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Fingers crossed!

Also, a friend of mine bit the bullet and bought a Spider Gwen cosplay.  And there's a good chance another friend of mine will be Peni Parker.
So I'll be coming with a couple more Spider peeps!

Ooo sweet.  I was hoping there'd be some sort of Spiderman cosplay gathering.

I recently bought the Miles Morales suit (Into the Spiderverse) off of the Zentia website, so I'm excited to wear this during the con!  Never actually worn a Spiderman suit before, so hopefully things go well.

For whenever this is scheduled, I'll try my best to make it.

Also, if there is going to be a Valve gathering, I will be bringing lots of birb ornaments (hopefully enough to give one dove to each TF2 cosplayer I see).

Actually, they did host a gathering last year (2018).  Word must not have gotten around to a lot of ppl, since it was quite small (it's been getting consistently smaller every year).
We shot a short video of ourselves doing some dances>

But I know me and my friends have been attending Every Valve gathering since 2014/2015.  And if there is going to be a gathering this year, we'll do our best to make it.

Unfortunately, due to how busy my schedule is, I might not be able to help host/organize this year's Valve gathering.  But I'll do my best to support it and spread the word if there will be one.

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