Started by KimaLucifer, January 18, 2004, 06:39:36 PM

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I don't know how many of you have ever watched it, but did you know people filmed a live action version of this recently?

I found this when I was readin that newspaper "BaySpo". I was like :O WTF when I saw it too :3
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Somehow, I'm not surprised. Go Nagai's works are so hella cool and uber-respected, that they're almost always made into live-action in Japan. There have been live-action versions of Kekko Kamen and, I think, also Cutey Honey; though I have yet to see any live-action versions of The Abashiri Family or Oi Ra Sukeban/Delinquent in Drag.

His work is...what you would call...transcendant. Yeah. ^_^


Live action devilman is gonna kick ass.wasn't there a thread somewhere in this board that had the link to the movie site?


Damn now I have to WATCH devilman since there is something anime related that I can't comment on....oh well *goes to video rental place*

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You might like this news....there is a LIVE ACTION Cutey Honey movie coming out in Japan soon.  (Saw the preview and have the flyer....looks pretty good.)  But it looks like Chokkei is not in the movie.
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