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Author Topic: Notes and Dates for Panelists - 2009 Version (Up. 11-29)  (Read 2157 times)

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Notes and Dates for Panelists - 2009 Version (Up. 11-29)
« on: November 29, 2008, 12:30:27 PM »

While this isn't quite ready to go onto the website yet.... I'm hoping to get it up in the next week or so. For now, I thought I'd let y'all help me proof-read it and see if there is any additional information you need that I've currently left out.

Deadline to submit a panel: Friday, April 10th, 2009
Deadline to submit a panel that will be listed in Fanime's Program Guide: Monday, March 23rd
Panelist Lounge Hours At-Con:
To Be Decided after the majority of panels have been scheduled. We’ll post this a week or two prior to con.

Panel Rooms are equipped with:
•   Projectors  & Screens (can be hooked up to computers via VGA or DVI – can be hooked up to gaming consoles. Make sure you specify desired connections on your panel request form.)
•   Microphones (Usually 2 or 3, depending upon the size of the room. More can be requested, but we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get them.)
•   A table at the front of the room for the panelists, as well as chairs.
•   Chairs for the attendees.
•   The workshop room also has tables for the attendees – the other rooms do not have these. **(Note: we may not have a workshop room this year.. this is still being discussed.)
•   Panel rooms are NOT equipped with internet access. Net access might be available via one or more of the free wifi systems offered through the hotels or the convention center, but we cannot guarantee internet access for any panel room. Panelists are advised to have prepared presentations and screenshots, because the internet will most likely not be available.

Discounted Badges for Fan Panelists:
Yes, you read that correctly! This year we want to be able to offer something to all of our dedicated fan panelists! As always, fan panels are one of the most important parts of our ‘by fans for fans’ convention. You help us put on a great show every year, and we want to offer something of value in return for your contribution to our show.
  • 1 hour panel = $15 discount on any badge for you and a single assistant.
  • 2 hours of panels = $30 discount on any badge for you and a single assistant.
  • *3 hours of panels = A full weekend pass to the convention for you and a single assistant. (*See the Badge FAQ)
  • Panelists who come to the convention for a single day –only- to give a panel may qualify for a free day-pass for that day.
  • Industry Panels: If you’re part of a company that is hoping to host an Industry Panel at Fanime, please visit our Professional Registration area! You may qualify for Industry Badges.
Please scroll down further for additional information on the Discounted Badges.

Program Guide Listing Character Limits:
While we are willing to be somewhat lenient on the website, because additional text costs us nothing here, character limits will be strictly enforced for the program guide.
The program guide also has a firm limit of 40 characters for a panel title. Both of these limits include spaces. Ie: Title needs to be 40 characters or less with spaces, Description needs to be 300 characters or less with spaces.
Submissions that do not adhere to these limits may be edited by FanimeCon staff.

Notes on Panel lengths:
When considering how long you want your panel to be, don't panic thinking that you must have a panel that is exactly 1 hour or 2 hours long! The Fanime schedule runs in hourly time blocks - so it isn't possible to reserve a panel room for a half an hour. However, an ideal time for a panel that has reserved an hour in the room is actually about 50 minutes. That leaves 5 minutes at the start and end for set-up, breakdown, audience to leave and arrive, etc. Also, it is acceptable for a panel to end early.
A panel should be a minimum of about 40 minutes in length, and we appreciate it if you notify us ahead of time that your panel will not last the full length of time in a panel room. Panels that are about 90 minutes in length can reserve a 2 hour time slot, and simply notify us in their submission that the actual presentation will only last about 90 minutes.

Notes on Panel content:
All panels are assumed to contain material that is suitable for all ages unless the panelist specifically states that their panel will contain mature content.

Notes on Panel Room assignment:
Panel rooms are assigned based on several factors:
•   When the panel was submitted. (This is a big determining factor, so sign up early!)
•   Who is giving the panel. (Guest panels are always given priority for prime time slots, for instance.)
•   Whether the panel has been given before, and how much of an audience it drew previously if it has.
•   What panel times the panelist specifically requested. (Regardless of your specific audience size, if you request a panel and list the only acceptable times as 2-4pm on Saturday or Sunday, you may be assigned a small room if the larger rooms have already filled for that time period.)
•   Our best guess on how popular we think the panel will be.

