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For those who cosplay, when did you start? And for those who haven't, what's keeping you from doing it?
I cosplayed now for 2 years. One year it was obvious who I was, the next year was not so much.
I know some people will recognize me this year, but they may not get the exact reference that I am cosplaying for this year.
I like to cosplay as characters that people don't know or it's something nostalgic.

I am going to be there, though I don't know what day I will be able to check out the speed-dating as I am sure there will be a lot of other things going on during the con.

I wish the best for everyone who goes though and that everyone walk away from it with some new friends and new memories.

This year is sounding better and better as we get closer to it. I can't wait. I hope I have all of my cosplay clothes before Fanime. I really want to cosplay again this year.


I believe friendship can be found in a weekend but its up to those friends to keep in touch when they go their separate ways after the con. Because I might not be the only one that is coming to the con from far away. I am always looking for people to talk during the con and after the con.
I agree that a new friendship can be made during a weekend, especially at a con. I am always looking for new friends, for/at the con and away as well.

Your first name: Justin, but I go by Kane as well
Age or age range: 28
Time of arrival: Going on Friday and will be there in and out until Monday, not getting a room. Driving to it each day.
Events you will go to:  Gaia Panel Hoping to go to a few other events, but depends on who I meet up with and what is available
What is your favorite~
  • anime: Dragonball Z, Bleach, S-cry-ed, FLCL
  • manga: Freezing, Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Tenjo Tenge
  • video game: Marvel v Capcom, Mortal Kombat, Smash Bros
How many times have you been here: This will be my 6th year here
What brought you to fanime: Friend told me about.
One random fact: I have only cosplayed once, and I plan to do it again this year.
Favorite Fanime memory: Not going to lie, seeing all the hot ladies.
Favorite Fanime event? Or what event are you looking forward to: Gaia Panel and the Anime Viewing rooms
A question you want to ask everyone on this form: What places do you guys like to eat at during the convention?

Okay, so I have a friend of mine who really wants to do a Gundam Suit. But he wants to make it look legit, so no cardboard or cheap plastics.
Anybody have some suggestions to help out, like where to go to get supplies, how to make molds or who is willing to help out with the build??
Here is a basic model for reference for those who don't know what I am talking about.
(as if someone on here wouldn't know what a Gundam is)

in case for some crazy reason you didnt get it til now...

I was the dorky kid in the shorts and yellow shirt with tons of merit badges - also known as Russell from Disney/Pixars   UP  movie.

Did anyone get any pictures of me on Sunday while I was walking around in my formal black suit, but with the Russell accessories ?


always looking to make new friends and go on the silly adventures of life.

Caw Caw Rawr!

Pm me, find me/tag me on facebook or general stalking me on the forums is mostly okay with me. :P

Here you go. Feel free to message me, or friend request. Later

I'm still looking for anyone who got pics of Me as Quailman on Sunday. I was the MALE Quailman for those who are wondering. ;D
Please, if you have any of the pic's or know someone who has them, or somewhere I can find the pics, please let me know.
Thank you.

Also, if anyone does have any pictures of me or my friends, I was cosplaying Cardcaptor Sakura (in the Watery Battle Costume--it was kind of like a jester outfit) and my friend was the Watery Card (she looked kind of like a mermaid), and she also cosplayed as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. I was also Drunken Fist Rock Lee (with boobs) and two of my friends were Chuunin Exam Sasuke and Sexy No Justsu Naruto. It would be great if anyone had pictures of us to share with us! ^^

I managed to get a picture of you two on Monday. Hope you like it.

Also, still looking for anyone who managed to get any pictures of me as Quailman on Sunday.

Hey everyone!

I was Quailman on Sunday. I wanted to see how many people got picks and I would love to see how they all came out. If you could hit me up and send me a few of the pic, it would be much appreciated.  ;D

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Tenjou Tenge?
« on: May 13, 2010, 12:30:10 AM »
Anyone cosplaying from it this year? A few friends and myself have costumes for it if anyone wants to meet up
I will be. Planning on going as Bunshichi(Council member) on Saturday.

Just curious as to who you'd all like to see, cosplay-wise, or whatever, at Fanime 2010!

Personally, I'd like to see the Yatta Men again. That was really fun. :D

You know, I might as well say it, there is no guarantee that the Yatta men will appear... but I also can't deny that they won't be around...

If more people make the request, I can try and locate them and make a more personal request to them?

Is there going to be anyone dressing up as any of the characters from the Tenjho Tenge series?

I am just wondering as I was planning to go, and possiably drag a few of my friends along to dress up as well, as characters from that series.

Just let me know who you plan to go as and on what days. Thanks.

Hey there, I am looking for my friends pictures that other people may have taken with them. One of them was dressed as Spiderman. The other was dressed up as Deadpool.

If anyone was able to get any pictures of them, please message me. Thanks.

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