Started by DayDreamerNessa, March 18, 2010, 07:24:06 PM

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SOUL CALIBUR 2010 Gathering
MP or Location: Fountains- in front of convention entrance
Date: Sunday- May 30 ?
time: ?

TIME SUGGESTIONS- how does 11:30 sound? I looked through the gatherings and no other gatherings seem to be at this time currently

I have to say i'm kinda surprised not to see one up already, but I'd like to host a General soul calibur gathering on sunday of fanime, so it doesn't matter which game you are from, it's all about fun and maybe a little bit of mock battles!!

I hope this can be a successful gathering so please join, even if your a photographer, or fan~!!

Soul Edge/Blade

Soul Calibur- dreamcast

    Sophitia P1- Daydreamernessa

Soul Calibur II

Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

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