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I'll be there for the 19th per usual XD

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Weapon Questions
« on: March 18, 2009, 05:34:51 PM »
They most likely won't allow it. Fanime gets stricter every year.

I have a Quistis costume. Have you ever done masq at Fanime? They require you to spend A LOT of time at rehersal, so you'll miss a chunk of your con time.

Ha ha, sounds like fun. I'd be a hard one to find though...I'm not always walking around. My cosplay list is never final until close to con, so I don't know what day and time I'll be wearing what.

They basically peace tie everything to you. I had a whip my friend made for me and they peace tied it to me and rolled it up and peace tied it to itself. I couldn't even pose with it! It made me so mad. I don't normally do cosplay with weapons because their rules get more strict every year.

Papa Deathscythe is ready (except I gotta make the tie)

Thanks so much for wanting to join the gathering. I'll put you right down!

p.s. Spirit-Kun is my favorite character in SE (^-^)/


Very nice chronicling job!

Too bad. What a limited age group.

I'll be nurse Joker.

I plan on doing a Maka Albarn next year!

Maka-chan! You must take photos with Papa!

Have awesome costumes, enter many events at many conventions around the country, make lots of friends. And don't be a prude. We hate that.

Papa Deathscythe is ready (except I gotta make the tie)

Come to think of it...this gathering should be on whatever day (and directly following) the Nintendo, Gulity Gear, etc gatherings. Ne?

:P secret hes verry hot and verrrry sweet and could totally pull that off thats all im going to say

Ha ha ha...NOT (yes I do know who you're implying)

Depending on what day this gathering is...I'll be Ashlotte from Soul Calibur IV. That's kind of an all day costume since it's not an easy to put on and take off costume. Unfortunately, that's why I can't yet say if I can make this gathering. I haven't decided which day I'm going to be her and it depends on my other gatherings, but I'll try.

Put me down for Death Scythe and my friend Senritsu for Shinigami-sama

That would really depend on how many other gatherings people have to do.

Provided I have the time to finish (which I should) put me down as Princess Rosetta from Super Mario Galaxy :)

I'll be Blair the witch or Maka's scythe...does he have a name other than Soul? I haven't figured that out yet. I'm in, just not sure which character yet. I dunno.

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