FMV Contest 2011 - WINNERS!

Started by Marin Jei El, May 31, 2011, 09:58:11 PM

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Marin Jei El

Here are the winners for this year's FMV Contest! Those who were not at the award show will have thier awards and respective prizes mailed to the address that was provided with your entry.

Remember, all 1st Place Winners not only get an award certificate, but a $50 gift card to Best Buy. Best In Show Winners recieve and award certificate and a $100 gift card to Best Buy as well! So get those entries ready for next year's contest!

Fanime 2011 FMV Contest Judge's Winners
Place   Name                                   Video Name
1st   Mark Scully               Extraball
2nd   Drew Brisco              From The Hereafter With Love
3rd   Benjamin Chu             Pretropolis

1st   Stephanie Huang             Death Romance
2nd   Stephanie Huang             Junjo Rhapsody
3rd   Sean Thordsen             Druaga with Lyrics

1st   Rebecca Stanley              Trial by Drowning
2nd   Victoria Rider Gallieta       Son of Man
3rd   See Mai Chan                   Swimmingly Good

1st   Mark Scully                     A Prelude to Dreams
2nd   Lauren Winsor Stenmoe     My Life on the Crazy Train Sucks
3rd   Philip Long & Qui Nyugen   Nerv's Glee Club: You Can (Not) Dance

Best In Show      
BIS   Mark Scully   A Prelude to Dreams
Fanime 2011 FMV Contest Audience Winners      
Place   Name                                   Video Name
1st   Erin Nguyen                    To The Future
2nd   Mark Scully                     Extraball
3rd   Benjamin Chu                   Pretropolis

1st   Stephanie Huang             Death Romance
2nd   Sean Thordsen                Druaga with Lyrics
3rd   Stephanie Huang             Junjo Rhapsody

1st   Victoria Rider Gallieta        Son of Man
2nd   Gabrielle Guthaus             Live A Little
3rd   Rebecca Stanley              Trial by Drowning

1st   Philip Long & Qui Nyugen   Nerv's Glee Club: You Can (Not) Dance
2nd   Mark Scully                     A Prelude to Dreams
3rd   Lauren Winsor Stenmoe     My Life on the Crazy Train Sucks

Best In Show      
BIS   Philip Long & Qui Nyugen   Nerv's Glee Club: You Can (Not) Dance

Congratulations to all our winners and good luck next year!
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