Stage Zero : Advertising your panel at-con!
You have two options here:

•   Your first option is to prepare a video/audio presentation to advertise your panel which can be played on the Stage Zero screen. It should be no longer than 2 minutes in length, and must be approved by Stage Zero staff before they are shown. Simply take your prepared presentation to stage zero staff after you arrive at the convention. They’ll preview it when they are able.
•   Your second option is to choose a day that you want to appear on stage zero personally to give props to your panel. Your live promo time will be limited to 5 minutes or less. Please plan to finish your live promo within the allotted time so that Stage Zero can get back to their other programming.

Need to Know Info about Stage Zero Advertising:

Make sure you read this!
•   Video presentations for stage zero should be in the form of files (not .wmv, but most other things work) that SZ staff can put onto their computers, not DVD's that they'd be required to 'play'. A good idea is to put your panel title, day, time, and location into the file name. ie: DYI7pmSat24May2008VidMain.mpeg or VideoGripe4pmSun25May2008Panel3.avi  (those aren't real file names, just stuff I made up for examples)
•   Your in-person and live 'promo' time will not be scheduled. You'll want to visit the stage during or slightly before one of the 'open programming' hours when none of the scheduled events are going on to get your promo time. Show up, introduce yourself, and let them know which panel is yours. Be prepared to wait a bit, and they'll get you on when they're able to. Remember that you're allotted a set amount of time, regardless of whether anything is specifically scheduled to go after you or not, and you should be prepared to relinquish the stage once your time is up.

Tips for Advertising BEFORE the con to increase interest in your panel:
We recommend telling friends and family about your panel, posting about it on the Fanime forums or in any other forum where it would be appropriate. Additionally, some panelists have had good results from creating a short video clip to advertise their panel and uploading it on Youtube. (If you upload to Youtube, be sure to send us a link!)

Badges for Panelists: FAQ
If I already have a full weekend badge for the convention - do I need a ‘panels’ badge in order to give my panel?
Answer: No, you don't. There’s nothing particularly special or different about the discounted or free badges that some panelists qualify for. Only the method of acquiring the badge is different.

I already bought a convention pass, but it turns out I could get a free pass through giving more panels - can I get re-imbursed for my bought badge?
Answer: No, I'm sorry. If you need your qualifying badge(s) for others helping you with the panel instead of yourself, that can be arranged, but at this time I can’t offer refunds to those who have already pre-registered for convention badges.

So how does this work? When do we get the badges? How do we pick them up?
Answer: First, keep in mind the requirements. A single 1 hour panel = $15 discount on a badge for yourself and a single assistant. (2 hours = $30 discount) These are not general 'panelist' badges. They're convention badges like any other convention badge – they will have your name on them, and you must show a valid ID when you pick them up. Ie: Don't expect to be able to hand them off to someone else.
To qualify for free full weekend passes rather than a discounted badge, you must be hosting a minimum of 3 hours of panels, and at least 1 hour of those 3 must be in a non-prime time slot. (Prime hours are Noon to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.) To qualify for a free day-pass, you must be attending at our request for the purpose of giving a panel.
To get the discounted or free badges - you'll need to send information to either panels@fanime.com or rena@fanime.com with the full real names of the individuals whose names will go on the passes. You can include a nick-name or con-name, but if you don't give us a real name either the badge will not be given or you won't be allowed to pick it up since your ID won't match the name the badge was processed for.
Also keep in mind that if you're getting a badge for more than just yourself - whoever is getting the badge needs to be helping in your panel, and not merely a friend you wanted to give a discounted or free pass to. Make them earn it!
Those who qualify will be given further details on how to obtain the discounted badges. At this time, they will not be offered through pre-registration, and those who qualify will need to pick them up at the convention.

So... what if I agreed to do three panels and they were approved, and then later one of them was canceled? Do I still get my weekend badges?
Answer: Yes, you do. If your panel or panels were approved and then the con needs to cancel one of them for any reason, you will still receive the badges or discounts for the panels that were previously approved. We feel that's only fair. However, that is only if the convention cancels a panel that was previously approved. If you cancel a panel, you will not receive the badges or discounts that you would have been eligible for had you given it.
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