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I'm considering doing Sasuke (Shippuden).

Registration / Re: FanimeCon 2011 Pre-Registration is OPEN!
« on: November 06, 2010, 11:46:26 PM »
I'm curious, is there anyone not getting the double badge problem?
I didn't have the problem, and I registered at midnight Nov 5.

By the way, I didn't get a registration number like I did in the past.

Sign me up for Ishida Uryuu for 2011. :)

Thank goodness this kind of thing didn't have to wait until 3 days before the convention to come out. Who ever got the idea to post this up so timely... thank you! :)

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: Buying Cosplay
« on: June 29, 2010, 02:36:29 PM »
I buy mine because I don't actually have the skills to make anything that looks nearly as good. Also, because I can't figure out where to find cheap fabric, I often find it cheaper to buy (from China). Most of the costumes I buy from China are actually decent quality. The problem, though, is that it's not always accurate and I end up modifying it or living with it. eBay is usually more expensive than those "shady" websites, but I think they sell the same things from the same places.

Other than that, if I actually knew how to make a costume and knew where to find good material for a reasonable, I'd most likely make mine.

I'm looking for myself: Ishida Uryuu with Seele Schneider, sometimes seen with Hitsugaya Toshiro.

Nice gathering. A lot of Bleach people showed up later who I didn't see at the gathering.

I'll most likely be there. Mark me down for Ishida Uryuu, Hueco Mundo version.

off topic, i never been to these before, does alot of asians people go?
In my opinion, no. I think there are way more non-Asians.

No problem with that, although you might not be recognized. Hope you'llstill like Bleach when you're wealthier.

I'm planing to bring a bow and arrow set to go with my cosplay. Are there any restrictions?

Another good question --- i'm guessing if its a non-working Bow and Arrow --- meaning the bow does NOT actually pull back and the arrow is not to be used as a projectile in ANY shape or form

now posing with the arrow as of going to be shot of course is ok - but if the arrow is actually shoot-able... then we're gonna have some issues.

I'll ask at the meeting this Saturday.  :)

thank you.

The bow will be full functional (trying to make it somewhat realistic as possible) but the arrows are just going to be sticks with feathers and maybe a foam or soft rubber head (don't know yet) that I'm making myself. Highly doubt it'll hurt someone.

Once you know something could you please tell me asap? I'm working on the arrows already.
yeah i'm gonna need at least one bow as well... and it's kindof impossible to make it not shootable unless you have a string that hangs with like two feet of slack.  which is ridiculous.  so perhaps there could be some more lenient rules than "not shootable" perhaps like saying that the string has to be made of elastic cord or something so that it can be realistic looking but not easily shot with.

Last year I had a bow to go with my costume, and I carved it out of styrofoam (covered in papier mache, etc). I used a fairly slack elastic string, so the entire thing was absolutely nonfunctional. When I went to get it peacebonded, I was required to remove the string.
Not sure if that was actually part of the policy, or if it will be this year, just wanted to share what my experience was.
Last year, I had a bow and no arrow. Nothing to shoot and can't hurt anyone. One peace-bonder gave me a hard time. I guess she was not trained well. She wouldn't peace-bond it and made me leave because I couldn't remove the string. What did I do? I took it to the main rovers or Con Ops office place and they peace bonded it with no problems at all.

The main problem that Ms. Hardhead had was the string. I didn't have my pliers to unscrew it and she wouldn't let me use hers. But even if I did have pliers on me, what keeps me from removing the string, getting it peace bonded, and then reattaching the string?

The rules are for kids and workers are mostly kids. In my opinion, serious cosplayers have a seriously hard time at conventions because of silliness.

Oh, I just realized that the person who started the topic (Bohe) edited the first post on Feb 28, after all the debate, and the first post says March 27. So I guess Bohe is in charge. :P

It seems like people are still debating about the date. Is there a person "in charge" that has the final decision?

The thing about weapons is that everybody is responsible for themselves. The only rules that I can think of are federal, state, county, and campus laws, which are a lot less restrictive than Fanime "laws". Please be aware that the UCD Police Department are kind of bored so they might entertain themselves by harassing us so consider that in choice of props. Gun-like props certainly will attract attention. I would suggest putting away the weapon-like props before entering City of Davis because Davis Police Department are just money-hungry and will do anything to take your money (perhaps ticket you for having a weapon-like object). Other than that, I think it'll great!

I wonder if any of you are interested in a gathering in late March or April at UC Davis Arboretum. It'd be awesome to have Bleach dominate.  ;D I made a thread here:,13642.0.html

I found out about this gathering at UC Davis from the forum and thought you guys would be interested too. I'm very excited about this gathering since I graduated from here and know the place well. Hope posting this here is appropriate.

Date: TBA (likely late March or some time April)
Location: UC Davis Arboretum

Since the event is outdoors at a public place, the first thing that comes to my mind is a LACK OF WEAPONS POLICY! You get to be respected like an adult and be responsible for your own actions, assuming that you are an adult. Bring your "LIVE" steel and cool-looking weapons and don't do anything stupid.  ;) Pray that it won't rain (it's raining right now).

Can somebody please define "LIVE" steel for me? What makes steel "LIVE" and how do you "kill" it?

Very simple to make a cardboard shovel blade that looks like the real thing. If you have to you could paint the cardboard shovel blade CalTrans orange.....wait.. they'd mistake you for stealing it from a work project....
It's going to get banned for looking real.  :P

It seems to me that the basic rule is: "If it looks awesome, it's not allowed. You have to make it look crappier."

Did those images get banned or something? It's this black image with text on it...

Ideas and Suggestions / Re: Carpoolin' Idea
« on: July 10, 2009, 07:33:40 PM »
What? I'm really confused. People go to this convention and don't have a way to get home? Huh???? Are some people really nuts?

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