video equipment.

i would so love to volunteer or be a part of the staff if there a possibility of live coverage at Fanime09. it doesn't necessarily have to be live coverage .. i mean, what we can do is bring the footage we collect, writeup the paperworks/scripts, and then SEND the stuff we have to the people who take of AX and put it on the tv. I dunno if thats plausible, err.. maybe it would be better if we had an official representative of media relations of fanime to take care of that stuff (im not sure if we have one or not), then that person in charge is in charge of the crew (composed of volunteers, as well as experienced personal) to take care of the video/interviews and stuff.

moving on.. that person would have to assign groups who then go out at fanime and take parts of the script. after doing that.. combine all that and well... you can get alot of good segments from that so you have not only one story but multiple smaller segmants from the con like what AX does on COMCAST is it?

OR what we can do, if we have the right stuff, is videoshoot interviews and the stuff thats going on like those panels in the con and get them show up on those tv monitors in the hallways.

AGAIN, the only thing with this is that we need people and equipment. im willing to put my people and my own equipment in this. ill be coming to fanime next year doing this again for my tv station as well as my own documentary purposes. 

My videography background: Member of my local television community access channel, editor in chief of my family owned videography business, over ten years in video editing/videography, knowledgable in all forms of digital media and video cameras (from basic consumer to broadcasting and high definition (HD), experienced in newscasting. I'm willing to teach people, volunteers but something like this needs to be planned ahead with the staff and i dunno if it would be good to get volunteers on the day. they will need to be trained.   

hey! this is angelica im butch's sister, cymbal in bethel and like yea. i just noticed your posts and i was like what? lol

ok alot of ttgl threads all over the place but yea...as long as this gathering is officially placed on something where we can see it physically in the hallways/programs then yea... i have no issues with the gathering being on multiple days...which would help me since i have to be the same character, timeskip and post and it would be nice to pull it alternating.

ohh shoot... i didn't see this thread cause i saw a ttgl one on page two. lol maybe we should combine these yes? i dunno how to do that... but yea it would be cooler if we can get these two threads together somehow?

anyways im planning on being nia again (post time skip) and nia (timeskip)... hmm my simon buddie is trying to make a lagaan.lol. any material suggestions?

hello. i plan to be micaiah from fe:radiant dawn.

also just as a side note/suggestion, plz. (to whomever is planning the dates of the gathering) plz. try to not plan it during a tengen toppa gurren lagann gathering cause I HAVE TO BE THERE!


did anyone mention nia cause well techniqually... she disappears into who the hell knows where?
...and also.. i want to make a tribute to everyone who had lost their lives because of ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER! may we rest in peace!

hey im in! im one of the nias (post timeskip) lol  ;D  might want to be timeskip nia. ohh and since we're in the cosplay section. would you happen to know how i can properly make nia's accessories? ohh AND ANOTHER SUGGESTION.. me and simon suggest other ttgl cosplayers to cosplay other outfits in the series like the ones in the parallel universe ones, some online pictures etc.

sorrie! i didn't know how to do that!  :'(

hmm wow! thanks for taking my pic Oscar! :) is there anyway i can get the pic of me and my simon? hehe. how much is shipping and handling? hmm....

ohh and another question.. what video game is this that i see on this post? it looks cute!  :D

hey ryu? this nia from the aki fest (hakaru_chan). sorrie i gave you a wrong username (shininjapink) is actually my youtube account (which you can go check out too for my convention videos.

when are you going to post up the pics? lol. i didn't know that you were the one that started this post... dang... (looks at profile) thats hella posts...

