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Started by error00004, May 17, 2010, 10:52:30 AM

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i play tekken 5 and 6, street fighter. marvel vs capcom 2 , tmnt, marvel pinball, resident evil 5 gold edition and more.


On the 360 I play Gears of War. LEFT 4 DEAD 1 and 2

Most Impressive.


PSN: MossyOakRcn42 (My old NASCAR '09 clan racing account. It is now my main account since my last PS3 suffered a YLOD in 2009).
Currently doing massive wiki edits on AnimeVice. Will be doing cosplay photos at FanimeCon for AnimeVice's site. T-minus 3 days to FanimeCon!

Planned Cons: FanimeCon 2011, KinToki-Con 2011, SACAnime 2011


too bad the PS network is down because of dumb hackers!!!  :'(
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I don't have any multiplayer games for my PS3 besides Arcana Heart 3(And Dynasty Warriors 7 if that counts>,>) but if someone wants to add me my PSN is KayCeaEffahless.

Btw PSN is back up for anyone who didn't already know. The marketplace is still down though.
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Cosplays I've done:
Everyday of my life-Me
Fanime 08'-Dosu Kinuta
Fanime 11'-Kuro Shinobi no Mono
Sacanime 11'-(Same)+Kuroneko


Everything PSN should be back up on the 24th


Jumping in on this.

PSN ID: catabolicmind

Currently only have LBP2 but am planning on getting LBP1, Castle Crashers, and maybe that Lara Croft game.


Modern Warfare 3 is almost out! And would like to play with anyone who plays as much FPS as I do. My current psn and got stuck with: Crimsyn_Lust
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What other games do you have? if anyone has metal gear solid 4 or command and conquer red alert, i'm up for game


My PSN ID is AngrySean. (It's also my name on Steam if anybody cares.)

I'm not going to list all the games I have since I don't have access to most of them right now but I will say that I'm always down for a few rounds of Fat Princess or some LBP2.


its, um.... Runewitt.

yeah, very original.
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psn - VIISilentShadow
The games I am playing currently are...
King of Fighter XIII
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Games on the side...
Tekken 6

Always up for some Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries. I can help people get the SS ranking on every map with every character but it would be nice to get a new high score.

My Steam is also Gentastic
I usually get a couple of games of Left 4 dead 2 in over the week.


Add me if you want. IzzyD13. I have gamefly, so I can play pretty much anything you wanna meet up on.
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