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Started by the otaku god, June 07, 2009, 06:07:51 PM

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the otaku god

The Long wait is over. Remember once you watch these vids please vote so maybe these videos will be in AnimeMusicVideos top 100 videos next year at FanimeCon. Thanks once again for making this one of fanimecons biggest events every year.
Jerry Gonzales
Manager of Video Programming from 2005-Current

Best Collaborative Video   
Video - i can haz marzipan
link -
from - blabbler

Best Action Video
video - Falling Higher
link -
from - Velho

Best Comedy Video   
video - Clarissa
link -
from - Bonefixer

Best Dance Video   
video - Shake THAT!!!
link -
from - Arczi

Best First Video   
video - The Conspiracy of Law
link -
from - Artofeel

Best Fun Video   
video - Attack Of The Otaku
link -
from - Chiikaboom

Best Horror Video   
video - Macabre Serenade
link -
from - Ileia

Best Multi-Editor Project   
video - Memory Flash² Freedom
link -
from - SoH

Best Parody Video   
video - Code: Ecchi
link -
from - Aggressor

Best Romantic Video   
video - Paper Image
link -
from - Koopiskeva

Best Trailer or Commercial   
video - Pirates of the One Piece
link -
from - luggeriano

Best Use of Instrumental Music, Best No-Effects Video   
video - Festival of Life
link -
from - Cross/fade

Best Use of Lip Synch   
video - Be A Man
link -
from - NightHawk

Most Original Video   
video - End
link -
from - piiiiii

Most Artistic Video, Best Character Profile, Best Dramatic Video, Best Sentimental Video, Most Artistic Video, Best Use of Special Effects    
video - Twilight
link -
from - Koopiskeva

Best Use of Multiple Anime, Video of the Year   
video - Auriga
link -
from - Nostromo_vx

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