Started by Gatsby, October 15, 2008, 02:16:41 PM

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Since XpHoBiaX and I have become moderators, we think that some simple rules should be reinforced here to keep this place from becoming byo/b/. We wouldn't want that now would we? ;) Nothing serious will change, but rather a recap of the general forum rules.

I am implementing a 3 strike rule.
1st offense:
Correction, modification of post.
This is your second warning, and you will be reminded of the rules.
Banned from the forum. You were warned.
Banning is case by case.


1. General swearing is tolerated, but please keep the use of the F word out of your posts. This area should be the PG-13 of the two main social forums. F'd, friggen, frik...etc is fine.

2. No pornographic images. Again PG-13 forum!

3. Flaming, insults, and threats. XpHoBiaX and I are in the same boat when it comes to this. We don't mind light flaming or playful insults, but once it moves into the area of purposefully trying to attack someone and hurt them, we're stepping in. If either of us feels this happens, we'll modify your message. If you feel so strongly about causing Internet drama over someone, blog about it elsewhere.

4. Due to recent events and new features, we have an Ignore button. If you feel a user is provoking you or doing something that is not a serious rule breaking offense, use the Ignore feature before turning to a moderator right away. If you feel that it still is some how going on, then report it.

5. Any racial slurs will not be tolerated. Simple as that.

6. Use common sense when posting. If you feel that something might be breaking the rules, then it may be best to either not post it or go and read all the rules before posting it. If you're still not sure and really want to post it, by all means ask a moderator.

7. If you find an image offensive don't quote it. You're only spreading the fire. If you take offense, mark the post and if you feel necessary call out the person, but don't quote his/her statement.

8. This brings us to another rule. Don't quote large pictures or large groups of pictures unless you feel there is a strong need to. It takes up more space is necessary. We know the picture is there, just quote the person but remove the picture.

9. Just have fun! Yes this is a rule and we will enforce it! If you're not having fun... *shakes fist* ;)

XpHoBiaX and I are here to keep this place fun but in order for all so any questions can be PMed to us.