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 on: January 19, 2019, 01:41:55 AM 
Started by anarchycupcake - Last post by anarchycupcake
I submitted my panel application today! Here's hoping Anime Name That Tune gets approved! I will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I'll keep adding more and more OPs, EDs and OSTs to my playlists! Currently I have 2,839 songs!

 on: January 19, 2019, 12:19:18 AM 
Started by Rhoswen - Last post by honeybeecosplay
I've got a Disney group coming! We'll hopefully be there as Belle, Ariel, Merida, Tinkerbell, and potentially more.

 on: January 18, 2019, 09:33:39 PM 
Started by JoAser Cosplay - Last post by JoAser Cosplay
Thank you so much for the input!

 on: January 18, 2019, 06:26:47 PM 
Started by KyraEnsui - Last post by Jenbi_
Looking to take over a reservation.

Hello! My name is Jenaye. My friend and I was out of luck this year. We weren't fast enough to get a hotel reservation this time and are now looking to take over a reservation. We need one a walking distance away. This will be our 4th time going to the Fanime. We are looking forward to it so please contact me if you have a reservation to give away.
-Staying Fri-Mon
-1st Choice Fairmont
-2nd Choice Marriot
-3rd Choice Hilton
 -4th Choice Any that is a walking distance from hotel
Prefer a 1 bed or 1 bed w/rollaway

Contact me by jenayebre34@gmail.com or a dm on here :) I respond very quickly and kindly.

Thank you~

 on: January 18, 2019, 04:33:12 PM 
Started by KyraEnsui - Last post by Tomas Cosplay
Room Needed:
+ Introduction: Hey, I'm Haiden. I'm going to be 19 when the convention rolls around. I first attended Fanime in 2015, didn't attend the next two years due to personal reasons, and just got back to attending last year.
+ Hotel Information: I'm hoping to be able to do Friday night-Monday morning.
+ Requirements: I would prefer that whoever I room with be between 18-30 (I would just feel more comfortable if I wasn't rooming with someone who was much older than me). I'm also fine rooming with either just guys or both guys and girls, I don't have a preference. I have no preference in room rules.
+ Contact: you can message me here or email me at haiden2319@gmail.com.
+ Miscellaneous: I am a trans man so you and whoever else is in the room should be comfortable with that.

 on: January 18, 2019, 04:29:19 PM 
Started by InsaneDavid - Last post by CosplayDevotee
The Outlaw Star gang will be back again and with hopefully even more members! As it stands now, we are looking at almost a complete cast give or take 2 characters.

 on: January 18, 2019, 04:23:19 PM 
Started by inanevan - Last post by CosplayDevotee
I've stayed in pretty much all the hotels now and to be completely honest, unless you get a suite (which still MAYBE gets you a foot extra floor space) every room is on average the same size. I'm staying at the Hyatt this year which has a king sized bed along with a sofa bed which is nice because you can fold it up during the day to give the illusion of more space.

 on: January 18, 2019, 04:19:17 PM 
Started by CosplayDevotee - Last post by CosplayDevotee
So...I guess last year's free breakfast at the Hyatt was such a debacle that they've now changed it to Hyatt Rewards Members only. My question is, my husband is a rewards member, I am not...because that would be an incredibly stupid thing for us to have. We have one joint bank account, the same credit cards etc... when we book rooms with the Hyatt, it's always under the same number. So when I read on the Hotel registration information page it states in red text "only the Hyatt reward members inside the room qualify for the free breakfast." ...does that mean only my husband qualifies? I would understand if a room of 4 people that have no relation other than friendship would dictate that only the 1 or 2 ppl in the room with a membership would get the breakfast, but a married couple no?

I get that the Hyatt is trying to crack down on people trying to take advantage of the system, I even saw it happening last year in person, but this just seems ridiculous. We've called both the Hyatt and CMR housing and no one seems to be able to answer our question. Will I be included or not?

Regardless, we're happy to pay for me each morning since 10.99 equals what we would likely be paying for both of us every morning anyway, we just want some clarity.

 on: January 18, 2019, 04:56:24 AM 
Started by KyraEnsui - Last post by Luffy.Dragneel213
Looking for 2 roommates:

I have the AC Hotel (6 blocks away) reserved from Friday May 24th - Monday May 27th (King - No Rollaway Available). This is a Non-Party Room, and I would prefer it just a place to sleep & a place to rest during the con. If you plan on cosplaying, I would like to use the extra space to make room for cosplay & equipment that you might have. I have one bed spot and one floor spot available. It'll just be 3 people in the room. The bed spot will be $250, and $150 for the floor spot. Your free to bring anything you want to sleep in if you have the floor spot (sleeping bag, air mattress, etc.). I'm okay with drinking (inside and outside of hotel is ok). I don't have a gender-preference, as long as you adhere to the rules. I'll request 3 key cards so each of us have their own way of getting in the room.

No Drugs (use common sense if your gonna get high; please be mindful of others)
No Parties
No Uninvited Guests
No Stealing
Quiet Time after 12 AM (It’s ok to come in late, as long as you keep it quiet ^__^)

A quick bio of myself!
- I'm Michael and I'm from the East Bay, CA.
- This will be my 6th time attending; 4th time booking a hotel.
- I'm in my late 20s, and I'm pretty quiet. Not much of a social-person so I attend Fanime to meet new people who love anime as much as I do.
- Huge anime nerd and old-school gamer (SNES, PS1/PS2, N64, GameCube kind-of-gamer)

You can private message me here or email me here if your interested: robrob92@mail.com

 on: January 18, 2019, 03:23:02 AM 
Started by inanevan - Last post by KyraEnsui
They are decent sizes room, but in my opinion for staying both hotels years before and to where I'm currently staying (which it's at the Fairfield), they are about the same. Give or take. In my opinion, both rooms are consider small with majority of my roommates are cosplayers.

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