Masquerade Skit Creation Tips

Started by kanauru, December 15, 2008, 12:20:32 AM

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There was a thread around here that had tips about creating a skit for the Masquerade, which I can't find anymore.

It would be nice if someone that had a skit at 2008 Masquerade uploaded a sample of their audio to use as a base ( of course this sample needs to be one that was perfectly audible at the Masquerade ).
One of the main issues was that some groups didn't have very audible audio and so I believe it'd help if people who plan to create a skit for the 2009 Masquerade can compare their audio with that of the "base". By comparing, they know whether or not their audio may be too loud or too soft. Because it definitely is possible to make it too loud. While the audio level will probably differ from the last Masquerade due to different equipment / crew setting the Masquerade up, I still believe it'll help most people with bad audio levels.

Tips from myself and other forum members.

1. Stay away from internet memes
( chances other groups are going to use it and it'll be overdone ( that hare hare incident was horrible ) , or at least try not to make it the primary purpose of your skit, composing your skit entirely of memes isn't recommended. )
2. Stay away from inside jokes only you and your group knows.
I don't even know why you'd do that.
3. Make sure your audio and dialogue is clear
Audio is 50% of your skit. Unless you plan to act like mimes. Let someone else that's not from your group listen to the audio and see if they can understand it.
3.5. Make sure your audio has a constant level.
It's quite annoying when the audio level is constantly changing throughout the skit, causing you to wince. If everyone is recording their own audio, whoever puts it together should try to level it all out.
3.7. If you have music and dialogue.
Make sure you music doesn't dominate the dialogue...unless that's what you want.
4. If you're dancing, practice practice.
You've got over 4 months! Though some people may just come up with something a the last minute. No one wants to see sloppy routines . But there are lazy people, people that don't have enough time, or people who just can't dance. So just try your best. Again, you can try performing for someone and get feedback on how to improve your routine.
example of a well practiced dance :
example of a dance gone somewhat wrong : ( notice brock )
5. Have fun.
It's boring to watch people that don't look like they're having fun.. :D

though unless these "tips" show up on the registration page for the Masquerade, most groups won't find out about it ( I'm not sure how many of the skit groups actually read the forums ). I'm looking forward to the 2009 Masquerade ( especially since I'm recording it again :P )  so I wouldn't want most of the skits to be plagued by the same problems from last time. I'm sure most people would appreciate that also.

Feel free to add more tips on how to improve the skits from previous masquerades and for newcomers.


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It would be nice if the guidelines could come out now... i was wondering about using stage props such as a fogger and petals and even non fire poppers or crackers that all you do is twist and it shoots out confetti. hmm maybe theres a time limit on setup and takedown... probably...
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