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Title: "Registration Incomplete" Email
Post by: Kuudere on November 14, 2014, 07:43:08 AM
Did anyone else get this email?
Our records show that you have recently attempted to register for FanimeCon 2015 membership but have not yet completed your registration.
If you still wish to register, please return to the registration website: and click on Edit Registration.  You may log in by entering the email address where you are receiving this notice and the zip code of on your registration record.  After logging in, please be sure to click the Check Out button and submit payment information.
If you have already registered using a different email address, please let us know.
If you wish to register as a group, please note that you must have minimum of three people registered.  If you have registered only two people, you will need to register one more.  If you have only two people in your group, please let us know so that we can remove that 2nd person from your registration record.
Kindly note that you must either complete your registration or respond to this email within 72 hours.  If not, your registration record will be deleted.
Please let us know if you have any questions.
Kind Regards,

Yohanna Bulan l FanimeCon Registration

Even though it's pretty straightforward in its request, I'm kind of confused because I've never seen Fanime require existing-but-not-complete accounts to pay for their badges in less than a week after creating an account or risk having their account deleted.

Deleting my account would be fine (I can remake it when I plan to actually buy the badges), however I'm concerned because it's the same email address that I used to book my hotel over the phone and with registration and hotel registration being combined on the same checkout process, I'm worried the data is combined as well and my hotel reservation will be deleted also. Obviously that will be an issue for me.

Can someone please clarify this? I'll try emailing back, but I figured that this might be a question others would have, so it'd do good to address it here as well.
Title: Re: "Registration Incomplete" Email
Post by: SpiritOfKairi on November 14, 2014, 09:57:16 AM
I received one of those emails too, which is weird since my membership was paid in full 5 minutes after registering =/.  But the system seems to be really buggy this year.  Apparently those who booked hotels with the site were also charged for memberships if they hadn't been purchased already.  (At least that's what I'm hearing on these forums.)  You said you booked over the phone, though?  If so, I would think you're okay since phone bookings don't seem to be connected to your registration account.  (Again, from what I gather on these forums.)  If you booked through the site, then your reservation is definitely tied to your memberhsip and you'll see the two together when you log in to CMR, but don't think it's the same case if you did it through the phone.  If you did it through there, you have your email confirmation, and that's it.

Jude to be on the safe side though, I would definitely wait and see what staff says when they reply to your email.
Title: Re: "Registration Incomplete" Email
Post by: Admiral Donuts on November 14, 2014, 11:12:39 AM
I got the same e-mail and my account was deleted. I keep recreating it because you need an account just to LOOK at the hotel offerings...
Title: Re: "Registration Incomplete" Email
Post by: Kuudere on November 14, 2014, 11:33:06 AM
For anybody with similar concerns, I received a response email:
If your registration is deleted, your hotel reservation will remain active and confirmed, so you do not need to worry about that.  As long as you keep using the same email address, when you log in to our website you will see the hotel reservation confirmed.

My reservation information doesn't show up at all online since it was through the phone (but I do have a confirmation email), but aside from that, it seems like it won't affect the hotel situation.

I wonder what's up with this decision to delete accounts, though...Perhaps it's because they're treating registration/hotel reservations as if it was an online shopping cart to "check out" with? I know that on other commercial websites those cart systems have to be reset all the time to keep inventory updated properly, but with badges where there technically is no inventory to worry's a bit odd.

I guess it's not a huge deal other than having to retype all the information again, or having to check on hotel information, as Admiral Donuts said.
Title: Re: "Registration Incomplete" Email
Post by: Kuudere on November 14, 2014, 11:39:40 AM
Also, I wonder if anyone can explain the choice behind only using email and zip code as credentials for the accounts. It's not a crazy security concern, but anyone with my email address and a general idea of what city I live in can have access to (granted, a limited amount of) information on me. Passwords at least give the impression of security.

It doesn't really sit well with me overall, and I do hope that Fanime revises this for next year.