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The new part of the area looks really neat :O

Instead of doing the number week of ahwu on that week I recommend doing something like 2 weeks after that just so it actually gets noticed

Shen and Zed in the same gathering? this is gonna be interesting. LOL

Is there a room for a Shockblade Zed cosplayer in the gathering? :D

Hotel and Facilities / Re: Fanime 2014 Roommate thread
« on: April 04, 2014, 12:10:17 PM »
Need a room!!!:

+ Introduction: Hi, my name's Deo Floremonte, I mostly go by "D" "Reii" or "Zed". I am 18 and a male, for my age I'd say I'm pretty mature, I'm totally fine whoever my roommate is going to be, I'd sleep on the floor of the room if need be. This is going to be my second year of attending fanime and I wish to experience the full event without missing many bits of it. I'll be happy to split the hotel fee, maybe even give out extra. I know well not to touch roommate's stuff without permission, people can see/look at whatever merchandise I may have brought/bought as long as it's handled with care. I can also bring an xbox 360/laptop for people to use during the night or rest time. I am also pretty clean and hygienic too so no problems from me there.

+ Hotel Information: Anywhere close to walking distance of the event to be honest.

+ Requirements: I'm fine with smoking but prefer if non. Drinking is fine as well prefer if non too.

+ Contact: Skype - SurikizuHD, Superaudir8@gmail.com or Facebook.com/NikInsider.

+ Miscellaneous: For example; if I have to pay let's say 115, I'd happily give you 130/140 instead. Please contact me, I'm available most of the time!
I'll also be cosplaying too!

I can also stay out of the room for a bit while as long as I'm informed if you have some stuff to do or don't want someone seeing you wear a costume/putting on clothes.

Have a great day everyone.

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