SKIT! 09!

Started by ranma12, October 16, 2008, 01:11:15 AM

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Ok every year I get a good skit together but i get people who bail and make the skit crap.. I want people who want to be in a skit and people who want to suport ideas! so this is the spot to talk about ideas.  at this point cosplays i have
edward elric takuto kira ouran cosplay, ichigo/soal reaper.


You should post more info to draw more attention and possibly more people who are intrigued.


What's the plan, Capitan? Main focus? Ideas? I'm open for anything, per usual.

~Black Cat~


I had a very general skit idea, if you think maybe you could focus it a little more? id love to do it, lol. Basically, my raw idea so far, two anime guys wake up in a darkend area...they look around, then start talkin, then...cue porn music xD at which point one or the other gets scared, and moves away, saying "I know this place now! Its a Fangirls dream..." lol. Not sure what else happens, its a work in progress...but I think its a good start