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Started by Jerry, August 04, 2010, 01:16:01 PM

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So my co-workers have been talking about this show called "The Colony"



so they way the document this 'reality' series is that they take "volunteers" for this social/survival experient. and see how given an post-disaster situation given- limited supplies, a few days worth of canned food, no water or electricity, a broken shelter and expected to fend for themselves... how long would they be able to keep themselves sustainable.

In season one - they literally had engineers, rocket scientist, architects and just plain really smart people. - they were able to make water filtration, fix broken down vehicles and even make a flamethrower.

In season two - two have 3 or 4 carpenters and construction workers, but they have a artist, teacher and model in the mix to see if the can contribute despite their 'trade' not being something conventional in regards to 'survival' skills.

So i guess the real question is... would you be able to fend for youself? think about it -

no running water or electricity, a days worth of food, basic tools, and OMFG no internets.

could you survive/fend or work well with others ?
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I've seen a few episodes of the first season, really interesting.  I would hope that I'd be able to help out whereever needed (not a leader-type), but I have no basic skills or knowledge-base that would be really helpful.  The producers of the show also threw in interactions with other groups who made it not only fend for yourselves, but also defend yourselves.
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I've seen the first episode so far and it looks pretty good. The whole post apocalyptic feel to it is cool.(if only they would throw in guys dressed as zombies to scare them once in a while XD) I'm sure the "useless" trades will wind up being really useful in some way. That's usually the case with us artists. XD


the episode that has impressed me was how they made "bio fuel" out of a stack of dead pigs...

though this newest season doesnt have super smart engineers and scientist and stuff... i am rooting for them in this unorthodox manner of speaking.

no offense to girls/boy in this industry... but i'm really curious when and how "the model" will have and 'trade' skills vital to the teams survival.

so far shes wasted drinking water on washing her hair...
if i saw her doing that, I would have totally chewed her out for doing that.
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I remember the first time I saw the commercial for The Colony and I was sooo excited.
I'd be so down for this sort of thing, it's right up my alley.

I'd love to test myself out in this sort of apocalypse setting and see how far I go as an average joe with no special traits or training that would help.

Has anyone tried the FB connection thing through the main site? I have and it was pretty interesting, actually.

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new random plot twist in a recent episode -

two new "colonist" have been added to the group:
like any closed social group, the new comers had issues integrating into the original group.

ideologies are beginning to clash, and as usual food supplies are low.

major achievements:
trading supplies for generator with welder
built a shower
built a kiln for metal working

I wanna try to build a kiln now too!
metal crafting seems fun! :D
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