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Started by Sunara Ishi, June 22, 2008, 10:49:43 AM

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Sunara Ishi

Thought I'd make a thread where people can recommend manga to each other.

I tend to read obscure things but some of the stuff I read is rather good.
Series I recommend:

Akuma to Dolce: A young girl inherits knowledge from her mother of casting magic circles to summon demons. She bakes treats for them and they help her with favors. [They have a sweet-tooth.] One day, she spills tea on her skirt and summons a demon to get rid of the stain. But she summons a high level demon. Its quite a fun series.

Karakuri Odetto: An android is created and enrolled in high school to learn the difference between herself and humans. Same mangaka as Akuma to Dolce.

Usagi Drop: This one I just found. Its cute. A man goes to his grandfather's funeral only to discover that his grandfather left a 6 year old daughter behind. No one in the family wants to care for the child so he decides to. The story follows him as he tries to adapt for caring for a child.

Fun Fun Factory: A new bakery opens in town and a young girl eats a desert there. Because of the mischievous owner, she gets possessed by a witch, who wishes to bring misfortune to 10 other people who ate there. She searches them out and tries to keep the witch from carrying out her plan. Its another fun series.

Puchimon: A manga by Aoi Nanase. Its deals with a academy that specializes in teaching students to be questers.

Ludwig Kakumei: A prince leaves to try to find a princess. But all her finds is unsuitable princesses. Most of the girls, he encounters, play various fairy tale roles. The fairy tales are kind of twisted and dark.

Kannagi: A guardian spirit decides to become a magical girl.

All of these are still ongoing. Thats it from me for now. >.<
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Monster. Its an absolute must read if you like a good story!!!
Its about a very skilled doctor who saves the life of a young boy. It turns out that the boy is a crazed murder. The doctor then decides to pursue the boy in an atempt to come to terms with ethics of saving a murderer and his own feelings of guilt. Along the way he learns more about the boy's (now a younge man) past.
I don't describe it well but its one of the very best series I have ever read. Highly recomended for people who like action mystery. It worth trying out!!!
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