Cosplay Group Looking for Masq Cosplayers for 2009!

Started by UsakoMinako, December 27, 2008, 11:36:04 AM

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Hello everyone!

We're looking for some reliable cosplayers that are interested in filling some roles in a Masquerade presentation for Fanime 2009. We would love to have people from the bay area to be able to come and meet us! We're a fun comical bunch, who are solid and have been cosplaying as a team for years ^_^

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
The following characters have some fighting scenes and only require you to provide your own costume and be able to attend practices in the bay area

*Kurogane (this is the most important role we must fill right now ^_^)
"Good/Real" Syaron

(can be out of town)
ANY Sakura


Thanks so much! ^_^
Just PM me if you'd like!:angel:


Hello, I've moved your topic to the appropriate place for you to find others for your Cosplay skit!

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