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Buy/Sell/Trade / [WTS] Anime moving sale! everything must go
« on: June 03, 2011, 05:51:36 PM »
Hey guys, i was supposed to sell all my stuff at fanime's swap meet but i ended up missing it :/ so i have to sell it on here now. I'm moving from cali to georgia soon and i cant keep all my anime and manga stuff. If you guys could buy this stuff and take it off my hands i would be really greatful, if not...most parents will throw it all away D: and i would very much like it if perfectly good anime and manga wouldnt be tossed in the trash.

so how im working this is if you see something you like just post and tell me, if you want a closer picture of certain item I'll be glad to post more pics. If you buy something from me you will be paying through paypal and you will have to cover the shipping (i know it sucks but hopefully with my uncle being an UPS employee maybe i can get you guys discounts)

here are the pics of the stuff im selling, sorry for the glare on some of the posters and some of the blurriness

here's the list:

CDs: $5
Kingdom hearts 1 OST
Fruits Basket OST

Yo Jin Bo (otome)
Hourglass of Summer

Posters: $1 ([link])theres more of them but i cant find pics
Sailor Moon
gundam wing
and a huge lucky star poster ($3)
huge inuyasha poster $3

Figures: $5
Kikyo season 2
Inuyasha (mini)

card sets (that you play poker and other games with) $1
fruits basket

I have some ultra rare naruku card for the inyasha trading card game $10 comes with other cards as well for free

T-shirts: $5
DBZ shirts (A LOT OF THEM, sizes M-XL)
naruto size small
inuysha sizes M-XL
Full metal alchemist size XL
gungrave size M

manga: $2
beauty pop vol 1
beauty is the best vol 1
ceres vol 1-4 original tokyo pop covers (they look like this: [link])
D.N.Angel original japanese manga vol 8,9
Faeries Landing vol 1-4
Fushigi yugi genbu kaiden vol 1
Full metal alchemist vol 4
Full metal Panic overload vol 1-2
Happy Hassle High vol 1-4
Inuyasha vol 9,11, 14,15 and movie 2 animanga
Kamikaze kaitou Jeanne vol 1
Kill me, kiss me (mahnwa) 1-3
saiyuki volume 1-4
scarped princess vol 1

Comics (original tokyo pop) $5
gundam wing vol 6-9

DVDs $1
Inuyasha Vol4
flame of recca vol 1
get backers vol 1
saiyuki 5, 8
yu yu hakusho ep93-95
kodocha vol1

DVDbox sets $5
Samurai seven vol 4 + art books
Knight hunters complete series + OVA vol 2,3
Magic Knight Reyearth season 2 + movie
Full moon wo sagashite complete series, original japanese w/ english subs. Imported
note: eps 5-7 dont work for some reason

VHS: $5 (for complete series, .50 cents for one alone)
escaflowne complete series +DVD movie (movie for free if you buy the whole series)
Fushigi yugi complete first season

Wii gaming system, Like new, hardly used. comes with wireless sensor bar. one controller. and wii sports

once a person buys an item I'll be sure to mark it off as quickly as possible.
^^ thx guys

General Convention Discussion / awesome fanime food
« on: May 31, 2011, 07:09:54 PM »
._. i dunno if this topic goes here or not lol
but i wanna know what was everyone's favorite thing to eat during the con?
I loved the meat buns from one of the food stands in the convention! omg the best mean buns I've ever had! I also loved the beef cutlet from Hydration <33 >u< it was delicious and i highly recommend. I also tried caramel pocky for the first time :o and now it's my favorite pocky flavor.

Hotel and Facilities / Disappointment from the Crowne plaza
« on: May 31, 2011, 06:56:37 PM »
Who else had bad problems with the Crown plaza? in my room the promised mini fridge wasnt there. The toilet broke, the coffee maker leaked, the hairdryer was broken, the bathtub was broken, and there was someone's hair on the walls of the shower.

who else had these problems??? and i also heard about the cursed 6th floor from a CC cosplayer xD

Hotel and Facilities / need to cancel room
« on: May 23, 2011, 05:00:03 PM »
Hi, I am in need of some serious help. I need to cancel my room at the hilton but i ran out of minutes on my phone so I can't call them. I have no way of contacting the hotel to cancel is there any way i can cancel my reservation through email? :(

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