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Started by Jerry, July 28, 2010, 09:20:55 AM

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Hi everyone - Sorry if this is posted in the wrong subforum.

So as the topic says, I actually have a room for rent in my residential home.
the last 2 roommates were friends I met from these forums, so I figure it may work again.

and in case your wondering, I parted ways on good terms with these past roommates, they needed to move to cheaper or closer living areas and the lease was honored accordingly without crazy drama or situations. :)

So on to the Room for Rent info:

Room for rent in 4 bed and 2 1/2 bath home in East Side San Jose.
Local Landmarks are the - Raging Waters Park & Eastridge Mall.
room is about 9ft by 11ft and has a walk in closet.
The bathroom would be shared - shower/tub very recently renovated.

Current roommates include:
Jerry - full time office worker, anime fanboy, gamer, and socialite on weekends.
Angie - full time child care worker, fan of 80's and J-rock, lives mostly on the internets
Alex  - SJSU student, PT work, and likes anime, hanging with her bf, and art stuffs

Lease would be 12 months preferred.

Rent is $450/month
utilities included [garbage, water, electricty, pest control]
basic wifi internet included
washer & dryer in house
Dish network DVR - shared in living room TV
video gaming area - shared in living room TV
parking in driveway or street.

Please contact via PM or email me for more details.
Please spread the word. Thanks!

Games, Friends & Fanime oh my! :D