Speed Dating!?

Started by HeyItsMeeEE, May 21, 2010, 09:40:44 PM

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daiphyer.com: iono if they would let us do a stage zero event if questions were along THOSE lines
gotta keep it at least PG or PG-13 or osmething :p
unless u make it an 18+ event
than that would be funny
hahahahahaha :D
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If u want a pg version, then that would be:
Bachlorette: I am fighting a water type pokemon, which pokemon should I use?
Bachelor 1: I would go with Charizard be-
*me in the audience goes "Woo-hoo. CHARIZARD!!!!" *

Bachelorette: Bachelor 2, ur response.
Bachelor 2: It would defnitely be Dragonite.
*some random fangirl squeals*
Bachelor 2: yeh! Dragonite has that electricity, which would pretty much zap any pokemon to smitherin. Dragonite is so awesome! Anyway, like, I have this plushie of him in my room. sometime, I like huggle and cuddle with him. When I get real-real bored, I start to have a tea part with him and my other poke-
Bachelorette: NEXT!

Bachelor 3: Can it be a Digimon? Pokemon are just no match for the digimons. Greymon alone can whip dragonite down and put some sense in PsyDuck.


Quote from: daiphyer.com on June 06, 2010, 03:36:35 AM
Ex. 2
Bachelorette: I am sakura, and you are sasuke, how would you hit on me?
Bachelor 1: Baby, you know how I am very sensitive. Your one touch can will turn on my curse seal and spread it on my  body faster than I get my Chidori on.
Bachelor 2: My sharingans may cast illusions, but my love for is more real than annoyance is in Naruto. You know his and my kiss meant nothing to me, what I really want is you.
Bachelor 3: The way you lay your eyes on me, its more thrilling than when Orochimaru laid the curse on me.


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That sounds super hilarious! I think we should totally do it! XD

Admiral Donuts

So was speed dating full or not? You had to pre-reg, and it was full, but people are saying there were empty slots?

I'm encouraging doing a bachelor/ette game-show type thing at stage 0, but I think it'd be super-fun if people did it in character.

Ayanami Rei First Child

Yeah I think that sounds like a lot of fun! Cosplay Bachelor/ette show! <3

If we do that I totally want to sign up! <3


You may want to talk to the Department Head of Stage Zero, and take it up with the Division Head of Live Programming I believe if you really seriously want to have this  "The Dating Game" format like event to work out.

The point of "Speed Dating" is that you can meet many ppl over a short time. The Dating game format, would be funnier, but less time effective compared to speed dating.

Even though its private information, my real question is has any real connections [friendship or otherwise] has started because of speed dating? anyone?

Heck, I wanted to participate, couldnt because the waitlist was full and they didnt accept anyone because it was full, but I'm still making friends because of the epic cosplay I had- go figure.  :P
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I made friends with a few!

I've been texting one of them since the...Tuesday..? After the con.

It was a great way to strike up friendships at the very least, I think.

And I made friends with people in this thread because we were so excited for it from the get-go!

All in all, I'd call it a success.
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I started a thread for the dating game show.

In my left brain, there's nothing right & in my right brain, there's nothing left.


^ url needs to be fixed


In my left brain, there's nothing right & in my right brain, there's nothing left.


Just out of sheer curiosity I was going to pop my head in. Oh well


what happens if you meet Light at speed dating with a death note.....

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each person is assigned letters and numbers, so he won't know the people's actual name unless he got the eyes from Shinigami


Quote from: Rhornez on June 14, 2010, 02:32:33 PM
what happens if you meet Light at speed dating with a death note.....

I fully support both options- The Dating Game and Speed Dating.
They both seem super fun  haha, and I'll be 19 at Fanime 2011! :p

Lan Moore

I so still want to try this


I totally support a speed dating event. I think it would be far more practical than those "how to talk to guys" & "how to talk to girls" panels.

I am entirely shocked that I somehow missed the fact that there was such an event for fanime 2010..... and here I thought I was brilliant to think of such an idea.

Is there any place where the feedback on this event was posted? Basically, did it go well, or was it a disaster? I certainly hope the event is renewed (and or expanded) for 2011 so that I might have a chance to participate.


^ Ah, most people didn't know about it because it was a last minute thing. Sign up had appeared on the main Fanime Page about a week just before the con, even so only a few lucky people had that experience. Unfortunately, I was not one of them. (I saw the application for it but I procrastinated. :P)
I don't recall seeing an official feedback thread for Speed Dating but I guess this would be it, just backtrack a bit. :P

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from the very sparse info that was buzzed about - spots filled up VERY quickly and even though there was wait-lists --- they couldnt take anyone 'new' in. The event was totally booked and pretty popular despite having time conflicts with evening events such as concerts and etc.

Rules were expressed VERY sternly. and the time limit was strictly enforced, as well as nonpersonal or specific questions.  and the results of a 'match' only happen when both parties tell the speed dating staff that a match is considered.

overall it was a great popular/ decent execution for their first run, and they may likely bring back the event.

Here's to hoping for all you single Fanime Con-goers or peeps who'd like to make new friends around the Convention.
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Good to know Jerry. If I may make a further suggestion(s).

1) (this should go without saying) Give advanced warning when sign-ups are to be made active, OR have multiple events such that number of seats becomes less of a limitation, OR assign seats via a raffle so that it no longer matters whether you signed up early, or 5 min before deadline.
2) Provide time for both the men and the women to be the ones rotating. Reason being, its fair, and according to recent studies, the party that is stationary, is more picky than the one that is moving (regardless of gender, they controlled for that).
3) (this may be a moot point if it was already addressed in the sign-up form, which I didn't see, and don't have access to). Age might be a factor, so sorting participants into age ranges may be beneficial. Perhaps 3 categories: Age doesn't matter (self identified on the sign-up sheet), 18-22 (college), 23+ (after college) (those ranges could be whatever... just throwing out there), and then each range has their own rotation setup.