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i humbly request that you allow me to play cosplay chess with you!!!!
im willing to be a pawn or rook 2 or any pice you need!!!

ill ether be cosplaying jukostu from inuyasha or axel from kingdom hearts, and i have weapons for both characters!!! 
most likely ill be cosplay as jukostu.

i love cosplay chess!!!! :o :D ;D

ritsu cosplay done!!

Hehe Thanks xD it's almost complete x3!!!

and Aww sorry about the timing, If I find you I'll def want a pic though :D avatarkayla!!!

im not going to be cosplaying for any of the earlier gatherings, so ill be at the inuyasha gathering very early. maby ill see everyone b4 i have to run off to transform into axel. 

hopefully ill see you all there!!

we can all have an inuyasha battle!!

my ritsu cosplay is nearly done.

i was trying to think if their is anything else i should bring, like a basket of fruit, but i dont know what kind of fruit everyone likes. perhaps everyone would like books about fruit instead?


i was hoping that i could go in if i finished my jakotsu (from the band of seven) cosplay in time along with all the other cosplays im making. but the time is too close to the kingdom hearts gathering for me to go to that. ill still hopefully finish my jakotsu cosplay. and maby see some of the other inuyasha cosplayers around.

once fanime is over im going to work on a Hiroki Kamij┼Ź cosplay. so if their is anyone who lives in the Sacramento area and wants to be my Nowaki Kusama...

well i can still look forward to yaoi-con.

i just love the junjo romantica and now their is the new series called junjo mistake, about Usami's brother's friend.... the editor. i cant recall his name.  ???

i just love the chained romance. this person love that person but their love will never be, but now he loves some other person.... (not necessarily willingly ....   ;D i just love it!

ill be bringing my video camera, so we can make some, fruba videos too.

Oh GOD....

that was totally wicked!!!

ide love to get some pics of the big fight scene between yuki and kyo in book 21. with yuki beating the crap out of kyo and kyo blocking the last punch.
oh! and the kyo's kissing scene with tohru!!
oh and shi-can punching ritsu on his side!
do you think anyone will come as shi-chans editor?
i should probably bring some fruit.... but i don't know what kind... so perhaps some books about fruit??

Maybe I'll come... and invade you with my BLEACH AWESOMENESS ;D BWHAHAHAHAHA
Seriously this is the reason why the Naruto and Bleach gathering are on seperate days @ Fanime

LOL.  Very cute. 

Although if anyone is curious we ACTUALLY have our gatherings on different days because these are the 2 biggest gatherings (usually) and it works better if they're split up.  Also, a lot of Bleach cosplayers are also Naruto cosplayers and vice versa.
I think a little anime war is fun, good for morale.  Pirates vs. Ninja's is getting a little tired...Naruto vs. Bleach sounds like a good battle to take up.  lol.   ;D  Go ahead, bring your Bleachie self to the Naruto gathering...we'll show you what a REAL cosplay event looks like.  lol. (actually the Bleach Gathering is fun too...I'm just talking smack to be silly)
Naw I was JK I love Bleach and Naruto the same. I getting a Temari costume :)

i have a favorite line said by Uncle Yo! that describes bleach perfectly:   

in the anime world, the ninja will win ya, the mecha's will wreck ya, and for everyone else "theirs bleach" (said with a disgusted tone).   

if anyone dosen't know uncle yo, please look him up on youtube, he is an otaku stand up comedian.

that sounds like a good idea, all i ask is that we have time to visit the other gatherings.

can we have someone post *please* post exactly when (day/time) and where we are having the gathering.

first its in the karaoke room then its at the fountains and then their is going to be a panel! 

luka is confused! T-T

ill be their!
ill be cosplaying as axel!

got it memorized?  :D

ill be their as tsunade!!

ug.. its people like that, which make christians look bad.

as a christian were supposed to be loving and excepting of others.
is their another bible? maby i was reading the wrong edition?


i almost hope their their so i can give them a pice of my mind.  >:(

you know their like that at church too, even to other christians, their is always something that makes you not a real christian.
too much money, not enough money, you dog has a limp, five eyes and a purple nose.

 ::) i mean really!

i wounder if their will be any world of warcraft cosplayers their this year?
i cosplay as a blood elf at gaming con's. i might consider wearing it to fanime.

me praying: *GOD* please let their be a junjou romantica gathering!!! *said with tear filled eyes*

im cosplaying luka!

myself and the sacramento vocaloids are coming to fanime this year!

i hear their is a gathering under way as well ^-^

i hope our Gackpoid finishes her cosplay in time.

ill have to tell the other members about the other vocaloid's on the fourm. XD

a vocaloid gathering sounds like fun
alot of members of the sacramento vocaloids are coming to fanime this year. ill tell them about it.

i coaplay as luka. ^-^

im going to bring music to fanime, and im gathering a collection of alot of the vocaloid songs.
so we can all dance and sing!

Cosplay! Construction, Tips, Gatherings, Advice / Re: weapon rules
« on: March 26, 2009, 06:10:15 AM »
what about wood?
im remaking my axel chacrams out of wood this time, some kid hit my fome ones till they broke T_T

are those ok?

im working on a ritsu cosplay, im hoping to have it finished by fanime.
if i finish it in time ill see you their!!
ill try my hardest to get it finished it time!!
ill update you on how its going ;D
hopefully ill see you their!

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