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Title: (WTS) A bunch of anime stuff to sell
Post by: clawmaster on October 19, 2011, 06:22:11 PM
So due to these economic times I don't have much money and being jobless here is some stuff I am selling right now.

Naruto wallscroll x 1
Ghost in the shell Wallscroll x 1
Prop Plus Petit PPP K-ON P 2 Figure Tainaka Ritsu x 1
Fate Hollow Ataraxia : 1:6 Rin Tohsaka (Swimsuit Ver.) Pre-painted PVC Figure x 1

Do mind I will need at least 5$ for shipping for each item. Best way of payment would be Paypal. All item are open to any price, as long as its not 5$ since I need those 5$ to ship it and that won't give me any profit :(

but yea thanks!

pics of what your getting
(I couldn't quite find the right wallscroll image but this is essentially your getting only kakashi is in the background. Team 7 pretty much)

also email me at if you could. Thanks!