Sailor Moon Gathering 2011

Started by MissPanda, December 09, 2010, 04:13:53 PM

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@LunarWarlock Great! now we just need a human Diana, anyone? X)

@M.Aslan I love Mercury! (of course nothing to do with me going as Mercury too ;D) Glad to have you!

As for everyone! Getting closer!!!! Just confirm if you are on the Attending list and triple check place and time, This is gonna be one AWESOME gathering!

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Last year I was Seiya-kun, concert outfit, but I got left out alot being one of the 'weird' characters. Back in '08 I believe I was Sailor Mercury. I just found some old pics on my computer. I will need to re-assemble my cosplay but at least it won't be from scratch. Also going to try to use my own hair as well, the PGSM wig with the anime style fuku always bothered me slightly.

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Wow wow wow!! Thank you everyone!!!!! It was a great successes, and I was so happy to see so many wonderful Sailor Moon fans!!!I hoped every one had fun and I really do thank you all for making my first gathering-in-charge thing a great success!!!!! I will be posting photos on my facebook cosplay account MissPanda Cosplay if you would like photos or PM me.
I will most defiantly be doing it again next year so please coma again!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

@Jidai Geki And thank you so much for the gifts!!! It was very sweet and I even started to cry. Thank you over and over again!

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I was one of the people taking pics of the gathering and MissPanda you did a great job of running the gathering. Quite possibly the best runned gathering I've ever attended.

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This is so very, very true


Being there to take photos, I have to agree that you did an awesome job at running things MissPanda


You did an AMAZING job, MissPanda!! (BTW I just added you on fb!) Uranus and I wanted to say thank you at the convention, but we ran off with Galaxia and a Pluto and Saturn for some photos... so much fun! I will post them on fb. This was the most organized gathering I have ever been to, and definitely one of the most fun. I hope you run it next year! We will definitely be there again!!

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Eri Kagami


This was definitely one of the better cosplay photoshoots that I have attended. This was one of my highlights at Fanime Con. I was really happy to rock human Luna and meet Tohru Furuya on the same day. This was one not to be missed. I'll post photos of the gathering once my report is up. I think I'll wear my Mistress Nine next year. We need to represent more villains!

If anyone is looking for me on Facebook, you can check out my Facebook page:

Let's do this again next year!

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will there be a sailor moon gathering for 2012?
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There will be a Sailor Moon gathering in 2012! MissPanda will be hosting it again, she just has yet to start the thread. I think we were talking about having it earlier on Sunday again since that seemed to work out for a lot of people. MissPanda, for whenever you start the new thread, you already know this, but Jacki and I will be Super Sailor Uranus and Neptune again, and Shannon will be joining us as Super Sailor Moon! I'm not sure about the other girls in our group.


Hi I might be there as mistress 9 if I can pull it together In time


Id like to come to the gathering, likely as princess serenity, but I'd need to have a better idea of the time.  If its on Sunday, I'd hope it's before 130pm, because that's when the trinity blood group happens, and I think the hetalia group is around noon (not that I'm doing a cosplay for that), and Kuroshitsuji gathering is around 3/330pm
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