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Sorry everyone, but I'm VERY low on money. I mean, I have none at all. Unless I can actually make money before Fanime, Prizes might be very weird.

I'll probably make small pokemon art or something for prizes, even though I suck at drawing. It will be chibi. xD Ehehehe... Or maybe I can get help. I'll find a way. 

Let me help! I'm always game and I've got some moneys. (At least I think so.)
I'm sure you don't suck at drawing. O: But I can help with that too. Approve of my work to see if I qualify. Lol
If there's anything else I can help with, lemme' know. c:

Gr. My computer's being weird. I can't reply the right way. D:<

Usually all the big gatherings like that are done on Saturday. Lol. And I'm sure the Naruto and Bleach ones will take at least ten minutes to clear up. *terrible experience in 2007*

Prizes might not be a problem. Makeshift badges may work or even just candy. Everyone's a sucker for sweets. I'd be more than happy to help you out with anything. c:

Okay! ^-^ I couldn't update cause theres not much people who need t go up. I'd ADORE more people to come.

Also, If ya can, help me with ideas on dates, times, places, and activities to try! Heres a list of ideas I had for games:

Pokemon battles! ~ Whats Pokemon without a battle? I'll bring tons of pokeballs and I'll let even non-pokemon cosplayers use them. xD Gijinka can be used as pokemon if they'd like.
Pokemon gaming trades and battles - This I think might be in the gaming room, but heck, If we bring a ds, we can trade with people jsut for the fun of it.

Uh... Thats all I have. o.o Any other ideas?
Date... It should be Saturday. Saturday's the best because most people are bound to be there. And it should be early due to the Masquerade. Between 10am and 4pm?

And how about some trivia for the true Pokemon fans? Or maybe some hardcore tag. *slapped*
Bringing a DS would be a good idea. A tournament sounds imminent.
                                                       But these are all just my ideas. Others could probably come up with moar original. >o<

This is something I just NEED to do.
I'd adore being anything. c: O:

How fun is that? 8D
I'm so gonna' do this. c: If time allows me that is... o:

I'm a little iffy...
But if my life allows I'll be there as Zero from the 11th movie and a friend of mine may be Gijinka Arcanine. O:

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