I love making bentosO///O

Started by Kanameshito, January 03, 2010, 03:34:14 PM

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whats your favorite ??

5 (41.7%)
2 (16.7%)
Soba and or udon
1 (8.3%)
3 (25%)
kare raisu
1 (8.3%)

Total Members Voted: 12


I love making Japanese food and its so fun and well I wanted to know ones Ideal lunch box :D Anything goes but descrivbe why you love it and well the poll was just for fun and if theres anything I missed and that you like better  tell all and the way you like to make things
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ERM.  I don't see why this belongs here...

But I love making bento too!  I have tons of egg molds and different bento containers for school. 

-spends too much on bento equipment-


unless your planning a bento making gathering, i think you've accidentally posted in the wrong sub forum.

or are you proposing a random gathering idea?

Could you be more specific Kanameshito?
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Yeah, this is the wrong forum...



Quote from: Mizuki on January 04, 2010, 10:44:32 AM
Yeah, this is the wrong forum...


No, I think she's in the right place.

She's asking us a question.
ITT: Do you make your own bento and what kinds of food do you make?

To answer your question, I used to do it between late middle school to early highschool. But I'm not really good at making food. So, my auntie from Japan usually comes by for a month to visit and makes the bento for me. She comes by around April - May, during my finals I guess. My favorite is shrimp and vegtable tempura, Rice and Miso dish.

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uh Dentyne... she original posted this in the gatherings thread. Mizuki moved it into the general universe forum :P
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Ramen sense I have never had much else that is Japanese lunch. Well that really doesnt count either sense I've only had crappy cup of noodle ramen before.
But I love having others make me Bentos.

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I've tried making bento lunches, but end up usually just laying down rice and then putting meat and/or veggies on top.  Nothing fancy even though I have a lot of molds, cutters, little forks/picks/spoons, etc.  Tried to use the egg molds but the boiled eggs were too big for the molds (have to try with a smaller egg).

Recently I tried to make a Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) bento with a slice of honey ham for the face/skin, and nori cutouts for his hair, nose and eyes (the irises were dots of sriricha hot chili sauce), and lips cut out from a slice of salami, all over a bed of rice.  I had trouble with cutting out the hair and need to practice more on it.  It was kind of fun trying to cut everything out in the proper shape.  Eating it was much better though!
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I so want a bento lunch right now. ^^


I use to make bento lunches all the time, but I have become too busy to make them more often :-[.I usually put gobo kipira(YUMMY!), some sort of mixture of pickled vegetables, tofu, grilled fish(if no tofu), boiled kabocha(japanese pumpkin), and of course tons and tons of rice.Darn...now I am really hungry.