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Started by The Dude, May 10, 2009, 11:00:50 PM

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The Dude

Now just to clarify, this list is only to inform you the editor that your AMV has been
1. Been submitted
2. Been downloaded
3. Been cataloged
4. Been confirmed

This isn't a list to let you know that you have made it into the Fanime AMV event at Fanime Con just a list to let you know we have your entry. Everyone will have to wait till after our judges approve who goes onto the next round. Afterwards you will receive either Email "A" that states that you have made it or email "B" that states you didn't make it this year.

Below are the initials of the creator and AMV Title.

V.G.                           Lord of the Anime
V.G.                            Life of a Dog (Pt. 2)
F.R.C, C.A.P, S.J.    In The Rain
J.J.G.                    The Bodies Burning
J.J.G.                    Goldenpants: Based on a True Story
O.M.                            Third hokage's final words to the village
J.L.                            I My Me Mine
D.C.                            Rememberance
D.C.                            Twisted Thunder
R.M., B.D.                    Street Fighter Reunion
R.M., B.D.                    What We've Done
B.D.                            Perfect Day
A.J.M.                    I Have To Find You
J.N.                            Roomies
E. F. D.                    The Significant Other
C.S.                            Under Wings of Steel
C.S.                            Cyber City Shoot-Up
A.H.                            L and Light are Best Friends :]
K.S.                            Hollows Touch
T.C.                            Dying Without Your Love
T.C.                            I Feel Your Presence
R.C.                            Ran, Forget About Love.
S.G.                            Guide Me
B.A.                            Haseo's Girl Problems
Y.B.                            Endosky
Y.B.                            Hypnerotomachia
E.N.                            Dying Will
E.N.                            Switchback
I.F.                            Left 4 Wired
I.F.                            Get Your Ass Too Mars
D.S.                            Monsoon
D.S.                            Valhalla
A.R.                            For Love of Mankind
G.G.                            The power in your hands
J.C.                            Hope: Lost and Found
L.S.                            You're Sucha HBFS Video
B.C.                            01110010 01101111 01100010 01101111
B.C. & B.C.            Contrition
K.B.                            The Road
M.P.                            Haunting Hour
M.P.                            Distorted Love
C.A.D.                    You're Not Alone
C.A.D.                    One Winged Dove
D.G.                            Cherish
D.G.                            Hero
B.O.                            Fahrenheit
N.N.                            You Know My Name
S.M.                            Huricane Michiko
S.M.                            The Terrorists
A.A.N                    The Laitrix
A.C.                            A Tale of Two Stars
M.P.                            You Are Loved
L.W.S                    Time to Dance
L.W.S                    Disconnected
M.D.                            Hayate's Saltwater Room
M.L.                            The Main Sacrifice
M.A.                            Untitled
S.S.W. and J.B            AMV Purgatory
J.Z.                            Demonic Mermaids
J.Z.                            Look at it, It's Ugly
J.F.                            Torn Memories
J.F.                            Standing Still
V.P.                            The Heroes of El Hazard
T.J.W.                         Contrast
K.M.                            That Girl Is So HONEY!

This is the Final List. If you have entered an AMV and are not on the list but have previously contacted me then send it to me again A.S.A.P at [email protected].
Stage Zero, Manager & Director
Fanime Music Vid Director
Any Questions or Comments send to [email protected]

The Dude

Ok the list you've all been waiting for. Who made it to the next round "Audeince Judging"? Below I have the initials of the Editor/Creator and the title of their AMV.

M.P. Haunting Hour
E.N. Switchback
K.M. That Girl Is So HONEY!
D.C. Twisted Thunder
J.L. I My Me Mine
T.C. I Feel Your Presence
V.P. The Heroes of El Hazard
S.M. Hurricane Michiko
N.N. You Know My Name
J.J.G. Goldenpants: Based on a True Story
B.B.C. r0b07$
B.D. Perfect Day
C.S. Cyber City Shoot-Up
J.Z. Look at it, it's Ugly
B.A. Haseo's Girl Problems
V.G. Life of a Dog (Pt. 2)
M.P. You Are Loved
E.N. Dying Will
C.A.D. One Winged Dove
D.S. Monsoon
O.M. Third hokage's final words to the village
S.G. Guide Me
T.C. Dying Without Your Love
V.G. Lord of the Anime
L.W.S. Time to Dance
D.S. Valhalla
L.S. You're Sucha HBFS Video
Y.B. Endosky

If you're not on the list I'm sorry and best of luck for next year, but don't get bummed out about it. Attend and support those who did make it this far.

The Audience Judging is
Sunday 24th, 2009
4PM-6PM with seating at 3:30PM
Civic Center Auditorium

Awards ceremony
Monday 25th, 2009
Stage Zero
*Note* Last Years awards will be given out at that time as well. Sorry for the delay in getting those out, they froze my budget well in advance of getting them sent out to the winners.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

*Note* About badge's for this year, I was not given the ok to give the editors any special privileges this year so you must purchase a badge to get in, But my helpers will be there to make sure you get in first to get the seating that you desire.

Stage Zero, Manager & Director
Fanime Music Vid Director
Any Questions or Comments send to [email protected]