Sailor Moon Gathering 2011

Started by MissPanda, December 09, 2010, 04:13:53 PM

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2:30 works wayyyyy better for me too because of the masquerade. Thanks for changing it! I was planning on speed changing lol.

I am so excited for this gathering.


Hello!  You guys looked awesome at the meet last year, and with the Sailor Moon manga being re-released later this year, I hope the attention you all get goes out of the roof!

I will almost definitely be there in costume as well!  I will be going as Wheelchair Mercury from the Saban Nightmare promo (with a laser-shooting wheelchair, if I can do this right).


Quote from: jobiberry on March 12, 2011, 08:57:17 PM
Coming as Sailor Venus!  And my 2 friends will be Sailor Mars and Moon<3 ^^V

Not sure if my Sailor Moon friend is going to make it T.T
But I will definatly be there, and Mars is still a Go as well!
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@ carladawn glad that it works out better for you! We really want everyone who wants to come to be able to make it!

@Sorry to hear about your friend T_T, but you and Sailor Mars are always welcomed!

@impersona Wow! I haven't seen that video in forever, gives me chills every time, but this will be amazing to have someone recognize the promo!


I'm coming as Sailor Venus as always ~ With my friend (user name Tarot) as Sailor Mars ~

Look for us ~ ! Minus the Kakashi of course ~ Well, actually. He might be there ~ ! I see him at nearly every California Con !
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I will be there as mars I dunno which version Miko or second uniform we shall see!


I will try my hardest to be at the gathering in my new Sailor Moon costume :)

I am almost finished with my classic sailor moon fuku with the season R brooch, and Crescent moon wand :33 Just need to get cracking on my wig!
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Wow! So many more people! Getting very excited!

@PikachuRepublic Great costumes! Can't wait to see you two there!

@Kagaminerin02 What ever version you choose will be great! So happy for to join us!

@DayDreamerNessa I'm hoping you make it too! Sounds like you put a lot of detail into, can't wait to see!

Well we're getting close guys! Getting so many amazing cosplayer's already it going to be one very exciting gathering! Thank you all for making the effort to come!!

Also please check the list to make sure your on there with the right character (this is my first time doing this so sorry for any mistakes >_<)
I'll will be sending pm to those on the maybe list to confirm if they are still attending , which I really hope they do!


I finished my super sailor Uranus over the weekend, so I'll be there for sure!

Jidai Geki



@Robni-senan Great!I can't wait to see it!

@Jidai Geki So glad we convinced you! We will be happy to have you there and I bet you'll look great no matter what your age.

Just one more week everyone, you getting excited?


I'm so excited but so stressed! I only have about half of the costume done... :p I can do it!!


@Carladawn don't worry, we're all the same, I just cheated and upgraded my Sailor Mercury to Super X) but next year will be a new scout, and I'm freaking out about my other cosplays!


I finished my sailor moon wig today! I only have a few small tasks left :3 This is the only gathering that actually is one I can make, so i'm very excited!
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Eri Kagami

Count on me as human Luna! I still need to wash the dress after wearing it at Anime Central last weekend. Looking forward to another Sailor Moon gathering.


I really want to attend and I just found out about the event today. If I go I would dress up as Sailor Moon.


@carladawn so glad you got done in time!

@li0nxheartx We will be very happy to have you come!

@White Rose Assassin I literally jumped up and down in glee when I saw your post! I love human Luna and I've even have it on my to do list, very happy to have you there!!!


Hello, all!

I will be coming, and my cosplay is based on my fans' favourite vote: SAILOR MERCURY (Anime, First Season).

Around Japan Town at all? You might recognize me as Len Kagamine, Sailor Dark Mercury, or Kou Seiya


Human  Artemis  her  for  fun