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Started by ewu, June 01, 2011, 02:40:36 PM

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Where: Fairmount

Price: What you can afford to be honest.

When: Thursday to Sunday ( Checking out Sunday!)

Let me know, I know its short notice. I might have friends on thursday but friday/sat/ I'll be by myself. So if you need a room let me know, please be at least 21 because I will probably drink one of those nights!

Message me asap, thanks!


Need A Room:

Name: jin
Age: 21
Little bit about myself: this is my 4 fanime im an artist and love to hang out and have fun.
What I am looking for:
I don't mind rooming in a mixed-gender room. I don't
mind sleeping on the floor if needed either. I need to room with others because I don't have
a huge amount of money right now but would still like to go!

PM me if you have more questions!


Looking for 1-2 more people!

About me: I am a super awesome 23 year old female I've been going to fanime for about 6 years now....

Hotel Information:The Marriot Thursday-Monday. We currently have 9 people... a lot I know but it helps for a cheap trip plus I've found more people=more entertainment. With one more the price would be $56 each with 2 more $51 each. If you're not coming till Friday we can also work something out :)

What we are looking for: We don't care if you're male or female, please don't steal and try to be an awesome person. Besides that we're pretty laid back. We don't care what your sleeping habits are, come and go as you wish, though you should know we're night people.

Random Information: You will have to either be willing to share a bed or sleep on the floor some nights.

If you have any questions or are interested in rooming with us you can just message me here.


Do you have two rooms so that you could seperate boy from girl?
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Name: The one and Only Gumby
Hotel: San Jose Marriott (down the elevators through the hall and open the door, bam, your there at fanime!)
Dates:  Friday (5/25) to Monday (5/28) (3 nights)
Rate: $83 and some change. Opted for the suit and wont know for a few more days if i get it. Will keep updated.
Spaces Available: 2/3
Room Type:  Standard - Dual beds
Smoking or Non-Smoking: ask.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Details about me:  My name is johnny, however, at fanime people address me as GUMBY ,[-_-]/. I'm a gamer and a part time magic player. I love anime(obviously), TOP 5 anime: Gurren Lagann, Eureka Seven, Code Gease, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bepop. My best friends (cousin and friend) are looking for 2/3 roommates to stay with us. I am a massage Therapist (feel free to ask me any more questions). My cousin works for a Europe'n furniture company, this will be his VERY FIRST time at fanime as well as my other friend who is a chef=) so you best believe we will have edibles to eat^_-...nom nom nom.

What were looking for: We prefer if you are 18 or over or 17 at the youngest. If you are 21 or over, and your going to drink, then be mindful of us and don't spill your drink! plus, SHARING IS CARING. Someone who is as excited about fanime as we are and like meeting new peoples from different walks of life and going out and creating new memories. im just saying... my friends will be going to the raves, so expect late arrivals, with respect to your ZzZ... we will come in anbu style all silent and stuff=p

I also will be attending swap meet and will have supplies with me. In addition I tend to get up early for fanime, 9-10am...Saterday maybe a little later.  Also, a few people will need to sleep on the floor, please be aware of this, we can also do a bed switching thing, if people prefer. Last but not least, we would like a even ratio to guys and girls as to make this stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible for any ladies thinking about staying.

anymore questions, just shoot me a message on facebook, quickest way to reply. then email.


The people we had bailed the last minute so were looking for 1/2 people for the room at the Marriott. Must be chill and open minded. If you smoke smoke/or drinkits cool .


Do you have 2 rooms,so that girls, only girls can be in one?
""To move is to stir, and to be valiant is to stand; therefore,
if tou art mov'd, thou runst away."


I got a room thanks to smurfqueen.... SWEEEEEETZ


Need a room
+ Introduction: I am a 21 year old girl, looking for some people to stay with. I don't mind being in a coed room, or with a bunch of people. Whatever works :) I am looking to stay Friday night through Sunday or Monday
+ Hotel Information: Somewhere close to the convention center. Optimally the Marriot or the Hilton
+ Requirements: None that I can think of :)
+ Contact: Pm me or email at [email protected]


Looking for 1-2 people that need a room!

Hotel: The San Jose Marriott
Dates: Friday (05/25) through Sunday (05/28) - 3 nights
Rate: originally about $105 but at this point I'm willing to listen to good offers
Spaces Available: 1-2
Room Type:  Non-smoking 2 person quad - double bed
Email: [email protected]

About me: My name is Hamlet and I like anime. No really. I have an eclectic collection of interests - from sports, video games and martial arts to big data, linear regression, and the flailing Eurozone economy - but one of my first loves was anime. I've been reading manga and watching anime since I was about 5 and I've probably read/watched and forgotten the names and plots of more manga/anime than most of you will have seen. This will be my 3rd Fanime in a row. In real life, I work as an Intelligence Analyst at a startup in San Francisco. We're building a global intelligence platform. And yes, it is as cool as it sounds. 

The situation: So 3 of my friends and I decided a long time ago to get a room near the SJ Convention Center for Fanime. But friend A is going with his girlfriend to LA this weekend (and didn't tell me until today). And friend B is working all day through the weekend (but will be joining non-con festivities at night). While friend C can only be there Friday and Saturday. Which means plenty of room and not a lot of people...

Requirements: No preference for gender, but you should know that we're mostly guys in the room. I would probably prefer someone 18+, and 21+ even more so because there will most likely be some drinking...probably....but really, I'm not too fussy about roommates (I've lived with tough ones in my day) but the main ask is that you're respectful, talk to us once in a while and don't trash the room (I'd hate to see incidental charges). Yeah, a pretty low bar set there. But I'm a newly-minted black belt, so no funny business  ;)

I'll be likely out and about most of the day time and night time, with short naps here and there and a good night's sleep when I can get it. So the room is just that - a room, a quick place to check in here and there, nap, and shower, etc.

I know it's late in the game, but I figure someone might have had a last minute change of mind and might be in need of a room. Big, big pluses if:
- You can offer more money $$
- You can handle a few drunk and rowdy people
- You clean up after yourself
- You know what an Oxford comma is
- You support any and all of these sports teams: Stanford Cardinal, Indianapolis Colts, Houston Rockets, Arsenal



SADLY had some last minute cancellations so at this point ill take anything.

Check in: MARRIOTT Friday-Monday

Price: depends on how many people stay with us. So far its 3, so if 4 people its $104, 5 people would be $84.

Hope you don't mind sleeping on the floor.

Pm me asap for inf0!

+ Introduction: my names johnny, play games love anime and mtg. 3rd fanime adventure.
+ Hotel Information: staying at the Marriott checking in FRIDAY, checking out monday.
+ Costs: honestly what ever you can afford at this point.
+ Requirements: looking for anyone who's @ least 18. male or female doesnt matter. doesnt mind sleeping on the floor. will be out most of the time at fanime and come back to take naps and shower breaks. also will be going to the dance so will be coming back late. money up front would be helpful. be respectful with us and well do the same. talk to us every once in a while or feel free to hang with us so we can get to know you better. have fun and enjoy fanime with us.
+ Contact: fb me @, or PM or email me. everything connects to my phone so will reply asap.
+ Miscellaneous: once again be respectful and honest and we'll do the same. have fun=)


I know this is kinda last minute but I just found that public transportation from SF to San Jose is pretty bad..

Need a room:
+ Introduction: 26 year old male, fanimecon first-timer
+ Hotel Information: Doesn't matter much really, but should be close to the convention center
+ Requirements: I only need one for Sat to Sun!
+ Contact: PM me, happy to give you Facebook, Email, whatever works

Thanks :)