ok ttyl ;)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Ideas/Suggestions for Fanime 2008
« on: December 05, 2007, 06:07:44 PM »
hello! its been a while since i've posted that in october, but now that I'm back, I just want to say "THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! ^ - ^ THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO RESPONDED AND COMMENTED ON THIS PROBLEM!
I mean honestly, I know there are ways to avoid situations such as these... but like you never know these days you know! sometimes, no matter how well you're trying to avoid them, some of them are good and can sneak up when you least expect it! I mean, if they want to hurt you..THEY WILL FIND A WAY! I mean, I know it might sound like alot of time/effort and money might be needed if we were to do like background checks on attendees so that we know they're not pedofiles or registered sex offenders, but isn't there some way we can reduce the rate in which instances such as these can happen or lead themselves to happen? I mean, I believe Fanime should be a safe place for all kinds of people wanting to attend can go to...prevention is the best solution for anything because sooner or later something bad can happen and Fanime's life will be endangered! I believe though that if there are no possible ways to do background checks, then I agree to having more rovers, peace officiers and just more staff members around to protect the people who, frankly, like me, look younger than their age and can seem like EASY VICTIMS! We especially need more at night and with all this, I would like to know more information then on how to be a rover so that I can help out too! To Braveheart, you're a very kind man, please sign me up right away!

-hakaru-  ;)

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Ideas/Suggestions for Fanime 2008
« on: October 22, 2007, 10:52:27 PM »
Rovers?! thats good to hear! but sadly... i didn't know that there were rovers around at night! i guess then i couldn't find one.. what do they wear? do they have badges/flashlights etc?

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Ideas/Suggestions for Fanime 2008
« on: October 22, 2007, 10:41:15 PM »
hmm... being a girl who went to fanime and having experienced this myself firsthand... i would really like there to be more SECURITY people around fanime or like peace officiers/etc whom i can turn to because I have had TOO many stalkers to fanime last year and it even came to a point where it turned me into tears because of the shock of what happened.

I had a stalker who followed me and looked for me around the convention saying things like of how cute of a "maid" i was. basically he was hitting on me whenever i passed by and I really tried to avoid him but well wearing what i was wearing, you "stand" out you know!
anyways, he even followed me when i tried to go around the outside of the building to go back to my hotel room. my other friends were so terrified when i told them i was being followed on my cell phone, however he snuck up behind me so fast that i had to hang up. my friends thought that something bad happened and all of them were so worried about me that they rushed together and surrounded him. and believe me, being surrounded like that, its almost like a mugging.

the guy left after noticing that like ten and more people were around him and not only did i burst into tears, i felt so bad after that i just had to go back to my room. i didn't want my friends to worry about me and i didn't want to feel like i had to be taken care of.

my other friend was also stalked during the con and even after the con, she was continully stalked. She was stalked however by a guy that happened to have known her and her brother before(i think he apparently was acquitaned with the brother). he followed her into a grocery store and well after a few encounters with the guy she called the police and had him taken away. 

PLEASE PLEASE i dunno if it might cost more money or something but PLEASE if there is something we can do about security issues ESPECIALLY during the late nights. LETS PLEASE DO SO. Conventions like these can attract predators and especially sexual predators who are looking for girls like me. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE! there needs to be procedures of how people register. i believe that there should be background checks on everyone whos attending so we know there isn't a sexual convict or offender at the convention site. There are children here and there are younger girls than I who can be victimized! PLEASE LET US STOP THE STALKERS!

~anime girls unite to fight against stalkers!~

Live Programming and Events / Re: Fanime Dance stuff.
« on: October 22, 2007, 10:21:50 PM »
i dunno if anyone wants this or not, but me, being from the Bay AREA and this being the BIGGEST con in northern california, where the "bay" is techinically... would anyone mind the DJ playing some bay slaps/hyphee music at the con? i mean, if not those kind of music... then what about those "timeless" songs that well... anyone can dance to like "YMCA" or like "jump on it" by sir mix a lot?

it would be a nice addition to the mix of songs already being played by the dj and well... to make everyone's music tastes fair, the music genres can rotate in a circle like techno, then like rave, then like those kinds of songs that you electric slide to...

again, its a party everyone has again different tastes in music.

the dances should be able to accomodate what everyone wants right?

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